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  1. The rules is there to prevent cheating by using different material and by adding seams to increase the weight moved. It is not a stupid rule.
  2. How was it treated? What size cast? What has your doc said about activity?
  3. 80 inches longer than your others? eh? I'm going to presume that is a mistake. Hand wraps for boxing come in different lengths, thicknessess and stretchiness. You just use what you like. Ones advertised as thai wraps are generally a bit longer so that might be what you came away with. They were probably just advertised as 'MMA' to try and sell more. It has nothing to do with MMA gloves or even boxing gloves as in both cases when fighting they don't use cloth wraps.
  4. Yeah lachy did great. Sorry I didn't see all your lifts as it was warmup time while you were up. Smashed the deads.
  5. Comp tomorrow!! Sent from my AT100 using Tapatalk HD
  6. Just make sure you visit. A lot of the 24 hours places don't have the proper equipment to deadlift which really sucks. Some a great, but a lot don't have a decent amount of free weights.
  7. I would initially keep and eye on gumtree and ebay to get an idea of what sort of budget you will need and pick up bargains as they come. Regarding weights because deadlifts are pretty much the heaviest lift you are going to want quite a few plates and the big ones too. I would say a minimum of 4 x 25 Kg plates plus 2 each of 2.5, 5 and 10 Kg. That's to get you started and quite soon you will probably need more of the 25 Kg plates as you get stronger. Also I though you were in Sydney? Why I comment on this is for the cost of a deadlift setup and how often you would conceivably do deadlifts, a casual gym membership may be a more cost effective option. In a place like Sydney I would think that you should be able to find a gym that is at least OK.
  8. So great, my comment quoted above was sitting around for over a month before someone felt the need to reply, and to reply in such a way. And if you feel stupid replying to something, then simply don’t, especially if you can’t stick to discussing the topic. By these comments it's not at all surprising to find that you are both a teenager and male. This entire thread is about issues with women in gaming both as character and as gamers themselves. Although it may be your opinion that “the rape joke was fine†there are many people who do not share this opinion. Keep in mind that Microsoft representatives were getting in front of a large public audiecnce who were both there in person as well as watching online. While in my opinion it was relatively minor, I do not presume to put myself in the shoes of every other person is presume it is also not a big deal to them. Now onto the choice of gamers. And yes I did watch the video. This was actually a really crap way to demonstrate something. They matched an experience gamer who was also using a new controller with the presumption that this would also give him an additional advantage. Then they match him against someone inexperienced who has the disadvantage of using an older style controller. The second gamer was never going to win and eventually ended up giving up. If Microsoft truly wanted to demonstrate the new controller they would have put two players with similar experience levels and given one the new controller and had the other gamers use the older style. While the outcome may have been obvious when you know the equipment used and relative experience levels the fact that a female was chosen to be the ‘loser’ of course help cements the stereotype that women are not gamers. I struggle to see how this would not. In an ordinary game in someone’s lounge room it won’t have an impact – but in front of a large audience is something different. The other features they were trying to demonstrate would have been just as easily shown by two experienced gamers with no need for stupid trash talk or with one being so obviously outclassed. “Please, if you are to complain make sure you have an once of intelligence on the matter at hand first. “ Now to this. To start, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you mean “ounce†instead of once. I don’t mind having a discussion with people who see different views. But attacking my intelligence is not the way to do it. If you disagree and then immediately follow up with ad hominem comments then please go and do it somewhere else.
  9. Well I haven't been around so much and just saw this thread. Some very nice work there. I saw your name on the comp - coming up soon!
  10. Again you refer to this dumbbell division thing when it's obvious no one has any idea what it is.
  11. Oh I still show up occasionally. Kind of like a bad smell.
  12. Eat whenever you are hungry not because of what time the clock is at. Don't worry about a set schedule of number of meals. Pretty simple really.
  13. And yet another 'surprise' at E3. This time it was directly from Microsoft employees and they made a rape joke on stage. Classy. At least the apologised for it, albeit after. It's not so much the inappropriate joke (I actually thought that was relatively minor) but more the fact that they would have knowingly put an experience gamer (who happened to be male) against an experience gamer (who happened to be female) and so cemented the stereotype of the female in the gaming industry further.. http://www.news.com.au/technology/gaming/outrage-over-microsoft-rape-joke-at-e3-gaming-event/story-e6frfrt9-1226662462228
  14. I'm currently watching through the videos mentioned but I just thought I would add that you can play the entire Mass Effect series that a female protagonist. Of course it's not the default option but you can change the gneder easily enough.
