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  1. Training Halos Shin box 5x3 Push Press 24 kg 5x3 Goblet Squat 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Cold this morning in the garage.
  2. Training Halos Shin box 10/17 Incline Pushups 10x4 Swings 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Decent workout. I have not been sleeping much this week. A lot of late nights and screen time.
  3. Yes, you use the metric system and we use Eagles per freedom. Yeah, most of the world uses mmol/L and the US uses mg/dL to measure glucose. Gotta be different I guess. You can divide my numbers by 18 to convert to a range that you might be more familiar with. When looking at control charts flat is good!
  4. Training Halos Shin box with hip extensions 2x1/2/3 Push Press 24 kg 2x1/2/3 Goblet Squat 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Pigeon Pose Figure 4 with rotation Good workout. I was tired and thinking about skipping but felt good once I got going.
  5. I know that this graph doesn't mean anything to anyone else but I tried predosing my insulin before I ate lunch at 11am and this is my blood sugar. It's flat! It didn't spike, like at all. This is absolutely amazing. I've always been too scared to do this and not go low but now that I can see what's going on is a game changer.
  6. Yep. Insulin resistance varies throughout the day so insulin and exercise hits quicker and harder sometimes more at one time than other times. It is different for everyone and can suddenly change for no reason. The body is weird. A lot of people with diabetes exercise first thing in the morning because of dawn phenomenon. Early morning hours the liver starts dosing the body with glucose I guess because it is trying to get us ready for the day. In practical terms it means that my blood sugar is high when I wake up and tends to be stubborn and not want to come down. Perfect time for exercise which burns glucose on its own and less likely to result in lows. Some activities I have found really difficult to do. I used to love running but my BS drops so hard and fast I have to basically eat a meal with no insulin before hand and it is just not worth it to me.
  7. It did. I got a good check up from the doctor. He said that I had the circulation of a much younger man, which I attribute to exercise. Then the nurse gave me some love by being surprised by my age. We were the same age but thought I was about 10 years younger. It made me feel good about myself. I do not look young but most people are surprised when I tell them that I am 44. They also put a continuous glucose meter on me. It is good for 10 days and I am trying to get in a supply for more now. It is interesting to see my numbers in real time. Watching my dawn phenomenon explains why early morning exercise and skipping breakfast works so well for me. It is disconcerning to watch it go up so fast after eating and waiting for the insulin to kick in and bring it back down with such a longer delay than I thought. I see why some people predose meals. So a lot of insights already in a short amount of time. Should be interesting. Just getting started honestly. The shiny new kettlebell is exciting to play with so easy to motivate myself. I still think of the next day as a "off day" which adds a extra hump to get over. Once I get going I know it will be easier but I just need to get my mind ready first.
  8. Training Halos Shin box 10/17 Incline Pushups 10x6 Swings 24 kg Hip Flexer Stretch Sphinx pose Child pose I really could have slept some more this morning.
  9. Terrible. I was carrying the water bottle last weekend but since I resumed work I'm back on my BS with coffee till noon. Also have yet to do a single jump rope workout. In other news I am back to working from home when I originally was supposed to be back in the office full time this week. I had finally gotten OK with that and the policy changes again. It is for the best as it is the safer option right now but feels like I'm in limbo. Also I have a appointment with my endocrinologist tomorrow and going to see about getting a continuous blood sugar meter. I am excited.
  10. I usually cube it and use it in stew or in strips for stir fry. Do you perhaps have a grill? Maybe cooking outside won't disturb the hubby. My father used to keep a small propane powered camp stove on the back porch to use for bacon or other strong smelling foods so that it wouldn't stink up the house.
  11. Training Halos Shin box 5x2 Push Press 24 kg (per side) 5x2 Goblet Squat 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Not much sleep last night
  12. It's a powder coat like on a truck bed. I wouldn't know where to begin to take that off. So far no thin spots or anything but a long workout leaves black stuff on my callous spots.
  13. No, any sort of oats or oatmeal is a rapid blood sugar spike. Have you tried pairing it with fat? Like a big spoonful of peanut butter in the oats or something like bacon on the side? Fat slows the absorption of carbs. Carb sensitivity can fluctuate during the day so you can get a quick spike followed by a crash impacting your energy levels. Mornings is a common time for it. As a experiment maybe try a high protein and high fat breakfast with no carbs. Something like bacon and eggs. Make it a big breakfast. Eat more than you typically would or really want to. Give your body something to work on till lunch and see how you feel.
  14. @Harriet Try putting pepperoni slices in the microwave for just a few seconds. They crisp up like meaty potato chips.
  15. Training Halos Shin box with hip extensions 10/15 Incline Pushups 10x5 KB Swings 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Wasn't feeling it this morning but got in a decent workout anyway. Water intake is off this weekend but refocus on it today.
  16. Training 10 Getups 16 kg I hadn't planned to do anything this morning but I was bored waiting for everyone to get up.
  17. I'm suddenly insanely curious about which stickers scaly would choose.
  18. HahahahHaha I live in America, ain't nothing cheap or free, especially diabetes. There is a bill in congress right now that would cap insulin at $35 per month instead of the average $1,000 per month and rising cost currently but of course there isn't enough votes to pass it. If I didn't have a job or insurance I guess I just die. I don't know what you are supposed to do. This. This is the biggest reason I want one to find patterns and insights that can help me plan my life. You're fine, I didn't take it as lecturing. I only just get irritated with people when someone asks me if I have the good kind or the bad kind. And then my personal favorite, Did you eat a lot of sugar as a kid? Is that what gave you diabetes? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I know those questions and comments come from a place of ignorance but it is still insulting.
  19. Training Halos Shin box Alternating singles and doubles 24 kg 4x1 KB Push Press (per side) 3x2 KB Push Press (per side) 4x1 Goblet Squat 3x2 Goblet Squat Hip Flexer Stretch Sphinx pose Child pose Pigeon Pose Figure 4 with rotation Good workout. Not a lot of volume but definitely got some work in.
  20. Yes control in a stable range is everything. Being consistent with exercise is hugely helpful. A lower carb diet is also helpful. I can indulge occasionally but if it becomes day after day control starts slipping. I have debated with myself forever on if I should get a continuous blood sugar monitor. I have always held off because of the cost and the icky thought of always having something attached to my body. I think I have finally decided to go ahead and see about getting one after the holidays.
  21. Whoa! Where does one get a ranger cloak? I suddenly really want one!
  22. Is beef common in Germany? I've only been once and since I don't speak German and couldn't read the menus I would just randomly point to something and see what I would get. Almost every time it was some kind of pork covered in some kind of gravy. So I came away with the impression that was the common foods. Maybe it was just the luck of the draw.
  23. You'd probably beat me in either comparison. Lol can I interest you in a turkey leg?
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