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  1. Thank you for the replies its good to see support here. Unfortunatly my financial situation does not allow me to cut back time at work, and my school work is done with videos (american sign language classes) so even when I understand the work I am still tied down to the time on the video. I can definantly spend 5 minutes before bed doing something on nights I don't close, but other than that my time is at a premium until the end of the semster. I already drink water or milk often and I know I'm sleep deprived but fitting in 8 hours of sleep is the hardest thing.
  2. I'm a college nerd who is also working a part-time (up to 36 hours) job with a thirty minute commute time to and from school. I work in a fast food resturant so while I'm up and moving grabbing orders, takeing orders, cleaning the dining room I'm also in a place where I am constantly surrounded by junk food. I also have problems with my blood pressure, as it tends to not only run low but will dip if I haven't eaten enough sodium during the day. I am not on any type of BC at the moment but my doctor saw no change in blood pressure when I was on it. I noticed that I was in worse shape then I t
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