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  1. I'm not really sure. Workouts haven't been that intense, actually on the low side I would think. I think it is more due to lack of sleep and enough calories. I am still really burned out at work and everything is getting on my nerves. I am just dragging myself to next week when I can finally get some time off. I have heard of it but never actually tried it. I hope it turns out ok. Just a dry rub of fine ground coffee, garlic, and paprika. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. I cooked a big family dinner last Christmas and I really enjoyed it and planning on repeating it this year. Getting together a menu now. I've found a recipe online for a coffee crusted beef roast that I want to try. Unfortunately I will have to cook it well done or else the family won't eat it so it will be a juggling act to cook it through but not tough. Searching around I think I have found a method to do so but requires a meat thermometer so went ahead and ordered one. For the sides I am thinking roasted broccoli, scalloped potatoes, and green bean casserole. I'm not really a fan of green bean casserole but it is my daughter's favorite so making it for her. Then finally I am thinking about some kind of fruit pie. Either apple or cherry. I will probably just buy this unless I feel frisky and decide to try and make one.
  3. Integry Workout Halos Shin box KB pullover situp to Shin box 2x10 Incline Pushups 2x10 Knee Tucks 4 Getups 16 kg Just getting in some movement this morning.
  4. Training Halos Shin box 8x10 KB Swings 16 kg 2x10 KB Swings 24 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Piegion Pose I don't know what is wrong with me. Just tired and feeling weak in my workouts. Made myself get up this morning and do something.
  5. Training 6 Getups 16 kg 3x5s Flex Hang 3x10s Active Hang Dragging this morning and the Getups felt heavy. Just took a active day without any set goals.
  6. Training 10x10 KB Swings 16 kg 3x6 Bench Press 120# Sphinx pose Child pose Feeling really stiff this morning. 10 sets doesn't seem like a lot and I can crank them out without any loss of form or fatigue but day after day it wears me down. Routine Still keeping up with the workout journal. Might expand it a bit. Still need to complete the audit.
  7. Laugh all you want but I LOVE the fireplace videos on Netflix. I play them all the time especially around the Christmas holidays
  8. 100% agree with you on extended family stress on Christmas. The in laws insisting that they have to be here to see my children open their presents Christmas morning. My family wanting to be here as well. I do not have the Griswald house where everyone can stay at the same time. Everyone pissy and passive aggressive about who gets to come when. Then the whole deal of everyone in my personal space as a introvert as well. Honestly it has made me never really like or enjoy Christmas. Just stress and family obligations and regardless of what you do someone is going to get their feelings hurt. Last Christmas no one was allowed at our house because of covid and it was the best Christmas I have had in a long long time. I know that sounds horrible but it is true. My wife felt the same way and so this year we are not allowing anyone to be here for Christmas weekend. Some people are coming before and after but not on. Everyone is mad about it but somehow it is better because we aren't choosing one side over another. Across the board ban. You have to have boundaries. Sorry to high jack your thread. Just my $0.02 and experience.
  9. Training Halos 2x5 Bench Press 120# 10x10 KB Swings 16 kg 10 Getups 16 kg Been almost a week since I have worked out. Worn down last week and out of town this weekend. Workouts are still taking too long for the days I go to work. Need to try to start 10m earlier
  10. Training Halos Shin box 6 Getups 16 kg 5x10 KB Swings 16 kg Running short on time so cut down the volume today.
  11. Blessed be the Iron. Blessed be the Strength it gives us. Blessed be the Warriors who lift it. So happy to see you. Following!
  12. Training Halos Shin box 10 Getups 16 kg 10x10 KB Swings 16 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Piegion Pose Decent workout but not easy yet. In a last minute twist my work trip was canceled. So happy but now extra virtual meetings. Sigh
  13. Training Halos 10 Getups 16 kg 10x10 KB Swings 16 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Piegion Pose Tired and considered sleeping in but got on up. Tomorrow is going to be a early and long day. Heading out of town for work again next week.
  14. Training Performed as a circuit 3x6 Incline Pushups 3x5s Flex Hang 3x10s Active Hang 3x8 Knee Tucks 3x10 Squats 3x10 Bridges Heading out of town next week for work. I really don't want to go. I had hoped that they would leave me alone until the first of the year.
