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  1. Hey y'all. It's been ... a while ... since I've been here. Like a year or something? I don't actually know. But I need to get back to fitness, cause it's also been a while since I worked out properly! Here's a quick run down of the last year-ish for context: Sept '18 - went to the doctor about a foot injury that wasn't fixing itself that started during my rugby season the year before and got told no running and no high heels and no pointy toe shoes and start physio (it's an itis in the joint of my big toe, I forget what kind but not arthritis or tendonitis or bursitis. Basically my foot hurts (sometimes more than others) and my toe doesn't move as far as the same one on my other foot) Oct '18 - moved to a new apartment (I have a balcony and a washer/dryer and air conditioning that actually cools the whole apartment, it's amazing! I can also walk to work now instead of cramming into the subway which has made commuting so much more enjoyable!) At this point I stopped working out - the gym location I used to go to was right around the corner from my old apartment so super convenient. It's still pretty convenient for me to go, since I can go by where I work, but for some reason these changes to my routine were enough that I just stopped going. I have been doing yoga regularly since I go right after work (it's actually at work) and I go with coworkers so I have no excuse not to show up Nov '19 - finally got sorted out to start physio (my doctor went on vacation and no one could find my prescription that I needed to get it put through insurance) Jan '19 - got cleared to start running again (walk/jog workouts) and started couch to 5k - had to ease off a bit a couple times due to my foot being unhappy though. Also started doing Weight Watchers with my parents to see how that would go Feb '19 - got a cat! She's super cuddly and is the best Apr '19 - rugby practices started May '19 - rugby season! (also took a trip to Prague, it was amazing, I didn't want to leave) The rugby season was May-July. I would have liked to play a bit less than I did since some days it made my foot hurt, which is non-ideal, but people are flaky and say they're going to play and then don't show up and suddenly I'm the only player who can play my position (hooker) even though we were supposed to have like 5 front rows at the game... Aug '19 - swam laps a few times, it's been years since I've done that, and it was so hard! I want to incorporate swimming into my workouts now - in the summer I can use the pool at my apartment or there's a free aquatic centre a 10-15 minute walk away that I can go to as well. Although it's gotten ideas of triathalons into my head and I don't know how I could possibly find the time to train for one of those on top of everything else I've got going on Goals! They're a thing, I guess I should have some? Sleep - a classic. I want to be in bed by 11pm every night Gym - go to the gym. Lift some things. Don't do what I did that one time I went in the spring and thought I was taking it easy and basically crippled myself for a week+. Maybe go twice a week depending how sore I am? Running - start C25k again, somewhere in the middle. Build back up to running properly Physio - do my physio stretching/exercises every other day