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  1. Hey! I talked to you a while ago about Air Assault school. Well totally went and just graduated it! I highly recommend going, it definitely wasn't that bad physical activity-wise. Lots of fun and you get to jump out of helicopters!

  2. Because when I was younger, I thought I would never do a triathlon... But I just did (my first) one, last Sunday! Woot! (not bad for "hating" running prior to April...)
  3. I am looking for a change of scenery, and I have always loved VT... but to move, I need employment. Do any of you know someone looking to employ someone at no less than $11/hr? If you think you may be able to help, please send me a message!
  4. Thanks for the Tri Advice 8^D

  5. LOL Well said. I agree with you 100%

  6. yeah, there's a lot of good info... wish there was more science on NF, but most of what passes for science here is rahrah paleo...

  7. OMG I just learned a shit ton about free radicals and painful post race days (considering I knew nothing about this before I read this chapter)! This O.S.N. book rocks!

  8. I'm sticking to Spartan Races (ending with the Beast this September in VT) this year, but the same type of cross and endurance training seems to be beneficial. Plus, I am looking ahead to next year. I'd love to hear any advice on books to read, bikes, hydration devices that may have the female physique in mind... etc.
  9. A guy to the girl he was there with... "No, not so much weight. Put it on 20lbs and lift it 15 times" (I wanted to hand the poor lady the New Rules of Lifting for Women book!)
  10. Hrmmm... as for if I am still looking to teach yoga. Not this year. I've really fallen in love with running through the woods and the whole Spartan Race community... but I am sure it will even out to a simmer and then I'll have more time in my schedule to consider that. How have you done with the Thrive recipes?

  11. You're not selfish for not wanting kids, people who HAVE them and do not want them are selfish. They make the world make up for where they lack. Enjoy your freedom! (I enjoy mine!) If you have people wanting to make you feel guilty, maybe it is because they want to see you have the same difficulties they had. My dad used to say, "Wait until you have kids." I was the mom of the house growing up, I already feel like I had kids and know from that experience that I don't want that responsability. Good for you for standing your ground!
  12. I dip bananas in them, and mix them in to waffle mix, and smoothies.. mmmm mmm goooood...
  13. no... what do you find awkward about my family photo...?

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