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  1. Spent the last three days resting. Why you may ask? I set a new record for reps in squat. I got up to 5 in them on my max weight. Which is amazing, though I did not give myself any rest and did cardio the next day. I have spent the last three days "walking" around as if my legs would give out from under me at any given time. The pumps are a great feeling, the not being able to walk not so much. Tomorrow is my day with the trainer. I am going to test out my new max weights for both shoulder press and incline bench press, get some feedback on my form, make sure that I am lifting properly and to
  2. Greetings. Today was cardio and even though I am not 100%, I still got in my time. I am excited to see how this month progresses. Next check in day is March 6th. 30 days after my last challenge. Which I have blown out of the water. Happy lifting everyone, now go move some iron.
  3. I have a week of vacation coming up next week, who wants to meet up? Take some nerd fitness Photos, have some fun times, talk all things Nerdy etc.
  4. I second the PvP, having someone to help you stay accountable and motivate you will hope you along the path. Good luck
  5. Greetings everyone Happy Valentines Survival day. I actually have a lot to talk about today. So here goes I started riding this week, which means I need more concentration at the gym to split time out of the gym. I have been reading about people doing a 5 X 5 workout, and for the first time in years, a lifting workout kicked my ass. I will even admit that I did not get to a 5th set of Squats. So here goes. Shoulder Press 5 sets x 5+reps where possible 50 lbs X 8, 50 X 5 50 X 5 50 X 5 50 X 5 Incline bench press (my fav bench press) 60 X 10 60 X 8 70 X 6 70 X 5 60 X 6 Pull ups all of which we
  6. Random awesomeness: having a workout partner who is just as determined as you rocks. I off handedly made a comment about sure I can go to the gym after 8 hours of work where I stand all day and run around most of it. I did, and I made it through another cardio session. Not my favorite, but I need it to help trim up the waist. Thanks for the quick read, now go get some sleep.
  7. Workout today was very off. I am going to tell you that I did nothing right this morning. Things that I did wrong include 1) not eating before working out. I had a banana all morning. 2) no quick carbs or pre-workout nutrition, again all I had was a banana 3) No warm up/stretching, 4) Not going back and finishing. My partner had a nerve issue and after hanging out for a 1/2 hour, I felt for her and took her to get some ice and rest. Mean while, I have not issues other than a lack of sleep, so if you see a random hutgjkie that is the impact of my head on the keyboard. Lesson learned, I will
  8. I can help with most veggie/vegan meal planning. I have built diets for friends and I am well researched on that topic. Learning more about Paleo, but there is a lot of overlap between the two worlds save meat of course. Good luck to you. If you have any ?s feel free to ask the board or PM.
  9. On the run I grab most of my fruits and veggies. An apple or a bell pepper is a quick grab, carrots or celery. It is up to you, I always keep a couple apples around. Otherwise all the other info posted is really good, I just finished bulk cooking foods.
  10. Good luck with the early workouts, I know that I love them and actually switched to second shift so that I could work out in the mornings. I have too many excuses at night, and none in the mornings. Keep up the good cardio and lifting
  11. Woot one week of accountability. Small success for me. I was having the hardest time getting myself to the gym, thankfully my training partner came through and motivated me to be here. It is good to have that. Warmup Leg extension 70 x 15 x 3 to get blood to the legs. Goblet Squat 105 x 6 (I could do more reps but started losing my grip as I was pulling off of 5 plates not a bench. None were free). 105 x 5 105 x 6 105 x 5 Odd numbers but effective. I can do glute to heel on these so I go for full range of motion when I go down. Sumo dead lift 135 x 10 185 x 4 - my rib started to hurt w
  12. Back on schedule Today is arm day, and while there is always a special place in hell for arm and ab exercises, they need to be done too. In my experience with myself if I attach these to another workout, I will forgo them to keep working out the main component. Even doing them first does not seem to help. So they get their own day. (except calves, I love to train those and I am super proud of them on me). Skull Crushers 40 x 15 warm up 80 x 10 80 x 10 80 x 10 Wide grip bicep curl 40 x 15 warm up 60 x 10 60 x 10 60 x 10 (I am stronger than I thought, I went for the 50 and someone grabbed it,
  13. Thanks ETFnerd for the feedback, while anabolism is cool and I like growth, I am not on a schedule/diet to grow. I workout doing every part once a week mostly because so I do not hurt myself. I have found if I train 2x/part a week I tend to end out out for a week or two. While I have done that in the past, I have injured myself. The best I have come across is a 2x a split that works out each group 2x a week with two workouts a day. I am looking to change things up in the summer when I have more opportunity to be outside. Todays workout. I am looking to get back on schedule tomorrow. Seated P
  14. Today's workout was pretty haphazard, my workout partner and I have opposite injuries. I can bend she cannot. She can put weight on her frame, I cannot. So we did shoulders. Today's was shoulder press starter weight at 40lbs, 70lbs, 70lbs, 60lbs, 60lbs. Shoulder T-Cross (front raise, front to side, side to front, lower to hip) T cross can be super tough, we did a warm up, then a 1 hold (each emphasis transition point), Then a 2 out (hold extended at sides for double the amount you hold in front of you), finally a sholder rotation before the last lower add in. (I did 15lbs) Upright row, using
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