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  1. Hi jcmgm! Hope your week has been going well and you've been on top of your challenge! Your veggie performance is great!
  2. July 20th Results Did alright yesterday. Had to work a bit late because of some malfunctions at the warehouse, so my last bit of food was at 9:30pm instead of 8pm. Tried to eat healthy, but did munch on some veggie chips. Packed bags because I’ll be driving to my parents’ house and staying over tonight. You know what really grinds my gears/trips me up? Whenever I read a recipe that gives the amount of prep time required, I have to assume the recipe is a Lying Liar That Lies. Point in fact: last night. Total time on the recipe: 1 hour and 10 minutes, specifically 1 hour of cooking + 10 minutes of prep. MFing LIARS. To dice a pound (8 pieces) of fresh chicken thighs, two large sweet peppers, and an onion… HOW exactly would one do that in 10 minutes?? It took me 35 minutes!! Graaaaagh.
  3. A had a doctor who did this to me, no clue about my history until he was there sitting with me and I’d have to re-educate him every. single. appointment. I have a new doctor now.
  4. It’s true, and this is why treadmill desks are a thing now.
  5. I think this is a badass plan! I was a skinny kid but as I got older my thighs got bigger and bigger. I remember the first time my brother said I had “horse legs” and I was like “yep!” Him: “You’re not insulted?” Me: “You said the same thing about Beyonce, so… no.”
  6. July 19th Results Overall it was a not bad day. Home cooked food for lunch (leftovers) plus snacks of fruit and yogurt. Dinner was homemade veggie frittata. Ate all food within the required time window. Went for another nice long walk with my SIL, worked up a good sweat in the humidity. Going to try to tackle a few key tasks today. I’ve got some financial stuff to review, dinner to cook, songs to download, and hopefully will have a chance to print out some wedding photos for myself and my MIL. Maybe I will do the photos and songs stuff first so that it feels like I’m doing something “fun” and not “work”, which will stop me from spending too much time on my phone.
  7. July 18th Results Yesterday was meh. Was feeling some pain and discomfort due to TOM but some Motrin took care of that mostly. Kept up with eating only between 10am and 8:30pm. Snacks were yogurt and apple and banana, but also some pastries at work, woe. Lunch was a healthy beef & barley soup. For dinner I ended up making something called One Pan Cheeseburger Casserole or whatnot. It’s basically ground beef with rotini, roasted tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, and stock. I used a cup less of water than the recipe asked for but it was still very watery. Probably because the recipe called for 1 pound of pasta and I don’t have a kitchen scale; converting pasta weight to volume can only ballpark the amount I need. Still, it tasted good! Leftovers for both me and husband today! Also, finally posted part 1 of my fanfic yesterday. Even if I never post another chapter of it, I am okay with that. I did what I intended to do! Next up on the project list: create a family photo collage for a giant 15 x 11 frame I got as a bridal shower gift.
  8. LOL it me. I just came up with the most mind-blowing backstory/sequel and my brain won't let go. I love ambitious saga fanfic
  9. Ugh my husband is like this. Takes a 10 minute nap and wakes up feeling refreshed! Meanwhile, it takes me 20 minutes to fall asleep if I want to nap, then once I do 1.5 hours go by before I wake up and I feel feverish and groggy for the rest of the day.
  10. Hmm, I don’t have gochujang but I do have sambal oelek. Not the same flavour profile but similar concept, should be okay to substitute.
  11. I feel you on this. I am quite cheerful and talkative once someone shows me they’re interested in friendship, but I am hard to approach because my default setting is “distrustful of strangers” and “loathes eye contact”. I agree that if you’re going to do a class, find one that forces interaction and teamwork as opposed to solo activity.
  12. old fart

    The vodka pie crust recipe was enough to blow my mind but this? Whoaaaaa...
  13. newbie

    Great results for week 1! Hope week 2 is going well. Giving up pop is one of the best things one can do, I think. I used to drink a can a day. Now it’s an occasional treat (usually when I’m drinking alcohol and need a mixer) and having too much makes me nauseous.
  14. July 17th Results (Aside: I am mildly alarmed that it’s already the latter end of July. SLOW DOWN, SUMMER!) Was relatively good about keeping my eating window as short as possible, didn’t eat til 10am and stopped at 8:30pm. Snacks and meals were mostly healthy, but I did munch on some sausage pastries as work. Went for an excellent run in the afternoon; it was humid as hell so me and SIL sweated a bunch. Working on some fanfic writing, starting to put a bunch of discrete scenes into something that makes sense, like a “chapter #1”. My brain/mind is ambitious but I don’t know how far I’ll be able to take this, realistically. Time is in short supply. Tonight, I cook dinner! Probably a "dump & bake" chicken fajita quinoa casserole.