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  1. Thanks everyone. I really just want to stay at home and wait for it to happen there, but work is so hectic and they need me here, so I'm running around doing my thing while also swimming in a constant state of fear that I am going to unexpectedly bleed and faint 2 hours away from home.
  2. This is definitely a Real Thing, and if your doctor is dismissive about it, don’t let em get away with it! My sister and I tried the exact same contraceptive pill and while it made me feel free and elated, she turned into a dispirited ball of anxiety. I’ve been on different brands that made me feel the same. Explore your options!
  3. I will definitely still be around! I need cat gifs to live! <3
  4. Challenge Wrap-Up Summary: This challenge ended up being a bit of a shitshow in the end. Big fails all around. Of course, if my life had been “normal” I’m sure I would have completed it with flying colours but NOPE, life is a little wreckt right now. Thursday-Friday I flew out to another province for work, which meant all kinds of coworkers treated me for all my meals. On the positive side, I was doing a lot of walking between the offices and the airport. Saturday was spent outside doing lots of gardening at home, plus a walk in the lake. Sunday was a lazy day, did some intense cleaning but otherwise spent a lot of time with my husband and Netflix. Monday was a holiday, spent the whole day on my feet cleaning and baking and hosting a family BBQ. TMI... Not sure if I'm going to do the next challenge. Don't think I will have the energy or strength to do so. Going to continue to try to eat right and be active, but goals are beyond me right now. For now, follow me in my Daily Logs I guess.
  5. Despite being disappointed by my last challenge performance, overall I've made some great life changes, so I've decided this challenge is going to be more about setting myself up for success and holding on to the habits I've been developing thru the last couple challenges. Quest #1 - Food Avoid eating a giant bowl of carbs as a meal Vegetables or fruit with every meal Healthy snacks (yogurt, nuts) instead of garbage snacks (CHIPS CHIPS CHIPS) Quest #2 - Exercise Do physical activity at least once a week (gardening totally counts) Quest #3 - Writing Work on my novel at least once a week for 1-2 hours. Quest #4 - Money Spending hiatus! Don't purchase anything that isn't a necessity. (Exception: date night with the husband) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I suppose I could start implementing these quests now, but I use Week 0 to indulge in a little frivolity. Hence yesterday's McNuggets & Unicorn Frapp. Has anyone else tried the UF at Starbucks? I thought it was delicious, I might try to replicate a healthier version over the summer.