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  1. Wolfy

    Wolfy kicks sugar!

    Thanks! That sugar dragon has no chance! I will look up sun salutations to add to my mornings! Thank you!
  2. Wolfy

    Wolfy kicks sugar!

    Week 1 Day 1 1. 1.5 tsp of sugar today! Super excited by this. Especially since for valentines day I got my favorite black and white cookies (4 mini ones) and found out after the deed was done that they were 40, yes FORTY, grams EACH! I was so upset. So this is a nice win! 2. I drank all the water today! Over 10 cups! 3. I didn't do yoga per say but I did stretching in general which felt lovely and began using the stairs to get to the 5th floor at work instead of the elevator. I call that total progress!
  3. Greetings all! This challenge is going to be extremely difficult for me, but necessary. Hi. My name i Wolfy and I am a sugar addict. I have 3 main priorities this challenge. 1.Keep added sugar below 6 tsp daily. Previously my average daily sugar was between 15 and 20 teaspoons of sugar daily. munching on cookies and cakes and tons of breads and such. After researching alot I've decided to cut my added sugars to 6 teaspoons, as recommended by the World Health Org. I've been tweaking and trying since Feb 1 already and have been averaging 10 teaspoons. Not great, but better than in the past. Now in this challenge I will take what I've learned and reduce it to an average of 6 teaspoons. 2. Drink 100oz water daily. Pretty self explanatory. I plan to drink unsweetened tea, water, seltzer water, black coffee. No more sodas or energy drinks. 3. Create a yoga routine. After neck and back surgery, my doctor said yoga is the best thing I can do for myself. I think I'm going to try Yoga with Adrienne on youtube. I like her videos. Even 10 minutes will be good!
  4. I am a carb addict so my numbers where like 3 times what they have been. Its been hard, but will be worth.
  5. My week so far as been encouraging. I'm watching what I'm eating more and feel like I'm getting a handle on reducing the bad stuff. But just like any bad relationship, you can have a rebound, lol. I made the (wrong) decision to eat 2 pieces of cake that I made for my sons valentines day party. I should have thought it through and said, "no, one is enough." So all I can do is learn from it and NOT do it again. A bright spot is that I DID manage to drink 10 cups of water minimum each day. Super duper happy about that! I am curious to see what my weight has done this week. Weigh in Sunday!
  6. Thank you Sunmage! I'm really excited to make some new friends and get healthy!
  7. Dear carbs and sugar, Its not me, its you. I don't need you anymore. YOU are the weakest link....goodbye! Love and Kisses, Wolfy This challenge I will focus on daily: 10 Cups of Water Under 100g carbs Under 50g sugar I am determined to break the cycle of eating junk food. I can do it!!! WEEK 1 FEB 11-16 MONDAY carbs: 53, sugar 46, drank all the water!! 10 cups + TUESDAY carbs: 89, sugar 27, drank all the water! WEDNESDAY: carbs 100, sugar 50, drank all the water THURSDAY carbs: 140, sugar 76, drank all the water FRIDAY carbs: 87 sugar 21 drank all the water SATURDAY
  8. HI All! So so far so good. I am tracking everything that I'm eating and have been steady with drinking at least 10 cups of water daily. Yesterday I didn't have any sweets, which was a huge change for me. My average carbs this week has been 132g (under the 150 goal!). I had one bad day where I had 193g carbs. Sugar has averaged 44g and besides one bad day of 72g I'm happy with that. My work scrubs seem a smidge looser, so thats a nice thought that I'm making progress. I cannot wait to see what the upcoming weeks bring!
