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  1. Ha! Nice :-P I've been solidly working up on deadlifts, with my working lift currently at 1.65 times my body weight, which feels like where my returns are starting to slow down. I haven't every really done overhead squats, since I do back squats and don't get bored much at all - I just try to optimize what I'm doing for my body to break through walls and improve in new ways while maintaining gains. Or are you saying try doing overhead squats just to get the feel for having that mechanical motion being done by my body? I had to do something similar when learning clean&jerk. I'm also wan
  2. Hey everyone I've been getting into adding the Olympic lifts into my workout routine, but so far I've only been doing clean and jerk. I'm a little intimidated by the snatch and I'm wondering if anyone has more experience on these lifts and if adding the snatch is important when already doing clean and jerk, and if so, what to look out for. I've already spotted some of the things to watch for on clean and jerk, so I'm pretty good on that.
  3. I am an endurance athlete that likes to have good strength reserves as well, and so I researched this a few months ago myself. I found a few sites like this, which gave me an initial starting point that I started working from http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/wiggy1.htm The general idea I go with is to lift heavy with low reps, but to have short rest periods (I generally go with 30s, but some people even do 15s). If you do heavy lifting (for you) with 4-5 reps and 5 sets with 30 seconds of rest, you end up having cardio happen just from running out of breath. You also get to go through it qui
  4. Depending on what your goals and activities are, lifting well can help you with cardio too. I lift but also bike and run, so I end up having a mix of all three most of the time. Over the last few months getting back into lifting I found that my run times have gotten quite a bit better. This isn't as relevant for cardio classes, but it's something to keep in mind.
  5. I think looking at any of the information that we could use to help all of us make better decisions, including macronutrient ratios, isn't silly. We should look at everything when trying to make information based decisions. If we discovered that drinking water heated to precisely 90F every morning greatly improved our health and body composition, well, I suppose I'd get a thermometer for the kitchen. At the store I've looked at the back of several different containers of low fat pb to see that they do have added sugar compared to normal fat counterparts. I also have a certain amount of tru
  6. Lifestyle certainly is likely to have an impact, but the story expresses the issues that come up with the decrease in taste quality in foods as fat was removed being replaced by increasing the amount of sugars and processed carbohydrates. I think recognizing that piece of information is relevant for having an essential puzzle piece for the overall picture. Adequate activity levels is necessary for health, but understanding our nutrition and the effect on our bodies informs what is the smartest way to achieve appropriate body composition in an overall way. I don't think we can assume that mos
  7. This was an interesting NPR story on science friday that looked at what the effects of added sugar to the body are. If you have time to listen to it it's interesting. One other point that's good to put out there though is that since 1970 Americans have decreased our percentage of calories from fat from an average of 40% to 30%, and yet we are fatter for it. He hints at some of the metabolic research for why that would be while talking about it. http://www.sciencefriday.com/program/archives/201202172
  8. Resident of the DC metro area here - anyone else interested in trying for a meetup?
  9. It drives me nuts when someone pulls up on my wheel and just sits there for miles - doing it for a while I'm fine with, and you can do it for longer as long as you yank ahead of me and take a pull yourself. Verbal communication's not important as long as that basic procedure's followed. If they hang on for a while and are just hanging on my wheel I'll do sprints just to get rid of them. This time of year also has a lot of bikers with their lights on the paved trail pointing directly at people's faces - really wish there was a universally understood rule on that. My commutes or training ride
  10. Great response lonefrontranger - I'll be telling that Jesus anectdote
  11. From my understanding and experience, doing heavier lifts with lower (4-5) reps will improve your cruising speed. It also should probably improve your sprint, but I haven't measured that. That's been the case for me and my fiance. We also do lunges, squats, and deadlifts on separate days - I believe that while squats are more quads, deadlift is more hamstrings, and lunges can work both, depending on your particular form.
  12. Thanks - they feel heavy for me at 172 pounds and 5'8". Still on the mend from a few injuries from last year, but everything seems pretty resilient now. I now respect the weight and if I feel a little anxious about it I don't overpush - that's how I got set back a few months back before thanksgiving.
  13. Hm, is working weight of 280 on deadlift 225 on squats, and 185 on bench considered light? That's not meant to be smartaleky, I really don't know. I don't really lift with others so I don't have perspective on what folks would consider heavy. I'm pretty out of breath on them by the end but I like the feeling of having some more endurance with the muscle.
  14. I'm a year round commuter, and after a few years ago discovering that my commuting had apparently made me pretty good at biking, I've expanded my cycling life quite a bit. Now, with 4 bikes in my ownership, and 3700 miles under my belt for the past year, including my first century ride, I'd been feeling pretty good, like I was hot shit or something. But then I continue to commute on the trails near my apartment during the winter, and discover what humility is. Being on a light bike and getting passed by gentlemen on steel bikes with panniers, and who are also old enough to be my father, is
  15. I've found that limiting my rest times to 30s help me get through everything quicker. I increase my muscular endurance, strength, and cardio capacity. I get through my 3 lifts at 5x5 and have time for core work and stretching afterward - altogether I end up done under an hour, including my 5 minute walk to the gym. I've been able to consistently and slowly increase my weights this way - although I did learn by pushing too fast a few months ago that when I go up in weight at the high end that I decrease my reps and do more like 4x5 for my increased weight sets, and then increase reps the nex
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