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  1. Y'ALL I put it out in the office kitchen AT noon and it was gone by 1:30pm ~magic~ indeed! I'm so happy I didn't have to eat it. I did however eat a couple pigs in a blanket. Er, is this the right time to mention that I work at a factory that makes fancy cocktail appetizers, and that my desk is next to the test kitchen?
  2. Because that's how autocrats operate. :| So sorry to hear about your kid being barred from the bathroom, that sucks big time. The world is a weird and scary place right now.
  3. General Update Yesterday I had a very sucky evening that involved a 2 hour commute home, rude department store clerks, someone hacking my email, and thinking my car keys were broken when I was actually attempting to break into someone else’s car. Ugh. Came home and didn’t have the fortitude to think much about cooking for dinner, so I made taco skillet spaghetti. To be fair, I left the spaghetti for my husband and piled on the ground beef and tomatoes for myself. Finished dinner off with sliced cucumbers and almonds, and NOT the massive chocolate croissant my husband tried talking me into eating. Alas, he talked me into taking the chocolate croissant to work this morning (In my defense, I’m very suggestible in the early morning hours). This thing is HUGE, and covered in confectioner’s sugar too. I don’t want to eat it, but I cannot stand wasting food. I’m sure I can pawn it off to someone here in the office…
  4. 1. What is the food your trying to eliminate out of your diet? Processed sugar, as well as limiting carb intake. 2. What is your reason? I've been gaining weight and eating more processed sugar/sweets since I got married, I'd like to lose some weight. 3. How are you going to fight the cravings? I don't really get cravings for sugary things (I'm more of a umami person) but carbs will be tough because I love potatoes and pasta. I'm going to combat this by not fully cutting out the carbs I love most (cold turkey doesn't work for me) and just reducing my usual intake to half or a third of what I usually consume. 4. What is it you want to gain out of cutting the food out of your diet? Hopefully it will help stall my continuing weight gain. Wish me luck! I’ve been doing great so far except for the part where I ate a mini cupcake covered in frosting on Wednesday. Reason? It was free. Free food is my Achilles heel.
  5. I've been eating the Krema line by Olympic... Canada-only brand I believe. The multi-pack I have only has honey and vanilla flavours, which is just fine with me! I'm not a fan of yogurt cups with chunks (fruit or otherwise) in them... I'll add my own fruit chunks, thanks.
  6. Thank you! I have also decided that instead of eating 4 (!!) croissants as I drive to work in the morning, I wait until 10:30am to have a cup of the most delicious Greek yogurt money can buy. Afternoon snack today was a few chunks of cheddar cheese and some baby carrots, yum.
  7. Update on how I'm doing for my goals... Diet: #1 - I'm doing great so far. I've had an assortment of vegetables for at least one meal a day since I've started. It's varied from bagged salad, to roasted yellow peppers, to baby carrots, to homemade coleslaw. #2 - I have successfully purged my cupboard of my favourite potato chips and replaced my desire for crunch with cucumber and almonds! Fitness: #1 - For some reason Mondays never work out for me and my SIL! Week 1 there was a snowstorm, so we cancelled. Then this week her basement flooded! Thankfully Wednesdays have been solid and a good time to run and catch up and share healthy habits. Life: #1 - Ughhhh I've stalled on my crochet, I think I've only done 2 rounds since the challenge started. I have 8 more to go, plus the earflaps themselves. I think the problem is that I've come to the repetitive part of the pattern, so it's a lot more boring now. Also, I've been distracted by a couple books I borrowed from the library. Going to try to make time for it tonight, hopefully it doesn't make my neck/shoulder hurt.
  8. It's something my mom used to make when I was a kid; I had a craving recently and she brought me a big tupperware full when she came over to visit this weekend. It's a south Indian recipe BTW, so it may be outside your realm of experience:
  9. It's going well thus far! Last night I had a completely vegetarian dinner: spiced beets with rice, baby carrots, and fresh strawberries for dessert. Wednesday means running laps in the evening, looking forward to it! And I was just thinking another interesting thing. It's easier for me to exercise when it's a social thing... and it's also easier for me to exercise when I like my workout clothes. Like, my outfit today is a coordinated workout set and it just makes getting out their easier than if I was wearing old leggings and an oversize t-shirt.
  10. [BETA CLASS CRYOGENISIS TERMINATED. ACCESS GRANTED TO USER PLAZMOTIC. CONDITIONING REGIMENT REACTIVATED.] Time to do this! My Rebel Challenge: Diet Quests Eat a vegetable with one meal every day -- I might need to go grocery shopping tomorrow to complete this. Take one processed snack you have each day and replace it with a healthy protein, fruit, or vegetable -- see above. Fitness Quest Participate an active social game, like frisbee or kickball, at least once a week -- I have standing plans to go running with my SIL twice a week, sometimes it's just once though and that's okay! Level Up Life Quest - finish crocheting my new blue beanie with earflaps. Here's to hoping I can make some real changes this time.