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  1. A mini. Super fun to drive but not known to be the most reliable.
  2. Training 2x5 Scapula Pullups 2x5 KB Press 2x5 Pushups 2x5 Box Trap Bar Deadlift 180# 1x10 BB Curls 45# I am really enjoying these super short, almost daily sessions. Staying light and easy but slowly making more difficult as I go. Bumped weight up on the deadlift again. Felt fine during but afterwards having a little bit of pain. Strangely not in the injured spot but instead just to the right of it. Probably related to moving weirdly to not anger the low back. Not concerned, feels like it will be good after some stretching and a good night's sleep.
  3. I ended up buying the car. It meets my needs and is fun to drive. I am having a little bit of anxiety worrying that something is suddenly going to break from a problem that I was not aware of. I have already put some new tires on it but that is to be expected.
  4. Training 2x5 Scapula Pullups 2x5 KB Press 2x5 Pushups 2x5 Box Trap Bar Deadlift 160# 1x10 BB Curls 45# Planned off day but slept well last night and felt like Training. It was good to get some movement in. Back is still on the edges of tender but feel ready to add a little bit more weight on the deadlift and see how it feels. Supposed to meet a guy to look at a car today.
  5. Training 2x5 Scapula Pullups 2x5 KB Press 1x10 Incline Pushups 2x5 Box Trap Bar Deadlift 160# 2x5 BB Curls 45# A pretty good workout. Especially considering that I wasn't feeling it this morning. A friend of ours is visiting for the weekend and we have had 2-3 beers the last two nights straight and my stomach is not liking that. Really irritated this morning. I have been looking for a decent used car just to commute to and from work but wanted something fun. Randomly saw a local mini Cooper that was dirt cheap and in really good shape. Reached out to the guy and he said he was tied up this afternoon but could show it to me the next day. I wake up and check the ad and it was already sold. I get he is going to sell it to the first person who wants it but he could have been upfront about it that someone was already looking at it and could show it if it didn't sell.
  6. Ummm hard to say. No pain or stiffness but doesn't feel 100% either. Get a twinge occasionally during the day to day activities. Lifting is not making it angry but get the sense that if I go too heavy it's going to pounce.
  7. Training Shin Box Halos 2x5 Scapula Pullups 1x10 OHP 70# 1x10 Incline Pushups 2x5 Trap Bar off Blocks 160# 1x10 Knee Tucks 1x10 DB Curls 15#
  8. Training 2x5 OHP 70# 2x5 Scapula Pullups 2x5 Rack Pulls 160# 1x10 Knee Tucks 1x10 DB Curls 15# First morning I have woken up without pain or stiffness in the back. Eased up the weight just a little bit to see how that feels.
  9. Training 2x5 Scapula Pullups 2x5 OHP 65# 2x5 Rack Pulls 140# 1x10 Knee Tucks 1x10 DB Curls 15# Still taking it extremely easy and lightweight. Back is feeling better but still a lot of stiffness and not 100%
  10. Training 2x10 KB Swings 2x5 OHP 65# 2x5 Scapula Pullups 2x5 Rack Pulls 140# 1x10 Knee Tucks 1x10 DB Curls 15# I had planned to wake up early and workout like usual but when my alarm went off I said nope and went back to bed. Ended up sleeping another hour and a half. I guess I needed it.
  11. Training Naked Getups 2x5 Trap Bar Deadlift 140# 2x5 Scapula Pullups 2x5 KB Press 1x10 Knee Tucks 1x10 DB Curls 15# 2x10 KB Swings Shin Box T Stretch Figure 4 with rotation Pigeon pose Upward dog Foam Rolling Hitting the reset button. Back has still been complaining and hasn't gotten worse but hasn't improved either. Sometimes a little hair of the dog corrects it and so far it seems to have worked. Zero pain right now, we will see how it feels in the morning. I kept everything very light and focused on strict form. Going to follow the Easy Strength program for a little bit and build back up instead of just jumping in with higher loads. Work I went back to the office for 3 days this week. That was interesting. My office was a mess and someone had taken my monitor. I got everything sorted and back to work. I did notice a mind shift of being back. More productive, more planning mode. I also noticed the downsides. Losing a hour and a half of my day from commuting. Getting home later so that it felt like the evening flew by and it was time to go to bed and start all over again. I actually enjoyed being back the second day but the third day I just wanted to leave and was grateful that Friday I would be working from home. I don't know if I could have done a full week right off the bat my first time back. Sleep I have been working on sleep. With the new schedule I have been allowing myself to try and sleep later in the mornings that I am not in the office. Using melatonin to maximize those days. I have been going to sleep easier and for longer but still do not feel fully rested. I think I have years of sleep debt to make up but I do feel better and haven't been a zombie lately.
  12. Training 2x16 Incline Pushups 2x25 Knee Tucks 2x5 Scapula Pullups 5x1 Half Neutral Grip Pullups Nice little pump from bodyweight workout. Work First day back in the office. It is going to take some time to readjust.
  13. Training Shin Box with hip extensions 8x10 KB Swings 3x10 DB Curls 15# Took my time and enjoyed a workout after taking several days off to rest and recover. Low back spoke up but didn't yell. Picked up some steaks and beer to enjoy before fireworks tonight. Happy 4th everyone!
  14. I can't remember where I first saw these but I have super tight hips and these have really helped me as well. I almost always use these as a warm up move to loosen up and add extensions (lifting yourself up with the front facing leg) as a glute activation if I am doing deadlifts or something. Post workout I rely on Pigeon pose to get a deep stretch in for the same area. Glad to hear that you have seen some good results from this movement as well.
  15. Good work so far, keep it up! Soreness is normal and going to happen but pain is not and means something is wrong. You didn't say pain but just wanted to put that out there. For sore muscles activity and light movement usually helps a lot, get some blood flow in there. Supposedly a cold shower after your workout will help reduce soreness. I have never noticed a difference but some people swear by it. For deep aches I have found that a Epsom salt bath helps. Happy Training!
  16. I'm sorry, just catching up. Some thoughts: - yea on the training! - I am still mad at how easy you make snatches look. #jealous - Emma is adorable! You should turn the camera around and let her interview you. - I pout after fights too. It's childish and I'm not proud of it but I do it. The next day I am not mad anymore but won't stop until my partner makes the first move and then I over correct, so maybe a opportunity?
  17. Training 2x15 Incline Pushups 2x20 Knee Tucks 2x8 Scapula Pulls 3x1 Half Pullups OK workout. I went to sleep at 10:30pm but still tired this morning.
  18. Went to the chiropractor and got adjusted. Low back no longer hurts but entire back is really sore from the pops and cracks. Got the yard work for the week done but still feeling a little dehydrated even though I drank during and after. Just so hot. Combo has me feeling beat up today. Training 5x10 KB Swings
  19. That sounds absolutely evil. Might have to try it!
  20. Training Shin Box Halos 3x5 Bench Press 95/105/120# 2x40s Dead Hang w/packed shoulders 5x1 Half Neutral Grip Pushups Took it easy today, went to sleep late last night.
  21. Training Shin Box Halos Prying Goblet Squats Singles and Doubles 8 sets Double KB Press 8 sets Double KB Front Squats Pigeon pose Upward dog Figure 4 with rotation A nice workout. Each squat I went butt to heels and paused before moving up. I was unaware that I was that mobile and could do that much ROM. Pigeon and shin box are paying off. Work No updates. Been raining hard for a week straight, left overs from the storm. I am in no hurry to get out in the weather. Sleep Slacking on tracking but been pretty tired every night. Falling asleep somewhere between 10-11pm.
  22. I would say so. It's right in your name 😛
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