  9. Greetings all! I know I am beyond late for this challenge but I hope that I can still participate and make some friends. Ok so long story short after a VERY bad doctors appointment I am beyond motivated to eat healthy and move my body as much as possible. I apologize in advance cause I know this is some heavy stuff, but I feel like I need to share it somewhere. This Thursday I was diagnosed with Myelomalacia - basically an injury to my spine which has resulted in part of my spinal cord dying. This will spread to my whole body until I am completely paralyzed and maybe even die from respiratory paralysis. Sound fun, huh? So I have 2 little boys aged 3 and 4 and they need there mommy to bandage their scrapes, go on walks with them, play with them and just be their mommy. So, becoming paralyzed is NOT an option. My only course of action is surgery set for some time within the next month. As it is my fingertips have already begun to go numb and its spreading to some fingers. Super duper scary. They good thing is the surgery will halt the deterioration where it stands. In the meantime there are a few things I can do to help slow the process. First is I have to keep moving. This is the literal example of if "you dont use it, you lose it". I love to write, journal, crochet, play piano and guitar. Losing my fingers is not gonna happen. That would be a fate worse than death I think for me. So Dr recommended Tai Chi. No crazy yoga poses that might further my injury. Does anyone know of any good youtube tai chi videos? Next I will also be losing a TON of weight to reduce the stress on my spine and limbs. No shame, I am 5 feet even and currently weight 222 pounds. On the high end I'm supposed to be 100 pounds lighter. So I am working on a major shift in eating. 1. 10 cups of water daily 2. Transition to a paleo diet. Opt for homecooked meals, try to reduce diet coke and rockstar intake. I work graveyard shift at a hospital and LIVE on caffiene. I need to switch to coffee and then eventually cut that back too. After tracking for a few weeks my carb intake was like 200g daily. I am now setting a goal of 150g max daily for the first week and each week I will reduce it. I've been working hard the past week and have actually been averaging 100g or lower, so I'm quite happy with that progress. 3. No sweets - i'm generally horrible when it comes to eating ho-hos, swiss rolls, chips ahoy, any carb loaded sugar loaded decadence. From now on I'll allow maybe 1 treat a week. 4. No sugary drinks - sorry dunkin donuts, but your frozen mocha goodness is a thing of the past. So until the end of the month, these are my objectives. jan1 I will re-evaluate how I have done so far and adjust as needed. I will keep updated here as I progress with my surgery and attempts to get healthy. I will NOT allow this to stop me. I will NOT allow this to take away my ability to hold my children, ruffle their hair and cuddle them. Thank you for taking the time to read my rant and I look forward to hearing from you.
  10. August 13, 2018 73 8 August 14, 2018 100 32 August 15, 2018 185 56 August 16, 2018 284 132 August 17, 2018 97 11 August 18, 2018 81 17 August 19, 2018 91 27 Alright! So 5 out of 7 good days. The average carb was 130g and sugar was 40g this week. Two days I did a poor job of it, with cookies and a mocha coffee as the main culprit. Lesson learned, I suppose. I am noticing a strong correlation though that if my carbs are within the limit, my sugar will also be, and visa versa. I have happily swapped my beer which I love so dearly to a small glass or red wine when the mood hits me. Huge difference there in carbs! This week I worked several extra graveyard (7pm-7am) shifts - great for my wallet, but not so much for my ability to rest and care for myself. In order to stay awake those shifts I did revert back into the bad habit of drinking rockstars (with only 3 hours of sleep though, I make no apology). Tonight I did put my foot down though and overcame the urge to grab another one. Dt Dr Pepper instead and then coffee the rest of the night. I need to start walking in the mornings. Perhaps with my toddler after I drop my older kid off at pre-k. One thing that is a bit frustrating is that despite cleaning up my eating ALOT, I have remained the SAME EXACT weight for 3 weeks. I am stuck and it's getting me frustrated. I thought I'd see even at least a pound a week or something. This week I will try to stay within the macros to the "T" and see if that makes a difference. Wish me luck!
  11. Lol! Me too!! It really helps me see how I do on a regular basis. I'm finding the small changes are manageable to tweak as needed. The chart and logging every single things helps alot.