  15. So yeah, back to the actual topic... Ignore the guy. Stick with conventional as it works for you. There is nothing with pulling sumo, however it is a much more technical variation of the lift. While it can benefit the lift as it reduces the bar path, it is much harder to learn and to keep all the different parts of you body in proper alignment and to find the proper width stance that suits your anatomy. The variations in anatomy between people affect the form of the sumo deadlift far more than they do a conventional deadlift. So if you are going to try sumo it is something that requires proper coaching to achieve and maintain proper technique to avoid destroying your body.
  16. I always keep a few containers of frozen emergency meals. It's just a matter of making an extra searching or two when cooking my bulk cook up. The best to reheat are soups and stews as they maintain their texture - or more accurately lack of texture. Stir fries are also good although of course vegetable end up a little more soggy after reheating. You can also just freeze the meat portion of the meal and add a side of vegetables or salad which is really easy to knock together. Hell I even keep those vegetable steamer packs and use them.
  17. I would just start the heavy lifting first and see how you go with that. There is mixed feelings about heavy lifting for BJJ yes but for a beginner who is worried about injury prevention (you) it would be great. A lot of the time lifting for beginners is not entirely recommended just because it can encourage you to use that new found strength rather than technique. I would hazard to say the vast majority (if not all) of very successful high level BJJ athletes use heavy weight training somewhere in their training. The sort of lifts you mention should help with your rounded back as well. You simply cannot do them properly unless your posture and body position is good throughout the lift. Just make sure you strength program is nice and balanced. You can include bridging if you wish but to be honest I would see how the normal lifting works for you first. Yes bridging can be damaging if taken overboard as some wrestlers do. But you don't require the same sort of strength in that movement as a BJJer compared to a wrestler. So a moderate amount of bridging work probably won't do you any harm, but I would emphasise the all round strength workout over this, at least at first until you recognise it as a clear weakness.
  18. A google search of "dumbbell division 2" only brings up this thread. Tell us a bit about this program you are on and what your goals are otherwise we can't help.
  19. Yes. Avoid the smith machine even if you have to wait longer. When you grip the bar you want your wrists to be as straight as possible rather than being bent backwards. You should be able to ask someone to take a photo for you.
  20. Yes I think those goals are achievable with a year. This is presuming all your values are in pounds (you don't actually say). Keep training but do the proper exercises rather use the machine equivalent - they truly are different exercises. Do you benching in a squat rack if you must, If you are going to ask for spotters make sure they spot you correctly. There are many things that can go wrong that won't give the proper benefits. I'm sure there are videos on you tube that you can watch. A lot of people in your typical gym have never been taught how to do it properly.
  21. It's really going to depend on how you are holding the bar as this is the most likely cause of your pain. A picture tells a thousand words. Using the smith machine for squats and proper bar bell back squats are NOT the same exercise so don't use the same weight for each. Progress through each of them if you must but I would suggest not using the smith machine. It's more trouble than it is worth. Plus you were sick for two weeks and decided to start at the same weight as last time rather than easing back into things. Not surprising.
  22. Google "doms" for any information you need. Feeling as sore as you are now feet your first strength workout is normal. Time and consistent training will reduce doms. You can use active recovery but don't push yourself hard or you can make it worse. Use foam rolling or whatever if it makes you feel better but the only thing proven to actually work is alternating temperature showers and that only a little.
  23. Yes I agree with others. At that body fat percentage you can do both at once especially if you are relatively inexperienced at resistance training. How was that body fat calculated?
  24. Unfortunately no one can really give you an answer to this. You are going to have to listen to your body and rest when needed. It's a common problem for people who are new to martial arts or really any physical activity to do too much too soon, burn out and then quit. No one wants you to quit so keep at it but please be sensible. If you are feeling tired, sore and simply worn out, take a break. And don't feel guilty about taking a break either. As you get more experienced you will learn when you need a break and when you can push through another session. It's normally suggested to wait 48 hours being strength sessions for each body part. Non-strength sessions or more conditioning (more endurance focused) you do not need to wait as long presuming you aren't going close to exhaustion. MMA classes should be not bringing you to do this point so they should be OK in include between your strength workouts.
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