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  1. Training Shin Box with hip extensions Towel squat stretch 12x5 KB Swings 30s rest 4x5 Incline Pushups 30s rest 4x5 Bench Press 95# 30s rest 4x5 Bench Press 75# 30s rest Tried something new, 60 Swings and 60 presses. The short rest periods between sets was killer. I was sweating by the end. Sleep I was tired last night, went to bed at 10:30pm and was asleep almost instantly
  2. Just football coaches in high school. I don't think it is my form. About 10 years ago I was doing a PR on BB hack Squats (bar behind my legs) I was halfway through the lift and totally focused on it when my wife suddenly appeared in the door out of nowhere and yelled, "Don't hurt yourself!". I jumped being startled, felt something wrench in my spine just above my pelvis and dropped the weight. I could barely move for weeks after that. It eventually healed but it has never been the same since and it can flare up from lifting. Good mornings are a no go, BB squats sometimes (probably because of poor form), and deadlifts if the weight or volume is high. Strangely I can do kettlebells for months and it never bothers it, either because of the movements or the lower weight which is why I usually go to them when it starts acting up.
  3. I am supposed to do deadlift tomorrow but my low back is still hurting from last week. Not a it's just sore hurt but inflammation where I had a disk injury several years back. I am starting to remember why I took a break from 5/3/1 last time. Really not happy. I have been debating if I should just push through with lower volume but finally decided that I am being stupid. Any gain I get is not worth the constant pain or potential injury. Will switch out Deads for Swings and do a little Quick and the dead for a while.
  4. Congratulations on getting the jab! Take it easy for a few days and get that immune system trained. My experience was 3-4 days of being tired and feeling slightly off after the first one. The second one I was completely useless for a day and then right as rain.
  5. Training Halos 3x5 Bench Press 90/100/110# FSL 4x5 90# 4x5 BB Rows 90# 1x35s Dead Hang w/packed shoulders 3 Singles Neutral Grip Half Pullups I did some half pullups! Half since I started in a broken arm instead of a dead hang but I couldn't do that a month ago. Progress has been slow but it is nice to see some progress that I can measure instead of this just seems a little bit easier than last time. Work No updates here, just getting ready to go next week, probably Tuesday. Sleep Asleep by 10:30pm with a melatonin but up a little earlier than usual due to the dog wanting to go out.
  6. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing, I'll be looking to try and incorporate it into my workout.
  7. Training Shin Box with hip extensions 6x5 BB Squats 95# 2x20 Knee Tucks 2x8 BB Curls 45# Pigeon pose Upward dog Figure 4 with rotation Decent workout, didn't go crazy. Work Cleaned out my computer bag and got my parking pass and Vax card together. Sleep Missed my target and went to bed at 11pm. I was reading.
  8. What a awesome challenge! I am definitely following hoping to steal some of your mobility work. Practical Programming by Mark Rippetoe was better than SS for general programming purposes. Also check out Dan John's website for a bunch of free articles on programming and general lifting philosophy.
  9. Training Planned off day. I considered doing some cardio this morning but I feel like I have been beaten with a sack of oranges so keeping it off. Low back still complaining about the deadlifts. Work Originally I planned to do a test run in the office starting today but as soon as I was getting my stuff together it became apparent how much crap I have to get together and do. Work clothes, lunches, computer equipment, Vax card, etc. Plus apparently the wife and kids have various appointments this week that me not being home would complicate. So new plan, get everything together this week and think about the best way to go about this for a start date next week. Sleep Actually hitting some sleep goals! I took a 2 hour nap yesterday to make up for going to bed late. It was one of those coma naps where you wake up disoriented and don't know what day it is. REM cycle was going the whole time with crazy dreams. Popped a melatonin last night since a new experiment of mine is to take one MWF every week to work on sleep quality. Asleep at 10pm as planned but oh so wanted to sleep in this morning.
  10. Next month I am supposed to be in the office 3 days a week minimum and goes to 5 days a week the month after that. I don't know why it is set up like that.
  11. Training Halos 3x5 OHP 60/70/80# FSL 4x5 60# 2x8 BB Curls 45# 2x30s Dead Hang w/packed shoulders 2x3 Jump Pullups Sitting and prone spinal twists Really tired this morning and my low back is protesting about yesterday. Sleep Went to sleep at 11:30. Missed my goal, was playing a game. Work My plan was to go into the office tomorrow. The real pain in the butt is all the computer connections that I will have to take and then bring back if I am going to be in and out a couple of times a week.
