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  1. Something is Better than Nothing: Tanktimus Doesn't Give Up

    Irony time: at my office the most inappropriate people are the ladies in HR, so much innuendo omg I love it.
  2. Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Back to the path

    OMG if that’s your definition of a “spoiled brat” or “crybaby” tantrum, you need to recalibrate! That was just some usual venting during a tough time. Don’t apologize for having feelings, feelings is what makes you human and alive. Even if that hasn’t been your experience in real life, everyone here at NF is down to hear both the best AND worst you go through. <3
  3. Plazmotic and the Audacity of Change

    Weekend was alright. Friday afternoon I wasn’t feeling too well so I left work a bit early, but by the evening I felt okay. Went out to dinner with husband and kicked the “moar veggies” thing up to 8 by ordering a Lettuce Bun Burger. Basically the burger buns are replaced by two halves of a whole lettuce head LMAO. Saturday I ate alright as well, spend the evening with my in-laws so home cooked food was on the menu. Sunday I had a really fancy brunch with my family that included brie with honey, roasted lamb, fruit tart with edible gold flake, and rosé champagne. Tried to be active on Friday and Saturday by going to the mall, walking compensated a bit for my lack of activity during the week. Hopefully I will be back on the wagon starting today. Saw a friend reference a job posting I might be interested in, need to message him later. Job search first, creative writing later.
  4. [Sylvaa] Reboot

    Cat person on cats: “I love cats, they’re the best!” Cat person on dogs: “Dogs are cool too I guess.” Dog person on dogs: “I love dogs, they’re the best!” Dog person on cats: “GODDAMN CATS ARE THE SPAWN OF SATAN.”
  5. Severine: No, But Seriously This Time

    That's a good one! In the early years of our relationship, I used to refer to my period as “blowjobs and massages week”, LOL.
  6. Plazmotic's Battle Log: CRYOGEN TERMINATED

    Over the weekend I met up with my in-laws on Saturday and then my own family on Sunday. My in-laws asked factual questions when I let them know what happened. SIL was distressed by the news, she’s very empathetic that way. MIL kept waiting on me, telling me to sit and she’d grab whatever I needed. I had to reassure them that health-wise I was doing just fine. They tend to treat me as fragile post-MC, which I am not. My family has clearly learned their lesson from MC number 2 (when I told them off for aggressively trying to problem solve the issue instead of just letting me be) because this time they all just let me be! We were out for brunch and just laughed and joked and chatted about life and pointedly DID NOT talk about my health. It was so good to just be normal for a while, especially as my hormones return to a zero state and I don’t have that crummy first trimester feeling any more.
  7. Severine: No, But Seriously This Time

    LMAO I’ve heard that one before, worded slightly differently and in English, when I was very young. Honestly euphemisms for menstruation fascinate and amuse me: period, in the red tent, on the rag, visiting Aunt Flo, shark week, time of the month, etc.
  8. Plazmotic and the Audacity of Change

    This sounds eminently reasonable to me! I am suuuuper on the fence as to whether to do IVF or not.
  9. Plazmotic and the Audacity of Change

    Ooof, missed a few days there while my body did its sad, sad thing. But I’m back now. Diet: ate very poorly Tuesday and Wednesday because I was home alone and barely had the energy to climb out of bed much less feed myself. But thankfully on Thursday I felt so much better, had my homemade taco pizza for lunch. For dinner I was supposed to bake a new recipe (meatball pie) but oh my god fresh pizza dough is the devil and I COULD NOT get it to work… had to throw out the dough and make meatball casserole instead. Exercise: needless to say, have not been active lately. Yesterday even walking/standing made me dizzy. One day, I will have actual strength and stamina. Life: Gragh, still haven’t worked on my job hunt, and it’s been a while since I did any creative writing. Honestly if I totally fail this challenge, I ain’t even mad. I’ve been going through all this bullshit, a little bit of failure is expected.
  10. Plazmotic's Battle Log: CRYOGEN TERMINATED

    Back again, was AWOL for a few days to deal with my latest MC. Feeling much better now physically. Started telling a few people like my parents and friends. One of my BFFs sent me a lovely card in the mail which I really appreciated. Texting my parents yesterday was fine but I know when they call me tonight I will be upset by their desire to problem solve and get me back on the TTC train. One of my friends at work gave me the most RIDICULOUS advice regarding priests and ghosts and I just can’t even. You know how when you don’t have luck in relationships, the sight of happy couples or cute love songs on the radio fill you with seething anger and jealousy? Didn’t know it was possible to feel that way about children and families BUT IT IS.
  11. Plazmotic and the Audacity of Change

    That's okay, I like hearing people's experiences especially when it's not the "expected" outcome.
  12. Severine: No, But Seriously This Time

    Hooray for a written contract and dream job! This is so exciting!
  13. Plazmotic and the Audacity of Change

    Monday summary: Ate pretty well, but feeling pain and cramping from the MC meant I wasn't moving that much. I went to SILs house because its our exercise day but told her I wanted to take it easy instead. Besides, I'd been feeling absolutely wretched all day about my body's inability to make babies, so I knew that the cure for such feelings was to go cuddle my nephew for a bit. It totally boosted my mood, nephew was eager to show me his toys and puzzles and curled up in my lap to watch Wheel of Fortune together.
  14. Plazmotic's Battle Log: CRYOGEN TERMINATED

    I was just thinking about this, I'm definitely in touch with my old co-workers, might be time to message them to keep their eyes open for me.
  15. Plazmotic and the Audacity of Change

    Hi, NFers. I’ve decided to come back but I’m not sure how involved I will be as of yet. I have some goals in mind but I’m trying to take it slow. The last few months of 2017 were so busy I was up to my eyeballs in stress. Things have calmed down a little, so here I am! Diet: go back to an eating window of 10am to 8pm; I was pretty good with this while I was away so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Sooooo it's confirmed I'm pregnant, which explains suddenly being ravenous all the time, therefore I'm going to attempt to improve my fruit/vegetable intake for this challenge. Exercise: walking 1x a week + OCR place 1x a week; I basically gave up on the OCR place in October after I felt really dizzy and unwell after my workouts two weeks in a row. Life: Need to update my resume and start applying for a new job closer to home; I can finally do this now that I’ve found out I passed my licensing exam and am certified! I’ve had to very faint positive pregnancy test results in the past couple days, so I’m going on for bloodwork to confirm and to make sure I get help and monitoring because as history shows my body sucks at this. So that’s where I am right now. Will probably spend most of this challenge adjusting to the idea of job searching and actually having a baby.