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  1. Well I am back almost 2 years later XD. I am living in Japan again, and I have had my weight go all the way up to 242 lbs but I have it down to 198 at the moment. From now I will talk in KG and CM as that how I roll now. I have been feeling my solo efforts to lose weight slipping in the past couple of months and, with Christmas round the corner I want to redouble my efforts before I eat my way back up to 100KG >> I see that the new 4 week challenge is in 5 days and I am all about that! But first here is where I am at: as of Dec 12th (my last weigh in, have really b
  2. looks good I'mma gonna follow along :3
  3. Dropping in with a three day in Report 1 Portions Despite the jaffa cake incident(see battle log) the portions have been going pretty well. I've not needed to snack these three days and despite my Shark weeks I've been able to avoid chocolate bars, substituting them with flapjacks (not great but better than a 200 g bar f dairy milk) 2 Do the thing This however has been a failure due to being ill on Monday and then recovering from sudden shark attacks. I'm going to see the doctors tomorrow to try and get this sorted out quickly. 3 Card block Being sick in the house has really helped me
  4. JustJess


    Hi fellow student and January challenger flunkee checking in here. hope you're having a good first week. i'll be following along
  5. Hey guys, long time no blog. My last challenge got left on the back burner last month with life deciding to throw things at me. So I'm starting again and ive got my new thread all set up and im ready to go go go but... Its day two and already my body has decided to betray me. Yesterday I woke up early made scrambled eggs on one slice of brown toast and went to class. I wasn't feeling great but I could survive. I had some tea and water with me. Class dragged and I couldn't concentrate. I decided to go sit in the Language centre, just for a little while, then I'd get on with lesson prep fo
  6. Hi I'm Jess! on my second challenge but its more of a rebooted first one. look forward to seeing people around
  7. Moving on and moving up Case Two I am annoyed at how easily I fell off the wagon seeing as this was my first challenge. I think I underestimated how easy it is to slip into old habits and how quick to blame yourself turns to "Well I've ruined everything now so I may as well eat this whole cake". But my challenges for case two, I hope, have reflected what I have learnt from this one.
  8. So last challenge didn't go too great. I got two choices: One cry and bitch about how I done fluffed it up again Guess which choice I'm going with? Losing weight, changing yourself getting fit. All these things are pretty damn hard and they wont happen overnight. I finally get that now You'd think I'd of figured this out but no, I only thought I had. So this time I'm doing things differently. I'm going to take failing out of the equation. I'm going to go to easy simple challenges that I can commit to even if the world ends tomorrow. 1, So here's the deal. I'm dropping calorie c
  9. Signing up for study hall again this challenge ^^
  10. Semester 2 is upon me. (I thought it was next week but nope it started on Monday Derp!) I've pretty excited for this semester it will be my LAST EVER! My dissertation is going well (i think) I just submitted my call for papers and I hand in my German Essay tomorrow. Even Japanese class was fun today (a rarity) and although I have portfolio tasks looming and a test on Monday I'm feeling pretty ok with study life at this moment. On the subject of Japanese I really need a battle partner to compete with. I love competing it really motivates me to know that someone else out there studying be
  11. The weigh in for week three is pretty abysmal as I foretold. 99.3 KG 53.3 Body fat 5 34% water 32 BMI (but im not sure that is right it could be a seven I weighed myself pretty early this morning and my notes are chicken scratches.) I'm hoping a little of this is pre-shark week weight but I've been terrible all last week. With travelling and working I've been getting food on the go instead of prepping like I KNOW I should. I've been stress baking which of course turns into stress eating. All my motivation to go to the gym has just died a death and I'm really not sure how to start again.
  12. Sorry for falling off the grid without so much as a peep. ive been really busy with travelling and deadlines and working *blergh* Diet flew out the window, challenge goals lay forgotten in the dust and I lost my fitbit bracelet on a train *cries* I am dreading the weigh in tomorrow but i need to pick myself up and jump right back on the horse. I cant decide if I want to shell out for another fitness tracker on not. : / it helped me to get my steps up to 10,000 or more a day and i like "winning" when i beat those goals but I dunno if I can really afford another one especially if they can a
  13. Celebrate with me study hall! I got an interview to be a JET (this means working as an ALT in Japan) My BF also got an interview ^^ I'm so excited and thrilled right now
  14. In the UK you cannot call the police on noise complaints. We are dealing with the local council. The neighbors are pretty not fun and don't care that they are loud. Going away for the weekend though so we will get peace then ^^
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