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  1. My gym shoes always end up stanky, even though I don't have fungus or anything. I made up some sachets out of muslin that are filled with baking soda and dried herbs to stuff in them. I picked up some of those 2gal zipper bags for my workout clothes. I throw them in the bag, zip it most of the way, then roll it up tight to get the air out and zip the last bit. This works for me because I have a W/D at home. When I had to use a laundromat, I had several sets of workout clothes. To keep my bag from getting funky, I had another sachet just tossed in there, and I've used those cedar chip thing
  2. I do have a yard, but it's winter in Wisconsin. I've been looking into yoga, there's a yoga+bar about an hour and half away that I want to try, since they have TRX and pilates sometimes. I already know I love pilates.
  3. I know how depression can make you just not want to do anything, even when it's something you need or normally feel enjoyment doing. You did great today!
  4. THIS. SO much this. I HATE it. I hate it with every cell of my being. I might like it.. or at least tolerate it better... if I could see some change. Endurance, weight, inches lost, something. Unfortunately, I need to be able to run 1.5mi It is not expressly stated, but it is known that at my age (38) I need to have it done within 16min. This is the physical test I have to be able to pass by this time next year or I will lose my job: I am an old hand at 'rucking'. Part of my goal set is to do the Appalachian (or some other continental) trail hike. I was in the Army some 20 years
  5. Soooooo I used the rower today, only 10 min. I'm glad no one was there to see me. I watched the video, started with my arms, moved to body, added legs just as the video showed. I think I looked like a clown, because I sure felt like one. There is only the weight room, and the main machine room.
  6. Thank you! I honestly have no idea how to use one of those appropriately or effectively. The Snap here does not really offer anyone that can show people how to really use the machines. It's one of those 'no handler on duty' type places that you swipe a card to get into and has security cameras. The one here has treadmills, ellipticals, a cybex, a few weight machines, I think I saw a rowing machine. It has a free weight room that is quite intimidating, with the standard bars and disks and dumbells, some kettles, balance balls, and what I think of as 'lady weights'- those bright coloured
  7. So I've been lurking here like a lurking lurker. Thought it was about time. Background: Medical & health research by way of bio anthropology, chem, & emergency medicine. I have long since given up on trying to measure my health & fitness by my weight. My standards have become: endurance, in/cm, definition, clothing fit, general feeling of physical wellness. BMI is absolute bullshit for individuals. I am well aware that only a very small percent of a percent can lose- and keep- weight off. 'Health' is subjective. My goals: Clothes that do not bunch or rub the crotch out a week a
  8. Hi there! Any meetups or outliers way up in the northwoods looking for a workout partner? I am near Hayward, but I can get down to Rice Lake or up to Ashland regularly. I'm looking for fitness classes- especially pilates or krav maga! somewhere nearby enough for me to get to regularly.
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