  12. I'm so excited to be changing my eating habits. This past week I had 2 days that went over the 100g carbs. One of these days was celebrating my sons birthday, so I'm not too worried. Its a vast improvement from where it was! AUGUST CARBS SUGAR <100 <35 August 1, 2018 127 42 August 2, 2018 100 24 August 3, 2018 145 58 August 4, 2018 274 53 August 5, 2018 93 30 August 6, 2018 133 58 August 7, 2018 65 3 August 8, 2018 99 9 August 9, 2018 55 21 August 10, 2018 82 19 August 11, 2018 202 80 August 12, 2018 84 24 August 13, 2018 73 8 So what have I learned from this past week? Regular soda is really bad. So. Much. Sugar! Even things that I thought wouldn't be "too bad" took a massive chunk out of my daily's. I'm glad I'm slowly reducing the numbers. I think if went all out I would give in to stuff and then get angry and give up entirely. This way at least I can have 1 something every day or so that I want. Swapping out my hardcore addictions for lesser evils. Rockstar < dt soda < coffee/tea/water. I had been drinking rockstars 2 a day. Now I have had 3 since the start of the month. I'd say that an improvement. And I don't have a splitting migraine that makes me wish to claw my own eyes out! My basic idea is that if I would normally grab for a rockstar, I need to grab a dt soda instead, if i'd normally grab for a dt soda, I need to pick coffee/tea/water. My parents house (who I visit every day) is always filled with cookies, muffins and sweets. Since the 1st I have been good about only grabbing 1 cookie for the whole day. I had been eating 4 or 6 cookies at a time and going back like 4 times for more. So all in all I've been making sustainable baby steps. Hopefully by the end of August I will be able to manage the goals well and even reduce for the next month.
  13. Greetings all! I have mostly been lurking in the shadows, but I 'm ready to come back from hiatus! So for a long time now I've acknowledged I have a very unhealthy relationship with caffeine, sugar, and carbs (as does a large percentage of Americans) and I have finally collected enough underpants to properly meet the challenge of getting my eating sorted. Chronic migraines, back and knee pain, and just generally feeling tired and sluggish 24/7 have got to stop! In my research I have watched numerous documentaries on health, and researched more on the net. After much debate I feel like carbs (and also sugar) are the #1 enemy for me. I have spent the past few weeks simply logging everything I eat and keeping track of how many grams of carbs I've been eating. And wow! I was averaging 250g of carbs a day. Not good!! I have an addiction to cookies, breads, pasta - basically everything I shouldn't be eating. So this is gonna be a super tough challenge for me. Time to transform my eating habits to feel better and get in shape! In my research I found that "Liberal low carb" is between 50-100g of carbs daily. So my first goal will be to simply eat under 100g of carbs daily. I've been slowly tweaking my diet for about 2 weeks and (despite one very back day, have gotten my average down to 130g, so I'm headed in the right direction!!! AUGUST CARBS SUGAR <100 <35 August 1, 2018 127 42 August 2, 2018 100 24 August 3, 2018 145 58 August 4, 2018 274 53 August 5, 2018 93 30 August 6, 2018 133 58 August 7, 2018 65 3 August 8, 2018 99 9 August 9, 2018 55 21 August 10, 2018 82 19 August 11, 2018 202 80 August 12, 2018 84 24 August 13, 2018 73 8 August 14, 2018 100 32 August 15, 2018 185 56 August 16, 2018 284 132 August 17, 2018 97 11 August 18, 2018 81 17 August 19, 2018 91 27 August 20, 2018 80 14 August 21, 2018 August 22, 2018 August 23, 2018 August 24, 2018 August 25, 2018 August 26, 2018 August 27, 2018 August 28, 2018 August 29, 2018 August 30, 2018 August 31, 2018 Month AVERAGE 123 36 Week 1 148 41 Week 2 103 31 Week 3 130 40 Week 4 Week 5
  14. I'm not going to pick specific times, basically use them like lifelines as needed. I know how badly I need to swap to black coffee. The coffee at work is like sludge, so it makes motivation to drink it hard. I'll have to try some different fun coffees. Thanks!! Yeah, I've tried cold turkey and the migraines it induced where killer. So I'm gonna slowly lessen them. Considering that soda and rockstar combined I usually drink 20 or more a week? 4 is bare minimum. lol.
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