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  1. Wow, I come back here after far too long away, thinking of doing the next challenge, and head straight to where I always feel I belong, with the Rangers... and Spezzy's here too?! This is obviously a Good Sign.
  2. Ooh, it's been a month already! Wow. Well the getting to bed by midnight didn't always work but I was much better at it. And I think the crashing is going off a bit, so I must finally be recovering from renovation. Anyway, this month I'm doing a primal challenge (well 3 weeks, but let's see how it goes at the end). So that's lots of sleep, eating slightly more cleanly (although I'm actually pretty good at this, now I look at the list of stuff you can/shouldn't eat), and looking after myself more. Which includes all screens off by an hour before bedtime. Tonight I'm going to occupy
  3. Another month - the theme for this one will be being in bed by midnight. That doesn't mean I'll get more sleep, but at least I'll be giving myself the chance to get more if I'm actually in bed! Also, I've been feeling increasingly exhausted - last week's "Saturday crash" hit me Thursday evening and stopped me going out with friends on Friday afternoon. So maybe I need more sleep.
  4. Oh, and had another rejection on the story front. So now it's gone to Asimovs, and after this I'll have to cut it fairly drastically for a couple of markets that only take up to 6k words (it's 7.8). But at least it's out there. And today I typed up a few more of the short shorts that I wrote in March. I'd *completely* forgotten some of them, and they're not bad. Need major work to expand them into something more meaningful in length, but I'm tolerably happy with them. Also I've signed up for another writing thingy - this time you work on one piece throughout the month, so it sounds like a good
  5. Still pootling away here, 30 minutes exercise bike a day plus at least 10 minutes of yoga and often more - with the exception of two days where it was yoga only as I was exhausted. In fact I'm coming to realise that the exhaustion is much deeper than I'd previously thought, not surprising really given what the last few months have been like. Anyway, keeping up with the low carb thing reasonably well - and have noticed significantly less heartburn and other health-related issues, which is interesting. Had sugar a couple of times, in chewing gum and a couple of politeness biscuits today when my
  6. Just realised that I've not updated here this week - that's because even since I got back to Sweden I've been flat out with work. Although I *have*, as expected, had more time for me too. So I've done half an hour on the exercise bike a day plus at least one and sometimes two yoga sessions. Also I've been eating low carb(ish), and have now got much more of a grasp of what that actually means (!) I don't know whether I've really changed my body composition in all of a week, but I *feel* a lot better. So I guess this is my April challenge and I'll carry it on until I've done a month
  7. I think you're allowed to eat any crap you want on such days!
  8. Yay you! Loads of good stuff happening this week (I am intrigued by chicken and crunchy things too... some kind of crispy grub type larva thing perhaps?) Yoga with ropes! (out of interest, what was this?) Good tactics with your Dad! Kneeling push-ups! (I levelled up to these about a month ago... I am SO proud that I can actually do a proper nose to the ground movement for the first time in my life.) Getting the Cherokee Shuffle down! 10 minutes of yoga turning into 30! Just general awesomeness! Are you finding that keeping track on a daily basis
  9. Still here, still plugging away at yoga and renovation and work and... well, that's about it. I'm travelling back to Sweden next week and I've got loads to finish here before I go, so fitness/diet other than trying *not* to stuff all the cheese into myself is not really happening. But I am doing a lot of exercise in terms of painting/plastering the ceiling of what seems to be the biggest room in the world (there's a new house being built nearby and I can see it from said room. It has literally taken them less time to put up all of the walls and roof than it has for me to paint this one ceiling
  10. Hey Seabright! Sounds like you're still working hard at this bravery thing! All the paperwork and contacts relating to your Dad's condition sound pretty tough, and I'm very impressed by how you're just getting on with them. I mean, for all I know you may be panicking or putting stuff off IRL, but out here in cyberspace it looks like you're incredibly organised and focused. With bravery, the bit I find the most difficult is that when you've been brave over one thing and think "Yeah, that's done", you look up and there's another one you have to do. I wonder whether one da
  11. Thanks Seabright! Yeah, I'm chuffed about the submission too. I intend to produce another short story in a shorter time than 24 years, too! As for fitness stuff, I'm still plugging away in little bits, and actually when I write down everything I've done over the last 48 hours it's pretty good, really. Yesterday I succeeded in my boss battle for NF Academy level 2 workout (I'm starting the Academy right from the start again), which included me managing NINE knee push ups! Nine! Right down to the floor and back up! Yes, I know it's from my knees, but given that I've never
  12. Hmm... not going too well at the moment. Renovation has got in the way, meaning that as well as not being able to walk or run (plantar fasciitis) I now can't do any kind of weight bearing exercise on my right arm (tennis elbow from hacking at harder-than-titanium brick for an hour and a half until it finally submitted). But anyway, I got up today and went out and did half an hour plus on my bicycle, which was both nice and knackering, the latter mainly because as usual I have a bicycle on which the gears are impossible to change. I've got it in a lowish gear, but it turns out that
  13. Measurements taken too - they've actually not changed much from last time I took them (about 6 months ago). Gone up a couple of cm on my arms, but that's muscle from renovating. But I definitely *feel* saggier. Anyway at some point I need to organise my photos so I can compare the last few sets to see the difference, which I'm sure is there. And not in a good way!
  14. Pumpkin-seed! Ha! I'm a paleo snack! You're right, though, I think it does help if you actually write down what you do. Sometimes you don't achieve what you set out to, but you tried. Sometimes you have something to do later and you think "Oh, I can't", but then you look back and think "Well, actually, I have done stuff that was like this before, and it was OK", and that helps. What's not good is when you don't keep track of stuff that you suspect - or know - that you did nothing worthy of yourself; that's much worse than trying and failing. What yoga are you doing? I s
  15. Took my photos today. Ugh. I'm such an odd shape - very apple (skinny legs, fat middle). And that's not good, health wise. Although actually my legs aren't really that skinny, it's just my middle is very obvious, when I'm undressed. Anyway, onwards and upwards.
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