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  1. I feel this! I have a lowkey bad knee (fell down a flight of stairs or two in my day) but climbing with other people is fun and the (albeit small sample size of) folks that I've met through here have been lovely and supportive. CLIMBING!!!!
  2. I'm SO INTO going to joe rockheads!!!! Would also be down to do Pursuit again, that was a fricken blast. On another note, welcome to the club Benners!
  3. oh whoa that makes so much sense!!! GOTTA TRY IT
  4. So for clarification, is this happening today or tomorrow?
  5. Point Five Athletics on Facebook has lots of good stuff, the group is mostly trans men but there are some ladies in it too!
  6. hey kids!! i've been writing down what i eat pretty consistently, eating multiple veggies every day (!!!!) and working out most days. successful! at this point i would give myself a B+ school's killing me but i'm on reading week right now and that might help get me back on track
  7. I believe my classes end the week of April 4th! Does the end of that week sound acceptable to y'all? The 8-11 range of dates?
  8. Excellent! Are there any Fridays that work for y'all? Or weekends? (I'm a student who's tied up Monday to Thursday most weeks!) That said, my reading week is coming up and I'll be open from the 11th to the 20th!
  9. Would anyone want to maybe try Pursuit OCR? Indoor obstacle course that I am too afraid to try alone!
  10. hey kids i'm changin' guilds! assassins seem to have what im looking for in a body - functional strength is a goal and i wanna CLIMB STUFF for right now i'm pretty overweight and not eating amazingly but as my last challenge was a real heckup i'm gonna try and go WAY SMALLER diet: write everything down. accountability for better decisions. eat at least 2 vegetables every day exercise: beginner bodyweight workout every other day, starting today. accountability: take a photo every day and watch the magic happen life: survive school this semester without Literally Dying get on name c
  11. Depression is kicking my ass. 2016 has been really, really hard so far - a hard couple of months for eating poorly, smoking a lot, drowning in assignments, and being exhausted and sedentary. My daily activity is limited to around an hour of walking, and infrequent sets of ten push ups. Sometimes 12, if I'm feeling ambitious. My joints crack like Pinocchio going for a desert hike. I'm too young to be this tired. I turn 23 on Wednesday, and Thursday marks the beginning of 30 Days No Excuses. My self image and health can't take much more of this Jabba lifestyle. Wish me luck, kids. #makeyour
  12. Dang it, I missed it!! I'm eagerly awaiting the next one!
  13. alright kids, the challenge has not been going as well as anticipated. next challenge the goals will be much smaller, as i'm aiming for lifestyle change (where appearance is a consequence of fitness) instead of major changes quickly. it's been a tough week. the cat had diarrhea, so i spent two days cleaning up cat poop before dropping $170 on a vet consult, special gastrointestinal health food, and meds. it was a pizza for breakfast, burger for lunch, roll of lifesavers for dinner. i've also been smoking a ton. on a higher note, i can do ten pushups!!! and some folks from my program at s
  14. So, yesterday was a really tough day for having a body, but in the name of accountability I'm sharing; S I walked to the pet store and back, back with cat food. Mediocre workout. N I had a yogurt cup with almonds and dried cranberries for breakfast, a tuna sandwich, two cups of black tea, and five Turtles. Bad body day. A I went grocery shopping with my mom and checked out the adult playground gym (which I've decided I'm not going to sign up for except maybe on a single time basis). I'm so not ready to work out in that kind of packet, hyper-athletic environment. One day, though!! C
  15. I DID 10 MOSTLY NOT MODIFIED PUSHUPS!!!!!!! I did the Beginner Bodyweight workout and I'm bushed but I made it through the pushups part without doing inclines or knee pushups or anything!!!
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