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  1. Week 4: 5 Bodyweight workouts 0 runs
  2. Week 3: 6 Bodyweight workouts = B 3 runs = C I started out strong but lost momentum in the middle of the week. I got in a bodyweight workout tonight, but I haven't run since early last week. Having trouble finding the motivation to just go. I will get one in tomorrow but then heading to the in-laws for a few days and I already know I won't do it there. Ugh...
  3. How are you doing your practice rolls? Off stairs, on the floor? It is something that I want to start practicing. I was thinking of using the bleachers in the park across the street.
  4. It's been a good week so far. Tuesday and have 2 runs and 2 bodyweight workouts in so far. Which is good, supposed to storm all day tomorrow, so the run might not happen. Really humid right now. No big problems so far this week. I am sure if I skimp on sleep I will be dragging by the weekend.
  5. Try body awareness. Set a timer for 5 mins and sit in asana and just observe the body. No judgments or thoughts about it, just observation. This is a good place to start.
  6. Looks like a solid week, keep it up! What kind of meditation are you doing: mindfulness, mantra, total absence of thought?
  7. Week 2: 7 bodyweight workouts 5 runs Crushed it! Big thing was finding the time but learning you just have to prioritize your health. It has only been two weeks but I am noticing that I have more energy to get things done. Not bouncing off the walls but just looking at my To Do list doesn't make me exhausted. Looking forward to week three.
  8. I feel so much better after getting some sleep! Well I hit the park, in the 70's today and sunny. The kids had fun. I was as well until I tried out a gymnastics move I saw on YouTube. Backwards roll into candlestick. I did it, awkwardly, but then both my arms cramped and I fell over. Took a few minutes before my muscles unlocked. My kids thought it was hilarious. Nothing hurt but my pride. This is why I am working on my body strength and endurance. Just not ready for some tricks yet,but I will get there.
  9. I feel beat up. So far this week I have hit 5 bodyweight workouts and 4 runs, but a stressful week at work and little sleep is taking a toll. I skipped the run tonight and plan to sleep late in the morning. If the weather is nice I will take my son to the park and get some activity in.
  10. h3r0

    Campus Tour

    Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)? Is it reasonable? yes, currently I only want to improve my strength and conditioning. Once I feel I have built a decent base, I do want to start looking into learning some gymnastic style floor moves. Do your 3 quests all build towards your main quest in little ways, or are you taking on too much? Do your quests have sub-quests or is it just one thing to focus on? well I only chose two and yes they directly related to my current goal. Are your goals able to be measured and tracked? What will you use to track them? yes since I am measuring number of work outs per week. Currently using a weekly planner. How are you grading your goals? Are they pass/fail (“every dayâ€, “not even once over the six weeksâ€)? Is there a reward for the effort, or are you only grading yourself on whether or not you “lose the weight†or “run the distanceâ€? again only counting frequency of work outs, and using a sliding scale for A of nearly every day and C for half of the week. What is your plan for continuing/altering/grading those goals if you become ill or injured? hmm haven't thought about that. I guess I would have to stop or down shift to just a daily walk. Did you take into consideration any special occasions (Labour Day, Independence Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc) that may occur during the challenge? What modifications do you need to build into your goals for those? thanksgiving and Christmas is coming but since I am only measuring frequency I should be ok. Do any of your main goals conflict with each other? Will one goal make it hard to do another? no Do you already have the time in your schedule to actually complete the goals you’ve set? If not, what are you planning to do to make time for them? time is a premium for me. Having to prioritize my quest over other things. Are you trying to build multiple habits, or is all your energy focused on your main quest? only base camp for my ultimate goal Done! +1 WIS Signature Done! Joined Level 1 Recruit Assassins' Done! +1 CHA
  11. Darth Maul easy. He took on two Jedi like what ev' and he does look good in black. First week challenges was over coming the inertia of starting. Long stressful day at work and the last thing I wanted to do was go running. Second week has been the opposite, can't wait to go. I have hit my bodyweight exercises and quick run every night since Monday. I know that the weekend will be tough with a change in schedule. But looking forward to aceing my first 6WC.
  12. Your a beast salty, keep it up!
  13. Thanks everyone! Yes I am definitely the second gif, but what I have in mind is more Darth Maul with all the flips and evasions.
  14. Week:1 11/2 through 11/8 4 bodyweight workouts 0 runs Getting into the habit
  15. Introduction: Hi I am Aster and this is my first challenge. I am in my late 30's, married, and a father of two. I am tall and thin, but completely out of shape. I have some serious dad bod going on. Joined because I like the idea of breaking up the journey into 6 week bites and think the gaming aspect will be fun. Main Quest: Gain a base of strength and endurance that I can build upon. Quest 1: Body weight routine: toe touches, crunches, back extensions, and pushup. Following the 5BX progression. Measurement: A = 7 days a week , B = 6 days a week , C = 5 days a week Reward: A = +3 STR, B = +2 STR , C = +1 STR Quest 2: Half mile run at a 10 min mile pace. Measurement: A = 5 days a week , B = 4 days a week , C = 3 days a week Reward: A = +3 STA, B = +2 STA, C = +1 STA Motivation: Ultimately I want to be athletic and nimble. I remember being in my early 20's and being able to jump from the floor to the arm of the couch and bound through the air across the room. Race my friends across a rocky creek and to the top of a tall tree without thinking about it. It's not about weight because I was 30 lbs heavier then and it is not about endurance because in my early 30's I was racing triathlons and I still didn't have that dexterity and nimbleness that I had once upon a time. I want that ability again.
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