  15. Yes. I would pick 4-5 categories to assess, any more than that and it is just too much. Then pull everything together and get a honest full picture of current state for each one. I. E. if financial, I would list and total all debts, savings, investments along with a list of monthly expenses all on a single page so you can see where you are. Then I would outline a overall goal for the year in each category, with it being a bit of a stretch goal. So possible but really difficult to achieve and not certain. Then I would break down each yearly goal into sub goals that would have to be completed along the way to achieve the main goal. Usually this is a monthly, weekly, or daily task / milestone I would have to hit to be on track. By what metrics are you measuring this and what tasks would improve that metric. I. E. if I had a savings goal then what does that break down to per paycheck that I have to save. What should the balance be per quarter to know if I am on track? Next is the most important step. I would brainstorm ways to automate the process or build a habit / routine that would get me there without having to rely on will power or constant effort. I. E. I would set up a reoccurring deposit to a savings account on payday. For something like a fitness goal I started getting up a hour earlier than my family to exercise. The habit / routine was the same time and thing every day so didn't take any thought or planning because that's just what I do at that time. Finally the last step was to set a weekly reminder in my phone to review the goals weekly and update progress. This makes sure that it isn't a one time exercise and then you forget about it. Probably a lot more information than you really wanted but was a process that I refined over the years.
  16. Training 10 Getups 16 kg 10x10 KB Swings 16 kg @16.22 2x10/15 Leg Raises Another rough morning. Getups not as smooth as they used to be. Swings are good. No problem getting 10 sets but my conditioning is not great so takes longer than I would l ike Routine Still keeping my workout journal daily. Now working on my 5:30am daily wake up time. I haven't strayed too far from this one but gotten used to sleeping in several times a week since working from home.
  17. Training Halos 6 Getups 16 kg 10x10 KB Swings 16 kg Sphinx pose Dragging this morning. The Getups were a bit shaky so stopped. It was in the 30's in the garage this morning, man the kettlebells get cold. Having to get used to working out in the morning and still have enough time to get ready to go to work. I feel rushed. I'm not sure how I used to do everything in plenty of time.
  18. Training 2x25 Bridges Sphinx pose I woke up later than I intended this morning and my back was very sore. I'm assuming from the Swings. Just did the CC routine this morning. Routine Started a workout log!
  19. I actually used to do a year end life audit in several categories such as health/fitness, financial, career, etc then make a yearly goal plan for each one. I don't think I ever hit any of them but always had good progress in each one trying to. I had forgotten about this. Thanks for the reminder. It is something that I should resurrect.
  20. Training Jump Rope 10 KB Getups 16 kg 3x40 Vertical Pullups 5x10 KB Swings 24 kg 5x10 KB Swings 16 kg Sphinx pose Child pose Piegion Pose I did convict conditioning for a little bit before and liked it but it has been forever so starting over from the beginning. Routine Started reading Level Up. Just OK so far. My first assignment is to start a Workout / Training Journal. Other than on this forum I never record any of my workouts.
  21. Shadow crap. Two months pushing to get over this mountain and down to the valley before the heavy snow fall. Now with the pass in sight I can see it is closed and frozen solid. I didn't make it in time. I was forced to retreat back down the mountain trail until even that was impossible. Can't go forward and can't go back. Looks like I am stuck here for the next month or so. I make it to the emergency cabin here for travelers who have gotten stuck like myself. I build a fire to begin to start thawing out and check the pantry. Plenty of dry goods, nothing exciting but at least I won't starve to death. I look around, small but cozy. This will be my temporary home through yule. OK, now that I have seen to my basic needs. What now? Relax and be fat and happy? No, not my way. Plus my armor is already getting tight from all of the bear fat I was chewing on the march up the mountain. Time to get back to some basic training. Emerge from this winter cocoon a hard warrior for the next adventure to come, down in the valley below. Goal #1 Basic Training Back to some old school GPP. Get ups, Swings, and some bodyweight work. Target: 10x10 KB Swings in 5 minutes Goal #2 Equilibrium Been on the bulking track for the last 2-3 months. Time to rein it in a bit. Not a cut, just back to maintenance calories for a bit and see where I am now. I have passed dad bod and into slightly chubby territory but not concerned. The extra weight actually looks good on me. Current weight 198 lbs Target: Stop eating everything in sight and clean up my food choices. Goal #3 Routines Unless this new variant throws us back into full covid mode my job and community is demanding a return to normal. I have determined that a big part of my general melase the last year is a complete disruption of my routines. I thrive on my routines and rituals and have lost most of them and worse being replaced with less helpful routines that I didn't choose. So here in the darkest time of the year I will reassess and do a little lifestyle design as I re-emerge into the world soon. Target: Read 3 improvement books and outline at least 2 new routines. Bringing back old routines that I have lost counts as well. Note: I didn't realize that this was a mini 3 week challenge. Obviously I can't get everything done in time so will carry over into next year.
  22. Training Halos 4x7 Bench Press 120# 5x10 KB Swing 24 kg Sphinx pose I did my best. It was freezing in the garage this morning.
  23. Training 10 Getups 16 kg 5 single Pullups 2x12 BB Curls 40# Felt good. I attempted one getup with the 24 kg but it was really shaky and I didn't want to commit and risk it.
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