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    Aster a Go Go

    Update: Monday 1.4.2016 - Forest Moon Late shuttle back to base. Hearty meal with squad and performed maintenance upon my personal speeder. The brakes now stop with a touch. That should keep me from running into any trees and exploding, apparently that happens here. Training run around the base in the cold evening air. 1. Run: C25K - 2:1 Good run but COLD
  2. Sriracha tuna salad! I'm intrigued, care to share the recipe?
  3. h3r0

    Aster a Go Go

    Update: Sunday 1.3.2016 - Forest Moon Took the speeder out for an early morning parameter ride of a hilly region near the base. Overcast and cold, put on the heavy armor but found it bulky and uncomfortable. Need to upgrade my gear for the cooler climate of this assignment. On guard duty the rest of the day with the rookie and need to prepare for tomorrow, as I will be back on assignment at the Death Star during day cycles. The Empire demands its paperwork. 1. Bike: 7.5 mile Hill Climbs / Zone 3 ride That hurt, I didn't have a lot of time so I pushed harder than I should have on some hills, sucking wind. The clothes didn't help, only have a single chamois and sleeveless jersey so had to layer up with workout clothes. My pants kept snagging my front derailleur so I tucked them into my socks, looked silly but worked.
  4. Welcome aboard and good luck with your challenge! Have you looked into the Program Minimum for kettlebell work? Basically a lot of Swings and getups.
  5. Wow, awesome goals! Good luck, I am looking forward to hearing how the meditation practice goes.
  6. h3r0

    Aster a Go Go

    Update: Saturday 1.2.16 - Forest Moon Just arrived planet side, new mission begins Monday and need to prepare. Scouted out the forest on foot through hostile territory with squad mates, no unusual activity detected. After nightfall took a training run, followed by physical training. We received word from HQ, our mission here is four weeks and then we leave. Recorded a single line in my battle journal, "I don't like it here, smells like Ewok." 1. 20 min hike through the woods with the family. 2. Run: finished up first week of C25K 3. Bodyweight Exercise: 3 rounds of stretches, squats, superman, pushups, and rows. 4. Journal started
  7. h3r0

    Aster a Go Go

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. We have four weeks together for this challenge, let's have some fun with it.
  8. h3r0

    Syren's Guardians

    I love the Guardians theme! Good luck with the challenges!
  9. Well this completes my first 6 week challenge and 3 week mini challenge. It has been a blast! I am glad I found this corner of the Internet. Onwards to my next challenge being logged in the scouts.
  10. WEEK 3: Sunday: Run - C25k 1:1 Bodyweight workout Monday: Bodyweight workout Tuesday: Bike - 7.5 miles Wednesday: Run - C25k 1:2 Thursday: Wanted to get a ride in but it's cold and I wasn't feeling it. Rested and ate too much. Friday: Nothing Saturday: Run - C25K 1:3
  11. h3r0

    Aster a Go Go

    Hello all, I am Aster and this is my first in guild challenge. Let's hear it for the Scouts! Once upon a time I used to be fairly active and even did a triathlon, but then I took a new overly stressful job in another state and my wife and I had another child. Since the move 4 years ago, I haven't done anything physical or really anything just for me. I have been hibernating physically and mentally from my previous healthy lifestyle for the last few years and it really wasn't until my first rebel challenge here that I began to wake up. I managed to get some really good momentum rolling so I want to keep it going. Quest #1: RUN 3 x WEEK I am signing up for a 5k in February so I need to be able to run that in the next six weeks. I have just completed the first week of C25K, so will be starting off on week 2 for the first week of this challenge. Quest #2: BIKE 1 x WEEK I have recently, completely by accident, rediscovered my love of cycling. How did I forget? The cold short days are going to make rides during the week difficult, but I am pretty sure I can sneak in at least one on the weekends. Quest #3: BODY WEIGHT 1 x WEEK I started my first rebel challenge with body weight workouts that somehow made me remember my old endurance sports past. I have not kept up with the workouts as well as I had hoped but still wanting to get at least one in a week. Level Up: JOURNAL x DAILY This is another thing I used to do a lot in the past and it was something I really enjoyed. I am not sure why I stopped, but I realize I was happier then when I did it.
  12. h3r0


    I buy the big cheap Quaker oats tubs of the stuff. 1/2 cup dry oatmeal, cinnamon, a packet of splenda, a scoop of protein powder, and a teaspoon of coconut oil. Gives around 35g carbs 25g protein, and 15g of fat. Leaving you full all morning. I keep pre-made ziplock bags of the mix in my desk at work for when I forget my lunch.
  13. I think I could squeeze 25s on my road bike but I would cry of I trashed my bike on a single race. Would have to get a cx specific or a beater bike to try out a race.
  14. Has anyone ever done a cyclocross race before? I have never even seen one before but they sound like a lot of fun.
  15. Got another run in. Felt a little sluggish but wore my new running kit I got for Christmas so I looked boss.
  16. Got another bike ride in today. Kept it really short, trying not to over do it and wanted to get in a run tonight. But the run didn't happen, had a serious low blood sugar level after dinner and felt like crap once I got it back to normal again. Not sure if I over bolused at dinner or if it was all the activities catching up with me. I have to start having a post workout snack as a new habit.
  17. I cycle, run, and do bodyweight workouts. I guess that means that I am a scout assassin.
  18. That does seem odd seeing how popular it is. I expected to see a lot in the scouts, but it looks like mostly runners. Cyclists unite!
  19. Did the first run/walk work out from Couch to 5k, was actually pretty easy, but will stick with it for the first 3 weeks before branching out on my own. Walking back to my house from my run my neighbor gave me his sweet Giro bike helmet. Said he had sold his bike but saw me ridin around the other day and wanted me to have it. Awesome sauce! Maybe this is the universe telling me to ride more. 😎
  20. When is the big race? I am excited for you, it sounds like you have been working hard.
  21. I just got my old road bike out this week. It has been four years since I had riden the thing. I never cleaned it before I abandoned it and it took me over an hour to clean the crusty dry lube off of the chain and crank,but it looks like new now. Hit a few rides this week and I am bad out of shape. It is going to take awhile to build my engine back. Do we not have a lot of cyclists on NF?
  22. My wife wants to do a charity run in Feb. Bring on the 5k training! Going for a run tonight.
  23. Mini Quest Week 2: 4 bike rides 3 Bodyweight workouts Been nice to have the whole week off work and actually have time to get outside. I am really enjoying cycling again. It has been four years since I got on my road bike. Raising the stem has really improved my comfort level.
  24. Mini Quest Week 1: 3 Bodyweight workouts and actually got a very nice bike ride in today. The weather was perfect, felt good to ride again.
  25. I don't know about dorky, but I remember the most embarrassing. I did my first triathlon out of town once and I wanted to fit in so I bought a pair of tri shorts from a vendor at the sign in the day before the race. Thought they would be so much cooler and practical than regular beach swim trunks. The next morning I got dressed for the race and caught my reflection in the mirror OMG! They were tight and made of a very thin wick fit type material and left ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the imagination. I could have given myself better coverage with a can of spray paint. I had packed like nothing else and they were not cheap so I wore them with a very long T-shirt. I was so embarrassed walking up to the starting line, I felt so exposed. But looking around every one else seemed to be wearing less than me. So when in Rome I took the shirt off and went with it. P.S. Yes, I still have them and no I have never worn them since.
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