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  1. Well, the challenge is over. I have managed to lose almost twenty pounds over the course of the four weeks. I haven't managed to push myself to exercise daily in the morning, and I imagine if I were to incorporate that into my morning routines, it would be an even larger amount lost. I've also started taking my medications again since I thankfully have insurance again and I'm seeing my therapist again starting today. I was supposed to see her Friday but network issues made it a failed connection. I've rescheduled for this evening, so fingers crossed. Many thanks to the folks who lurked, liked and replied to me. Stick around, you all, I'm not done yet!
  2. It's the final week, so far I've managed to stay at least 95% Paleo with all of my meals, dropped below 300 pounds again (296 Woohoo!), on most mornings I've gotten up and did mostly everything I wanted to do except exercise...which is the most important and finally, I've been attempting to do more productive things, laundry, walks, play outside with my family. I also have made an appointment with my psychiatrist and psychologist too for Friday. I've been taking my prescriptions again after stopping due to the fear of running out, but I'm honestly on the fence about whether or not I'd like to continue taking them. On one hand, I feel better but at the same time I wonder if it's simply a placebo effect and also as to if I can achieve more success over it through hard will and determination.
  3. I understand that, sometimes life does get in the way. The issue I have with it is too often do I use that excuse. It's almost as if I've allowed nothing to become my standard. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. Gods bless, two weeks in and honestly the only thing I'm maintaining is nothing. These past two weeks have been flooded with depression and anxiety. Normally I'd give up trying by now, and wait to start again. Which obviously has never came to fruition...so let's destroy these last two weeks by being successful. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. I think that some of my issues with completing quest or tasks if you will is I always seem to pile on too much. So.. in light of that, here we go: Maintain Paleo Diet 100%, save one cheat meal on either Saturday or Sunday. Wake up early enough to do my own personal Miracle Morning. I'll explain it in detail below 0:Spend more time doing constructive things. i.e. fold laundry, go on walk with family, play outside and so on My Miracle Morning should, SHOULD be: Wake up at 4:05 am CST. Exercise with either PiYo or Steve's Beginner Body Weight Workout.Start kettle and take a shower.Make a small breakfast and enjoy with fresh coffee.Take time to reflect in silent meditation for at least ten minutes.Read something groovy. Login to ESO to get daily reward. Of course, this is all easier said than done, and this is what I'd like to be doing every day... But I've been sleeping in. Tomorrow is another opportunity to do it right. The only thing I've been actively doing is maintaining the diet and spending more time with family. That's not too bad, it's a start, right? ..... Right!
  6. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” While this quote is widely attributed to Winston Churchill, there's some who argue it's true source. I'm off topic, please pay no heed to my ramblings. It's easy for me to lose track sometimes... Ok, ok all the time. I've been on this site for sometime. During that time I've never followed through any of my side quests to complete my end game quest. It's not entirely uncommon for me to begin anything and sprint right into the field of battle, if you will, and for some time I will excel, push through the gruel and sweat and then I'll lose that initial momentum. This is so true to the point, I really feel that at this point...it's almost damned near inevitable that is what I will do in anything I do. This isn't where I pictured myself at thirty-two years old. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, throw a pity party or be ungrateful for my many, many blessings in my life the Gods have given me. As such, there are many things in my life that I am the one responsible for the fruits they bare. I lost track again.. I think, em, maybe not? I'm thirty-two, overweight, overcome with stress, depression (But wait, there's more!) and anxiety whilst being generally unhappy with where I am in life. I adore my beautiful fiancee, our handsome wee lad and even our aggravating but sweet Shorkie, Gypsy...it's everything else in my life I'm unhappy with and these things are and have been bleeding into those wondrous blessings that is my family. Now that I've either got your attention or lost it (The latter is irrelevant, moving on ha), my name is Drew, and my nickname is Redbeard. Besides being thirty-two and overweight, I'm a gamer, an author, an oughta-be musician and last but most certainly not least a follower of the Anglo-Saxon/Nordic Heathenry and Asatru faith. I also am rather interested in many other beliefs, pantheon's, mythos and Core Shamanism as well those exclusively not separate to their parent faiths. This is my time, I'm nearly middle aged according to the general consensus, and if I don't change these negative things I dislike about myself, I may never be able to.
  7. I'm sitting here in the break room at the bank, and I just ate lunch. The bank I work at is going through some radical changes very soon, and I have been proclaiming that I was going to go through some radical changes myself for years. For the most part, those changes have not came to fruition. I did score a good job, with potential to move up and I am working on that. Spirtiually and physically I am severely lagging behind. As I've done for years. Today is the day. No longer will I shrug off the things I know I must do to better myself.
  8. I managed to get through my first workout of the year finally, and honestly I feel great...but I am rather sore. I have had a late start, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to succeed this time, there's an extra week this time around! At the moment, I'm sweating like poor Nicky-boy here, but you know what, that's a good thing! Today is going to be a great day, and I leave you all with these positive affirmations I say daily...or did and I'm going to start again. Just for today, I will be grateful.Just for today, I will not anger.Just for today, I will not worry.Just for today, I will do my work honestly.Just for today, I will respect all life. (taken from C. Peznack Magick of Reiki.) Don't forget to check out my facebook and blog, you guys... I'm going to start reporting almost daily on my battles through everyday life, from weight-loss, food choices and my bouts with depression and anxiety. Stay groovy everyone, I'll update later tonight!