  12. I am so here for the strength work and snatches. Get it! As for the woo-ing, I hope it goes well. Try a wiggle and a booty shake. Usually works on me.
  13. You're back!? Awesome! I am so looking forward to hearing about you slinging some bells!
  14. Training Shin Box with hip extensions 3x5 Trap Bar Deadlift 150/170/190# FSL 4x5 150# 2x20 Knee Tucks 2x20 Hip Bridges Hip flexer stretch Pigeon pose Upward dog Figure 4 with rotation Sleep Went to bed at 10:30 last night and did not want to get up this morning.
  15. A new challenge. I am back on the steel and I am ready to take back my life after this last year. With everyone's schedules upended, quarantine, work from home I have had a amazing amount of free time on my hands and instead of being productive, using that time to do things that I never had time for, I sunk into a fog of days and months now a year later and finding it hard to remember exactly what I was doing all that time. Strangely I have learned that I can get a lot more done if I have less free time. You have to get it done when you don't have time to waste. This challenge will be themed by one of my favorite movies and warrior archetype Conan the Barbarian. It seems appropriate with going back to the barbell. Goals this challenge: THE RIDDLE OF STEEL Is there anything better than a heavy barbell workout? Following 5/3/1 as outlined in forever with leader cycles of 5's Pro. (basically 3x5 every week with several sets of FSL) Currently on the second week of the first leader cycle. THE WHEEL OF PAIN I have gotten the word that it is time to return to the office. I hated working from home at first but then I got used to it and really didn't want to go back but I guess it is time to get back. The goal is to transition smoothly back into that routine and learning my lesson from the last year haze to do so in a conscious manner. Make it mine, make it fit me instead of conforming myself to it, and do not go through the motions and sink into a haze. THE TREE OF WOE Sleep! A consistent sleep pattern is going to be even more important with heavy early morning workouts, commuting to work, and being mentally sharp enough to not drift through my day. Go to bed by 10pm or earlier. KING CONAN Set aside 10 minutes every Monday through Thursday to to think about what I am doing and what I want to be doing. Make my life a conscious choice. On Friday spend 30 minutes checking the results and planning the following week
  16. Training Halos 3x5 Bench Press 80/90/105# FSL 3x5 80# 3x8 BB Rows 80# Pullup Practice - hangs, pulls, jump pullups I am tired this morning and I went to sleep at a decent hour but OK workout
  17. Training Halos 3x5 OHP 60/70/75# FSL 3x5 60# 2x15 Incline Pushups 3x3 Jump Pullups w/slow negative Nice pump this morning.
  18. Training Shin Box with hip extensions 3x5 Trap Bar Deadlift 140/160/180# FSL 3x5 140# 2x20 Knee Tucks 5x10 KB Swings Figure 4 stretch Upward dog Pigeon pose A really good workout.
  19. Training Halos 3x3 Bench Press 95/105/115# Singles 125/135/145# Volume 2x10 60# 2x25s Dead Hang w/packed shoulders Decent workout. I had a bit of insomnia last night so sleep is lacking
  20. Vertical Halos 4x3 BB OHP 65/75/85/95# 1x105# 3x3 Jump Pullups w/ slow negative 1x20s Dead Hang w/packed shoulders 105 went up so easy that I was going to try 115 but couldn't clean up the weight, strength just gave out. Good stretch from pullups Sleep Went to sleep at 10pm 😊
  21. Hinge Workout Bodyweight Warmup: pushups, plank, lunges, jumping jacks 3x8 Trap Bar Deadlift 145/170/180# 3x25 Bridges 90/90 Figure 4 with rotation Nice workout Sleep I spent all weekend since Thursday at the lake and all I did was sleep, eat, sit in the sun, and kayak. It was so nice. 9 and 10 hours a night. I feel like a human being again. I have to keep this going.
  22. Training BW Work: step ups, pushups, sit-ups, plank Practice on pullups: Jump chins, jump pullups, dead hang pulls Made some awesome roasted broccoli last night. Tossed big spears of it in olive oil and steak seasoning and pan roasted it till it was a little crispy blackened on the edges and soft inside. So good, even my kids ate all theirs.
  23. Training 5x5 KB Press Slept 6.5h last night and water was standard. Heading to the lake this weekend and have a lot to pack and get done at work before I can go.
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