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  1. The rules is there to prevent cheating by using different material and by adding seams to increase the weight moved. It is not a stupid rule.
  2. Hi, I need to contact Steve regarding some issues with the NF website. Can someone please let me know how to contact him, or Staci or someone who can do stuff. And no, the issues is not something appropriate for the forums.
  3. How was it treated? What size cast? What has your doc said about activity?
  4. 80 inches longer than your others? eh? I'm going to presume that is a mistake. Hand wraps for boxing come in different lengths, thicknessess and stretchiness. You just use what you like. Ones advertised as thai wraps are generally a bit longer so that might be what you came away with. They were probably just advertised as 'MMA' to try and sell more. It has nothing to do with MMA gloves or even boxing gloves as in both cases when fighting they don't use cloth wraps.
  5. Yeah lachy did great. Sorry I didn't see all your lifts as it was warmup time while you were up. Smashed the deads.
  6. Comp tomorrow!! Sent from my AT100 using Tapatalk HD
  7. Just make sure you visit. A lot of the 24 hours places don't have the proper equipment to deadlift which really sucks. Some a great, but a lot don't have a decent amount of free weights.
  8. I would initially keep and eye on gumtree and ebay to get an idea of what sort of budget you will need and pick up bargains as they come. Regarding weights because deadlifts are pretty much the heaviest lift you are going to want quite a few plates and the big ones too. I would say a minimum of 4 x 25 Kg plates plus 2 each of 2.5, 5 and 10 Kg. That's to get you started and quite soon you will probably need more of the 25 Kg plates as you get stronger. Also I though you were in Sydney? Why I comment on this is for the cost of a deadlift setup and how often you would conceivably do deadli
  9. So great, my comment quoted above was sitting around for over a month before someone felt the need to reply, and to reply in such a way. And if you feel stupid replying to something, then simply don’t, especially if you can’t stick to discussing the topic. By these comments it's not at all surprising to find that you are both a teenager and male. This entire thread is about issues with women in gaming both as character and as gamers themselves. Although it may be your opinion that “the rape joke was fine†there are many people who do not share this opinion. Keep in mind that Micr
  10. Well I haven't been around so much and just saw this thread. Some very nice work there. I saw your name on the comp - coming up soon!
  11. Again you refer to this dumbbell division thing when it's obvious no one has any idea what it is.
  12. Oh I still show up occasionally. Kind of like a bad smell.
  13. Eat whenever you are hungry not because of what time the clock is at. Don't worry about a set schedule of number of meals. Pretty simple really.
  14. I have to admit I did not like this article. And I disliked it enough to put the effort into commenting on things here. Yes, there is information there and a lot of people will find it useful, but I believe a lot of it is represented poorly and despite the length it is not comprehensive. For example, "You’ve probably heard of the Glycemic Index, and its lesser known associate: Glycemic Load." is follow by a very brief overview of GI but no explanation of glycemic load is given at all. And when I here something along the lines of "There are a few main sugar alternatives that I want to c
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