  9. Almost all of my attempts at doing this have been mostly failures, this is in fact due to my mental illnesses plaguing me night and day. Whether it's the small little voice in my head asking the dreaded What's the point? Or simply letting my anxiety convince me that it's not a good idea to do the thing. I know that I always say this is the time for real... and I mean it, I even trimmed up my beard drastically to prove a point. (Have no fear the bearded one is still here and will return in his full glory soonish). So: I'm thirty years old and reside in the good ol' South ( a place I rather despise), I'm a father, avid gamer and a wanna be author. Currently I am 280 pounds exactly, and apparently fluctuate between that and 275. My goal is to drop down beyond that point, and do the thing! Step one, is to monitor my calorie intake and make healthier food decisions, no matter how yummy my son's snacks look. Step two, ?????? Step three, exercise as much as I can daily if possible and that equals the outcome I wish to see. Danny Trejo believes in me, so I need to believe in me too..
  10. Week Four is upon us all and unfortuantely for me, I haven't accomplished much of bloody anything. However, that doesn't mean I'm giving up. My goal is to accomplish everything this week on my list. On a side note, one thing I have accomplished is to complete my blót for Jul (sorry for the italics, I don't yet know how to alt code with Ubuntu.). I also managed to fit into a shirt better that I hadn't been able to thanks to food poisoning late last week. Though I must say that's not the way I wanted to lose weight by any means. At any rate, this week still has many possibilities, and the new year is approaching, it's now or never.
  11. So essentially like my fiancee and me, just a little bit of this and that, haha. It's always fun to find other spiritual folks for me.
  12. Thank as always for the kind words, my friend. Other nicknames of course I've gained over the course of my life are "Big Red", "Big Man", "Fat boy" and so on. Ass-hats are generally rather cruel and unoriginal thus the lackluster nicknames the unimportant folks gave me. You are right however, there's always another dawn. I've been severely slacking, and you know what, that's ok. I'm my own person, and I can and will achieve greatness.
  13. Well, it’s Tiwsdæg and I could only get through one set of the workout without feeling nauseous this morning. Gods bless, I do forgive myself for failing in doing that, but at the same time I’m aggravated and upset. I’ll attempt this again later today. I did however increase the weight by ten and I also increased the amount of push-ups I do as well, so there’s that to be proud of. I also took time out this morning to reflect on the Rune of the day, “Rad” in Anglo-Saxon Futhorc or “Raidho” in Elder Futhark. The rune represents the need for the start of a journey, whether it be physically or mentally. The poem says, “Riding is in the hall, to every warrior easy, but very hard for one who sits up on a powerful horse over miles of road.” Basically, this represents the concept that it’s easy to stay where we are and want for change, but in order to obtain change we must “ride” over the miles of road to reach whatever destination it is that we are seeking. At the moment, being that times have been hard financially for us, I’m currently without interwebs unless I’m at work. But I will check the thread and keep you all updated as much as I possibly can. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to do an introductory post of sorts, so here it goes: My name is Drew, though I don’t really like the name. At my second job which is a serving gig, I go by Redbeard the Viking, Redbeard for short, hence my username. I’ve had that nickname at almost every job I’ve worked at since I grew a beard, so it stuck. Plus it’s bloody wicked, enn’t? I’m currently thirty years old, have a little older than a year and half son and my fiancee and I live together in a flat which is actually a duplex. As you can all conclude, I’m not very happy with my current circumstances, one of which being my weight and the other being my mental state. I’ve lived most of my life being both overweight and depressed. When I was thirteen I made an attempt to end this cycle of life for me, and thankfully someone saw the fight I had and made an effort to follow me into the woods where I attempted to hang myself. Since then, I’ve fought depression, for a bit I was on and off medication and currently I’m on it again because I didn’t think I could do this alone. I’ve always felt the Gods are with me, and I follow the old heathen ways, those being the Anglo-Saxon/Germanic Gods of Old. I also have loving support from my fiancee and my son as much as he can give, but at times, and definitely more often than I should, feel alone. I don’t think I have the right dosage at the moment, but my therapist is avidly working with me to help find the right combination. At any rate, that’s why my goals are as they are. I wish to feel better and be better both physically and mentally. I’m well aware that more times than not depression will never go completely away. But if I can keep it at bay, keep my mind and my body stronger than it, then I can’t go astray. With the Thunor, Woden, Tiw and many, many others including our the great God Ganesha I can and will accomplish anything I put my mind to. Keep it groovy, all you cats? In the great words of Cloud Strife, “All right, everyone, let’s mosey.” Ah yes, I almost forgot, each day I post I’m going to post a daily card from The Relax Mediation Deck, and talk about said card. Today’s card is “Light on Troubled Water”. The card states, “No matter how rough the sea, a lighthouse always shines its light to guide sailors safely through a storm. We each have an inner light to help us navigate our own troubled waters. Imagine that light, floating in the space behind your eyes— the more your concentrate on it, the brighter it becomes. Spend a few moments reflecting on it whenever you feel unsure of yourself, and you will never stray from the right course.” This is a card I needed and ought to reflect on daily. It has reminded me to look within whenever I am down, because everything can and will work out.
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