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  1. Day 9 (March 27) results Cat Diet 1. Lunch was once again my brussel sprout curry... too much rice these days. Dinner was courtesy of my SIL, salmon with pierogies and 3-bean salad. Snacks were Greek yogurt in the morning and grapes in the afternoon. (3/4) 2. Ugh, all carbs lunch again, but dinner was just right. (1/2) Score: (4/6) Cat Fitness Argh forgot my stretches again. Score: (0/1) Cat Life Didn’t do any crochet, husband and I were both exhausted and knocked out early. Score: (0/1) Total score - 50%
  2. LOL are they expecting you to kick them out like fourth graders?
  3. You're doing great! Hope your TOM problems are getting better.
  4. This is so truuuuuuue. After I noticed it, I resolved that if I ever found a managerial job that sounded good, I'd apply even though I've never been a manager before.
  5. I once read somewhere that "certainty comes from choosing". I'm always a little freaked out when I have TOO MANY OPTIONS and have to make a choice, because I'm a perfectionist and I have the make The Best Decision always. But once I've chosen, I've chosen, I can now move forward and focus on one path instead of splitting my mind between hundreds of options.
  6. Hooray!!
  7. Wow me too. I've always been a good teacher/trainer, people say I'm patient and detailed and a clear communicator. Problem is that talking to strange people + being in a leader-type position = draining af. I'm an introvert that needs a serious recharge from dealing with people, so much so that I have come to dread when training comes up in my work schedule. Job stuff is hard. I have been working for 10 years and I still think my field is not meant for me, but you gotta make mortgage payments somehow.
  8. Day 6 (March 24) results Cat Diet 1. Lunch was once again my brussel sprout curry, mostly rice but I can’t say no to mom’s spaghetti cooking. Dinner was ancho chili basa fillets, rice with pigeon peas, and garlic butter green beans. Snacks were Greek yogurt in the morning and grapes in the afternoon. (3/4) 2. Lunch was a little too much carbs, but dinner was just right. (1/2) Score: (4/6) Cat Fitness Argh forgot my stretches again. Score: (0/1) Cat Life Didn’t do any crochet, spent the evening watching more Iron Fist with the husband. Score: (0/1) Total score - 50% Not going to do the weekend in detail but some bullet points of note: This McDonalds all-day breakfast thing is the best aka the worst, I think me and my husband have had sausage egg McMuffins every weekend since it started in Canada Saturday evening was spent with the in-laws, so there was a lot of snacking and carbs than I preferred. On the plus side I played a lot of games with my very active nephew, which is a great cardio and ab workout hahaha Sunday I took my BFF out for AYCE sushi for her birthday, ate waaaaay too much whoops. For dinner I made ham fried rice with leftover tabbouleh and garlic sauce. Didn't even touch my crochet, alas. Instead we had to run errands, catch up with our financial tracking, and finished Iron Fist. Week 1 Average – 69% General thoughts: BOOOOOO not as high as I thought I would be. I’m actually doing well with my food habits, it’s the fitness and life stuff that’s dragging me down.
  9. Man this sounds delicious! I didn't even think of using kefir as a marinade/brine but it totally makes sense.
  10. Hormonal birth control is such a crapshoot, my friend. There's a specific brand that changed my effing life (and didn't turn me into The Sad Monster) and I will go back on it the moment I can. I loved it so much I recommended it to my older sister, but after a couple months on it she had her first ever panic attack and stopped immediately. Bodies are so weird.
  11. Welcome! I'm another person who joined NF and abandoned it early on, but now I'm back with renewed vigour and committment!
  12. No problem! I like to call myself a Carb Monster; I grew up on white rice, and Italian pasta has been my favourite kind of food since I was a kid. And now as an adult, noodles of all forms give me life. But I’ve recently decided that there’s no harm in substituting bulk quantities of carbs with more vegetables and fruit. I could never give the stuff up entirely!
  13. Day 5 (March 23) results Cat Diet 1. Lunch was jerk chicken with Greek yogurt and a couple spoonfuls of rice, no veggies (the meal came with coleslaw that had way too much sugar in it). Dinner was falafel and salad... MAN that was good falafel! Snacks were grapes in the afternoon (only one snack because I was out in the morning). (3/4) 2. My jerk chicken came with rice but I only had a little of that. Dinner didn't even come with carbs! (2/2) Score: (5/6) Cat Fitness Actually did my stretches before bed! Not sure if I did them right (probably not) but it was worth it nonetheless. Score: (1/1) Cat Life Didn’t do any crochet because I came home pretty late and didn't have time for it. Score: (0/1) Total score - 75%
  14. I’m not sure what my SIL’s doctor said to her, but mine said that shedding a couple pounds (which I have done) is fine. I think she’s seen some ladies in her practice who are hardcore Paleo and it messes with their ability to conceive, so she was giving a blanket warning. So she probably IS talking about people who get to the point where their ovulation/period is out of whack. I'm good. Yeah I was given the tip that to improve male fertility? Exercise 4x a week.