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  1. Training 2x18 Incline Pushups 2x20 Knee Tucks
  2. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions KB Swings Trap Bar Deadlift: 3x140# 3x160# 3x190# 3x210# 3x230# 1x240# 1x250# Hip flexer stretch Figure 4 with rotation Upward dog Nice workout. It felt good to move some iron again, it has been awhile. I struggled with 240, but 250 was smooth as silk. Idk Sleep Only 6h last night but feeling good. Will try to go to bed early tonight. Water Missed water intake yesterday for the first time this challenge. Probably because I sat on the beach and drank beer instead. Lol. We went for the afternoon and listened to live music. It was really really nice. I don't remember the last time I have done that.
  3. Ugh. I bought a kindle book that sounded interesting and in the first chapter it is referencing characters and events that it acts like I should know. I double check and it turns out to be the 6th book in a series. Lol not sure if I should keep reading or go and read the first one.
  4. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions 3x25 Bridges Attempted headstands I say attempted because I was worried about hurting myself and quit lol
  5. 7h > 5h so is better. I can function as a real live human on 7 but don't really feel fully rested. But if I am being honest I haven't been able to feel fully rested since I was like 30 and not sure if I am just chronicly sleep deprived or it is a age thing. Ideally I think I should target 7.5 as a minimum with goal of more than 8h and there is a X factor in there of sleep quality that I have not been able to crack. Caffeine consumption is definitely a factor but I have almost eliminated that after noon. Melatonin will give me one really good night but not two nights in a row. Idk
  6. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions 2x15 Goblet Squats 2x25s Hang w/ packed shoulders 2x4 Jump Pullups Haven't worked out for a few days so it was nice to get some movement. Sleep Have been consistent getting 7 hours of sleep a night for the last few days. More productive during the day but still tired. Really need more and over a long time period. Water Doing really well on the water this challenge.
  7. I went to bed at 9pm last night. I was so groggy and out of it this morning but I am glad I finally got some sleep.
  8. Assume that you're overworked. Take 2-3 days off, sleep as much as you can, and double or triple your calorie intake. Afterwards assess if you feel better, if not then it's the other.
  9. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions 5x5 KB Clean and Press Nice and easy.
  10. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions Figure 4 2x16 Incline Pushups 2x18 Knee Tucks Spent three hours doing yard work yesterday and I am stiff and sore today.
  11. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions 3x10 BB Squats 95# 5x10 KB Swings Nice. Sleep OK I slept 7 hours last night and still don't feel rested but at least I don't feel like a zombie. Need a few more days of 7+
  12. Amen sister. 2020 left its damage on a lot of us, myself included. Even more frustrating is the lack of understanding and empathy from all the other people who were not. Sorry to hear that the gym is not going to work right now. I know that they are not your thing but kettlebells take up very little space and can be taken outside so you can swing them around without fear of breaking anything. I looked around and they are finally back in stock everywhere but dang they are still a lot more expensive than they used to be. I hope you find a solution that feeds your warrior spirit. Following, as always...
  13. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions 2x14 Incline Pushups 2x16 Knee Tucks 2x18s Dead Hang w/shoulders packed 2x3 Jump Pullups Kept it really short today. Just don't have the energy. Getting stronger in the pushups and Pullups but it is improving slower than I expected to. I am toying with the idea of switching to a upper lower split. I am missing Squats and Swings but don't have the time and energy to squeeze everything in each day. Sleep Still averaging 5.5 hours of sleep a night. I am tired and weary and the body is willing but I just refuse to go to bed at night. I really need some sleep. I just dread closing my eyes and suddenly having to wake up and do it all over again. Water Steady and maintaining my intake. Unconscious routine is coffee till 10:30 or so and then water the rest of the day with one glass of tea with dinner. I may drop the tea at dinner.
  14. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions Prying Goblet Squats 2x14 Incline Pushups 2x16 Knee Tucks 2x25 Bridges 2x16s Dead Hang w/ shoulders packed 2x3 Jump Pullups w/ slow negative 1x10 BB Squats 95# 1x12 Goblet Squats Decent workout Sleep This has been a big fat fail. I am still averaging 4-5h a night from going to bed later and waking up earlier than planned. Propose a two week blitz. Do whatever it takes for two weeks and just do it. Water Still maintaining which is good. Trying to set a floor for my fluid intake and can build upon it later.
