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  1. Training Jump Rope 5x30:60 Knee Pushups 2x15 Knee Tucks 2x20
  2. Training Halos 10 Getups 16 kg Went slow this morning.
  3. Training Jump Rope 4x 30:60s 2x10/15 Jacknife Squat 2x10 Horizontal Pullups Jacknife Squats seem to be good for flexibility.
  4. Too soon to say but I have full confidence that it will. I am going very slow progression to avoid any Shin splints or anything.
  5. Training Halos Shin box 6x10 Swings 24 kg Sphinx pose Dragging this morning. 4 hours of yard work yesterday and little sleep is killing me.
  6. Training Halos Shin box with hip extensions 10 Getups 16 kg Getups felt heavy today. Taking tomorrow off and start back on Sunday
  7. Training Jump Rope 4x 30:60 Knee Pushups 2x15 Knee Tucks 2x20 Nice little workout
  8. Training 10 Getups 16 kg 5x10 KB Swings 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Sucking wind to get the reps in time.
  9. Training Jump Rope 4x 30:90 Shoulder Stand Squat 3x50 Pullups 5 singles So cold this morning
  10. Practice Prying Goblet Squat Halos Bridge Two 10m timers 9 Getups 16 kg 5x10 KB Swings 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Pigeon Pose Been awhile since I have worked out.
  11. I don't even know which side you are supposed to be on. Which side is the front?
  12. Training Halos 3 Rounds 5/3/2 Bench Press: 3x5 Bench Press 115# 3x3 Bench Press 120# 3x2 Bench Press 125# 2 Rounds 1/2/3 KB Clean and Jerk 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Pigeon Pose Good workout. Bench Press weights fel t light.
  13. Training Halos Shin box with hip extensions 10 Getups 16 kg 5 single Pullups Sphinx pose Child pose I think it is about time to increase the weight on the Getups.
  14. Training Halos Shin box with hip extensions 4x5 Goblet Squat 24 kg 4x5 Two Handed Press 24 kg 4x10 Swings 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Tired but got in a good workout. Good mood this morning.
  15. 2 sets per exercise and 3-5 exercises. So I. E. 2X5 Bench Press 2x5 Deadlift Etc Using weights that are moderate. Only increase the load when it becomes easy. A couplet is a pair of two exercises. I like pairing up two different kinds of movements. So a Squat and OHP or deadlift and bench press are fun. You can do one after the other or alternate sets. You can go high volume with a ton of sets or keep it low volume with just a few but you are hitting the big movements so still a good workout. No intensity could mean a off day or stretching / yoga or a light weight workout. It kind of depends on what intensity means to you.
  16. Following! What cardio activities are you looking at doing?
  17. For periodisation you could look at NLMH. No intensity day, low, medium, high, then repeat. It's scalable to whatever those things mean for you. My recovery ability really sucks but high frequency workouts have always worked well for me. If you are interested Dan John's simple strength is a good one. Basically pick 5 exercises do 2x5 each ~5 days a week. I personally usually do couplets of just two opposing movements several times a week so there are several ways to go about it. High frequency does great for strength and general fitness but doesn't seem to be great for hypertrophy. For that I've always had to scale back to 2-3 days a week and up the volume to see any progress. Skin care! I've recently discovered skin care. I was the guy who always just used bar soap and slapped alcohol aftershave on afterwards. I have switched to using cerve gentle cleanser for washing and a moisturer with SPF in the morning and a retinol at night. It has been nice. My wife has been a little mocking about it but I only started because she kept pointing out that I was starting to develop wrinkles.
  18. Being back in the office. My suspicion is the free coffee. Several challenges ago I cut back my coffee consumption to no later than 10am. Out of habit I have kept up with that without conscious thought, which was the plan, but I did not take into account that a change in venue would bypass my established habit. In hindsight I was heading to the coffee pot after lunch since I didn't have anything else on hand to drink. The next day doubly so since I was tired. This week I will plan for that and take my water bottle.
  19. Training Halos Shin box 7x3 Push Press 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Pigeon Pose A good workout. Felt strong. I haven't worked out in days. It seemed like it took me forever to recover from a few days of not sleeping. Hope to get back on track this week. I'm starting the book Frankenstein tonight.
  20. Again! Phone off about 15 minutes later than target. Read longer than planned but book got good and ended up finishing The Queens Gambit. Insomnia hit again and again fell asleep around 1am. I at least didn't sleep through my alarm but early morning workout wasn't happening.
  21. Grrrrrrr Knocked out my Pushup challenge day and turned off phone as planned. Read longer than I should have for an hour and a half then tried to get some sleep. (some plot points of the show VS the book in the Queens Gambit have showed up) Insomnia hit and I just laid there. I finally didn't get to sleep until around 1am. Slept right through my alarm this morning missing my morning workout and ended up being a little late for work. For extra fun I have been dragging all day. Sux
  22. Peanut butter and chocolate?
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