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  1. Thankfully, my friends and family are so excited for me, that they are planning on helping me spackle and paint everything, as the sellers' have a color/design scheme I affectionately refer to as "East Asian Brothel," complete with handprinted leopard print guest room and a metallic silver bedroom. I'm planning on a subtly nerdy, geek chic makeover on my Babe Lair including a shred shed space in the garage. I'll be supplying the healthy food incentive in exchange for laughter and paint-fume infused ribaldry. My boss at work, recommended Alkaselter Plus Cold & Flu, and I've been able to ki
  2. Just when I got all excited to dive in head long, I get saddled with a nasty cold. I'm hoping to shake it off by the weekend. I'm hoping the stress from buying my first house isn't going to be the death of me.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome, barbellotaku. Hopefully, I'll be able to stick with it.
  4. Hey there, Y'all! My name is Karen and for the first time in ages, I am hunkering down and getting back on track with my fitness and wellbeing goals. I've been slinking around the site, trying to figure out if this is the right community for me to achieve my overall fitness goals. Since 2009, running was my primary avenue of working out, but in recent years, I've been leaning toward yoga, pilates, and strength training. Healthy Mindset: Struggling with my fluctuating weight, especially with the upcoming holidays, I want to work on building the will power up, but also remind myself that I sh
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