  15. Flip it! I hadn't considered that. I am usually anti-removal of the lid guy. I am always paranoid I will lose heat and moisture but I will definitely try that next time. Oh I prefer my Dutch oven as well but this time I was going to be in and out all day and I don't like leaving the oven running while I am out so used a crock pot instead.
  16. Cooking Cooked a beautiful pot roast yesterday and it didn't turn out as well as I hoped. It tasted great but I haven't gotten my time and temperature dialed in yet. Last time I cooked it on high for 5 hours and it disintegrated. Perfect to go over rice or mashed potatoes but more of a heavy gravy than a roast. Strands of beef and I want chunks. This time I cooked it on low for 8 hours and the bottom below the water line was very close to the consistency I am going for but not the top of the roast. I had to use a knife to cut it up. A KNIFE! ugh should never have to cut a roast, so disappointed. I am assuming that I need a combination of so many hours at high and so many on low but how many and which one first. Anyone already cracked this code? Other notes. I carmalized the onions and gave the potatoes and carrots a light scorch before adding them to the pot. It made the carrots taste a bit sweeter and the carmalized onions added a good bit of flavor to the dish. It made the potatoes a bit more crisp which I didn't care for so won't be doing that next time.
  17. Sorry to hear about the sleep. Take a easy day and get some rest.
  18. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions 2x14 Incline Pushups 2x16 Knee Tucks 3x20 Hip Bridge 2x18s Dead Hang w/ packed shoulders 2x3 Jump Pullups w/ slow negative Good training session Sleep Sleep is worse as ever. I am going to bed an hour later than I want and waking up 30-60 minutes earlier than I plan on. Just go to sleep! Water Being consistent here drinking water. Yesterday was the first day that I hadn't had any yet and it was early afternoon so filled up a water bottle and corrected.
  19. Hahaha that's genius. Actually I probably already am. It is medium - large plastic Mardi Gras cups. I haven't measured it but most likely more than 8 fl Oz
  20. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions 2x12 Incline Pushups 2x14 Knee Tucks 2x12 BB Squats 95# 2x16s Dead Hang w/ Shoulders Packed 2x3 Jump Pullups Good workout session. Add reps next week Sleep Mixed bag. I got 7h the night before with melatonin and going to bed early. Last night I got 5h with staying up late and dog waking me up super early. Water This one is still going well. 4-5 cups a day steady habit. May push to add a cup or two to it.
  21. Happy Star Wars Day everyone! Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions 2x12 Incline Pushups 2x12 Knee Ups 2x12 Goblet Squats 3x12s Dead Hangs w/ packed shoulders 3x2 Assisted Pull Ups (chair) I did these as a circuit and was sweating pretty good by the end. I struggled with the assisted pull ups, too much or too little assistance. Need some practice there. I tried jack knife pull ups but couldn't manage it either. Not coordinated enough yet. Sleep I haven't hit my target yet of 10pm. Asleep by 11pm last two nights. Going to bring that in. Water I didn't set a goal here other than drink it and track it. 4 glasses yesterday.
  22. Yes it is a movement that can humble you. Good luck with the sleep challenge!
  23. Last challenge got derailed from spending the last three weeks out of town for work. I am home this week but I know that I will be returning for work either next week or the week after. It cannot be helped and I will have to work around it as well as I can. New Challenge I bought a pull up bar and installed it today! But I cannot do a pull up. After installing I tested it out. I can do half a chin up, zero pull ups, and one ugly neutral grip pull up. So this challenge is to improve on those. #1 One Pull-up By using dead hangs, negatives, and assisted pulls work towards the first pull up. #2 Sleep No surprise here. Bed by 10pm. Started wearing my fitbit again for the sole purpose of tracking my sleep and reminding me to go to bed. #3 Drink Water This one has suddenly gotten so easy. Managed to get myself pretty dehydrated while I was out of town. All the water fountains were shut down because of Covid and the hotel only had coffee to drink. I have learned to appreciate hydration and gotten really good at drinking plenty of water which has always been a struggle in the past. This challenge is just to continue with it and make sure it stays a habit.
  24. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions 2x12 Incline Pushups 2x12 Knee Tucks 2x12 Goblet Squats 2x12 L&R KB Rows Nice to get a workout in this morning but felt weak. Out of practice. On some good news I bought myself a pullup bar as a coming home prize! Now just need to clean out a spot in the garage and figure out how to hang it with out destroying the drywall. Lol
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