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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, And yeah on workout days, Im lifting weights and using machines+20-30 min of treadmill walking around 3.5mph on 4incline, and my off days now are going to be probably 30-40 minutes of just the cardio I mentioned. And yeah I agree that diet is the key, I did paleo, lost all my weight, went back to zone, lost nothing, and now im just getting back into ketosis diet(like paleo) and started losing again lol. Oh nice, good to see some guys my frame as well, Im also 6'1" and started at 331, currently at 267, going for 220. Getting super addicted to working out and what no
  2. Hey there, I have a question, I started working out about a month ago, doing M, W, F as my routine. On my workout days I also do around 30 min of cardio, then my full body workout. Is it counter productive to be working out 5 days a week? I was thinking it would be, and was just going to do this kind of routine starting with Monday: 1.Workout + Cardio 2. Cardio 3. Workout + Cardio 4. Cardio, 5. Workout + Cardio. Im working out for weight loss, aiming to get to around 220lb, around 268 at the moment. Working out to maintain my muscle as I lose, so is it a bad idea to weight lift 5 days
  3. Thank you very much for the reply. I agree, going back to paleo seems like the best bet in this situation, seemed to work for me, so it should again hopefully. With a relaxed view on calories hey, what do you exactly mean when you say that? Thanks.
  4. So I think I have a few options here. 1. Reduce Carbs to about 100g a day. 2. Eliminate all gluten to see if that does it. 3. Go paleo and eliminate carbs period. 4. Reduce carbs, and eliminate all gluten. Watcha think, Im also wondering if I should stick to the 1900 cals MFP says I should eat, or should I atleast eat my BMR of 2600cals?
  5. Yeah, but that is kinda my last string kinda thing, either my body doesnt handle gluten well, or I just dont handle large amounts of carbs well.
  6. Yeah, I think of beer and im like "noooo" I dont drink often, but when I go up to the cabin every so often its always a drinking fest lol. So I dont want to be a debby downer ya know. I might try eliminating the gluten and see how that goes. So much damn work to lose weight ughhhh lol And eliminating gluten seems like a tough thing to do also.
  7. Is it as easy as reading the ingredients list and if it says "gluten" then just dont eat it? Lost when it comes to knowing if gluten is in it.
  8. Its not a thing of not wanting to eat meat, I love meat, it's just SO much meat lol. And yeah I eat stuff with gluten, thats why i think i may have an intolerance, because on paleo I lose all the weight and since changing back, I have lost none.
  9. Thanks Cutebug I have been considering going back to Paleo, really have. I have alot of food that I would have to eat before going back though, dont wanna waste all that money(damn carbs) Alot of it comes back to the ease of it all, having carbs in your diet is SOOOO much easier, but it definitely seems like my body either doesnt handle it right or something. @Horse Hey there! And sadly no, I havent busted through yet, I actually started working out at a gym aswell, so I go M-W-F too, but the scale still hasn't budged, Ive been eating around the 2500 cals mark, maybe I really do need to try t
  10. Yeah I wonder if I really do have an insulin resistance or anything like that, but I dont know shit regarding that so w/e lol. I dont really think it could be because of clean eating, when i first started paleo I cheated ALOT and still lost weight, but I guess I was on track the majority of the time. Im gonna try eating at around 2000-2200 cals for a week and see if I lose and if not I might try reducing my carbs again, I dont know, Im just lost so I'll try anything really lol.
  11. Hmm, I just went and changed the MFP setting back to the "recommended" goals, so it has me at 1890cals a day for a 2lb loss a week. So I think I'll try that and see how it goes for me, probably worked in the past? lol
  12. Ya Im just tired of not losing weight, and it seems like, because im eating around 3000 cals a day, and not losing or gaining weight, it seems like this is my kinda *keep my weight zone* even though that sounds like bullshit. I know my BMR is around 2550 and your not suppose to be eating under your BMR but I dont really know what to do at this point anymore so im willing to go back to low calorie eating, around 2000 Id say. That aside, I just actually registered at Golds Gym, not even like 20 minutes ago and I am starting monday and having my free session with the trainer to see where I am at.
  13. Well I went back to myfitnesspal and checked my weigh in and also checked a report from april 1-28 where i seemed to be losing consistently and I seemed to be eating around 1600-2200 cals a day. I did have ALOT of low cal days on like weekend etc where I would get one meal in a day or so. But the majority of the days were around 1600-2200 more so in the 1600's. I just recently bought my bodymedia fit, when i was plateauing and I thought it would help me, but nothings changed since I have got it. Yeah, I know Horse it should come off in time, but like 2 months of no loss with a defeceit EVERYWE
  14. Well shit, my weight fluctuates from 276-279 usually. And no I dont take any other measurements. I track my TDEE by my bodymediafit. Weird, and yes, I track everything I have been putting into my mouth, and this is why im so lost. My numbers sound that weird? Really? Im also 21 years old, 6'1" tall and weight 278ish, im not REALLY fat, I use to work out ALOT in highschool when I use to play football, I definitely know I have some good muscle. Could my bodymedia numbers REALLY be off? All it asks you for is your height, weight age and what not and then you put it on? lmao. Even on scoobys calc
  15. Im starting to get pretty damn pissed off, this last 2.5 months has been almost no weight loss for me. Plateaued at 282 and now im plateaued at 276, ever since switching back to carb diet. If it comes down to calories in vs calories out in the end, why am I not losing? My average TDEE with no exercise is around 3850 or so, and Im getting a defeceit of 1000 in a day usually, why am I not losing? Tired of this, I just want to lose weight but nothing is happening.
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