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  1. RMDC

    RES - Seeks to fit...

    Second this. Do it., for reals.
  2. Thumbs up for knocking your goals out of the park.
  3. All in all a successful weekend. Congratulations.
  4. You've got a fair amount of stress going, what with that knee and having been ill. Glad you haven't given up. I hope you're cutting yourself a little slack as you get back into the swing of it.
  5. Glad you're back! It sounds like you had a blast. Looking forward to more updates.
  6. Living in America means that a Police Week 5K conjures images of people running down the street with their hands up, pursued by police with tasers and batons in hand. >.> But I'm sure it'll be fun!
  7. RMDC

    Heidi: 2016.02

    What was the play? Man, I wanna go on a date like that!
  8. Good on you for locking the scale in the dungeon. Not that there's anything wrong with scales, but unnecessary stresses should be excised no matter their guise. Transitioning from binging to meals is a major step. I'm not really sure I'm there yet, to be honest; I've moved from binging on the unhealthiest stuff to double-fisting cashews. Keep that inspiration coming and maybe I'll make the transition, too.
  9. Glad to see an update. Sounds like you're really doing well on all your challenges, even if you've plateaued on double unders. ("Plateaued" has four vowels in a row! ) Still rooting for you! What are you reading right now?
  10. I'm chiming in with the whiplash crowd. My first challenge was January's, and jumping right into February had me a little dizzy. I think maybe having a couple of 4WCs in a row would be fine if followed by a week or two week break (and that downtime could include mini-challenges, especially if taking a two week break).
  11. You may already be this organized, but for me, it helps to arrange my goals by priority, near-term attainability, and whether I'll realistically follow through (that last one is the tough one in my case ). That way they don't seem so tangled with each other and it's easier to focus on one goal at a time. It also helps to break down each goal into sequential steps, written out, so I can see clearly the path to the goal and know exactly what my next step is and whether I can do anything on a given day to advance toward the goal. It's a recent habit for me that's been helped by HabitRPG, which encourages you to break tasks into checklists.
  12. Congratulations, and excellent entry in the story!
  13. METAL HAIR?! I know just the superhero team for you:
  14. It's a great thread! I highly recommend it to those following this challenge.
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