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    Hey all, So this hectic thing I call my life has had me very busy the past few months. The good news? I am now a fully certified EKG Tech! Now I just have to hear back from one of the area hospitals *fingers crossed* I dropped the ball last challenge and I'm ready to pick up where I left off, with some tweaks.I think I'm gonna do this one on a grading scale. 10 cups of water daily - 5/25 points (5 each week) Vegan/Whole Foods 95% of the time. - 0/25 points (5 each week) Each Monday I will give myself the leeway of indulging in whatever food I've been dying for all week. If I still want it by Monday, I can have a reasonable amount, like a serving or whatever. This includes junk chips like doritos (like a 50 cent bag), a candy bar, whatever. I'm going to try my hardest though to abstain from fast food and processed meats. During this time I am going to try juicing at least 1 meal a day (probobly breakfast). Max 4 rockstars/sodas a week - 0/25 points (5 each week) I realize I am highly addicted and will be trying to swap coffee as much as possible. I currently can have as much as a 2-liter of diet coke a day, so four 20 oz sodas a week is a huge improvement. Stay within my calorie -0/25 points (5 each week)