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  1. The Bard's Guild

    I guess I'll start?! -------------------------------- When they took my blindfold off, I was shocked. We had to have been less than two minutes away from my house, but the sight before me was wholly unfamiliar. The purple flowers were a strange addition; I had never seen them once during my wanderings across the marshes and bogs. But even stranger were the old train tracks, knocked askew and buried under leaves and dirt, a near impossibility given how remote and rural the surrounding area was. Trains didn’t run here, not on the island. I turned away from the view and looked back and forth at the women holding either of my hand. Dark haired Oak on one side, tall and strong with determination in her eyes. Light haired Ash on the other, willowy and delicate with a grin on her face. Weird names. Although I didn’t think that at the time; things that feel strange when you’re grown are a matter-of-fact when you’re only eleven years old.
  2. Severine's Ranger Debut

    October 17th. It's crazy how quickly it's approaching though, it'll be here in no time!
  3. The Bard's Guild

    Both are science fiction novels. The premise of Seveneves is: what if the moon exploded and we fled to space stations while the earth was destroyed? The premise of Lilith's Brood is: what if civilization collapsed but aliens came to save us albeit under a condition that would change the face of humanity? I've simplified both a lot but that's basically how they go!
  4. The Bard's Guild

    Hi everyone! I’m on hiatus from writing until mid October but I still want to be a part of the conversation. Been writing fanfic for ages now but I’ve been attempting to write a novel for the last 7 years or so. Didn’t quite get my act together until last year though. My preferred method of writing is on my laptop, away from home either at the library or a local coffee shop I enjoy. It’s hard to pick my favourite story but right now it’s a tie between Seveneves by Neal Stephenson and Lilith’s Brood by Octavia Butler.
  5. Severine's Ranger Debut

    This is so true as well. I think the reason I'm having such a tough time lately is because I'm showing up at a job I don't care for, then instead of going home to do creative things I love... I'm studying material for a career I'm not passionate about. I have no release valve, so to speak.
  6. Severine's Ranger Debut

    Well gosh, I must have needed to hear this because I just burst into tears. Kindness and compassion tend to do that to me, LOL. Maybe I need to read less of those "live your passion" blogs, because I end up feeling like I'm somehow fucking my life up but not pursuing my dreams and embracing risk and failure and uncertainty yadda yadda. That is indeed fortunate for you! Not only could I not take the financial hit, but most of my family is suuuuper invested in me excelling in my current career instead of *gasp* starting over at such a "late stage" in life.
  7. Severine's Ranger Debut

    Oh man, I wish I was in this place. My brain would say something like “everything on your list for today is a result of your choices… and your choices are bad and you should feel bad”
  8. Plazmotic's Battle Log: CRYOGEN TERMINATED

    It's before, sigh. And I worry that they're going to want to immediately start doing cycle tracky stuff that will require me to visit the clinic at 9am 2-3 times a week. Indeed it will! Overall having this certification means I get more bargaining power during job searches. Thanks so much for the links, I’ve been link hopping and found some awesome blogs that relate to exactly what I’m going through.
  9. Wobbegong Builds a Nest

    My husband is practically salivating over this re-release. He's the biggest FF7 fan I know. Fun fact: I love the Final Fantasy games buuuuuuut FF6 and FF7 did absolutely nothing for me, which gets me a lot of flack from most FF fans. I only got into FF once FFX came out… FF12 and FF13 are also my jam. Good graphics or go home!
  10. Plazmotic's Battle Log: CRYOGEN TERMINATED

    Thanks so much for your kind words Sev. I was telling my husband over the weekend that what I really need is another lady-friend who is going through the same thing as me and will say “let’s hang out and be angry together!” I’m hoping there’s a somewhat happy ending in the future for me, but as a habit I tend to prepare for the worst case scenario. It’s just the situation of not knowing that causes stress for me. Answers will make me feel better, so I’m looking forward to finally going through a fertility clinic in October. Last couple days have been alright. Saturday I met up with a friend to go shopping; bought new pants for work from Old Navy and they are basically warm stretchy leggings and I love them. Been trying to study but I have other obligations as well like cooking and cleaning and managing my finances. Work is still giving me the sads though. I haven’t felt the same about this place since they fired a whole bunch of people in April/May, including my old boss. I don’t feel empowered or appreciated anymore, my old boss was great at that. He was awesome in general and he got fired by his own very awesome boss, who I really liked but do not trust anymore.
  11. Severine's Ranger Debut

    I agree with Tanktimus here; it is a classic emotional manipulation move to say: "you're upset with me? well I'm upset with YOU for being upset with me! now give me comfort..."
  12. Tau Ceti 2016-X is a barren and soulless planet, but beneath its cold and alien surface I can see great potential. Right now all I have is my wits to survive, looks like I’ll have to implement a conditioning program in order to fight the many perils that await. I’ve already integrated most of the regiment recommended by Mission Control: no soda pop, no takeout food, daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. Still, there’s room for improvement. I need to develop an activity routine quickly to combat the gravitational decrease, focusing on muscle growth and strength training. Now that I’m awake, my co-pilot Lieutenant Jenkins is around to distract me with complex statistical analysis, long briefings from Command, and the unhealthiest rations we were left with. Seriously, breakfast sausage? Ew. We’ve also had to ingratiate ourselves to the local population by participating in their holy feasts. Needless to say, I’ve got a long way to go before I’m in good enough condition to climb Arjuna Mons in 4 revs. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!