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  1. 'Healthiest' is perhaps the wrong word, I'm trying to find out which methods of cooking both meat and vegetables are most beneficial for someone trying to lose weight. I understand that frying meat is pretty bad, although I'm not sure why. My main question is with regards to boiling vs roasting with both vegetables like carrots and potatoes, and meats like chicken. As far as I'm concerned, food that has been roasted tastes much better, and I'm consequently more inclined to eat it. However, anything that tastes good is typically worse for me, so is this the case? Or can I continue gleefully roa
  2. Flytch


    N.b. Oats is a strange word to type more than three times. I'm back at university for spring term now, and once again attempting to live off around £4 a day. While I would love to eat chicken breasts for breakfast, it just isn't practical. While I was at home, I found myself eating warm oats with milk for breakfast, and not getting hungry until much later than if I had a sugary cereal or skipped breakfast. I did a quick Google search, and the consensus seemed to be that oats are actually pretty high in protein and fibre. I know they aren't paleo, but I was wondering where oats ranked as a bre
  3. Crikey, that's an astonishing transformation. If I didn't have so much faith in the people on this forum, I wouldn't believe it was real. Congratulations.
  4. I've finally started regularly going to the gym and swimming which is just awesome, but my diet still needs some work. I know that paleo is super-awesome and all that, but I was raised on chips and baked beans which means that I have a serious dislike of salads and many vegetables. I've ended up in a sort of food limbo. I'm eating lots of meat in the form of chicken breasts, fish fingers (Fish sticks to the Yanks) and battered cod. I've eliminated junk food like chocolate, biscuits, crisps and chips, and I drink only water. I also eat a lot of fruit. particularly apples and grapes. I can't
  5. I did my first stronglifts workout two days ago and lifted some pretty heavy (for me weights). Notably, I did 5x5 dumbells at 20k which was pretty tough. Yesterday I was hurting a bit but nothing unusual. Today I've hurting more, but I have this strange pain on the side of my ribs towards the back which is making me feel a little nauseous, which is unusual. I couldn't even make it to my the gym today for the second workout. Has anyone else encountered this?
  6. Yeah, I'm on something of a thread rampage this week In your experiences, how short can a workout be while still being effective? I did my first bout of 5x5 stronglifts yesterday and the whole thing took maybe 30/35 minutes including ten minutes on the cross trainer as a warm-up. This felt pretty short at the time despite being fairly intense. I compensated by doing some rowing and additional free weights which just made the whole thing feel a bit disjointed. Have any of you had similar experiences, or used the stronglifts 5x5 program? Ben
  7. Heya,

    Exeter UK? Which gym? I'm regular up at the Uni.

  8. Wow, this guy and his plan seem too good to be true . I know that it is all about making progress and charting the progress, but how do I know where to start in terms of weight? Do I start with a low weight, even if I suspect I could do it with a slightly heavier weight? Edit: Scratch that, I'll just go with the weights suggested in his free spreadsheet and take it from there
  9. I do intend to buy Steve's book when my next student loan installment comes through, but I need to get started now. My aims were to burn fat and gain lean muscle - as opposed to bulking up - with a really simple and difficult workout that I could crank out in about forty minutes with minimal cardio and maximum free weight usage.
  10. I'm finally in the Gym. Well, I went for the first time yesterday The problem is that I spent most of the forty minutes without making any real progress, I just indiscriminately flitted between different free weight exercises and rowing. I've tried searching the internet for workout routines, but I'm being bombarded by '10x3x5' and other complicated phrases and words Can anyone just describe a workout for someone of middling ability and build that focuses almost entirely on using free weights? Something that I can actually measure progress in and derive goals from. Thanks Flytch
  11. The swimming is part of the membership Thanks for all the advice guys, I had been feeling nervous until now
  12. I have my gym induction tomorrow I've been telling myself that bodyweight exercises in my room are enough for the past year, but I've not seen any improvement and it is so easy to sit down and play on Skyrim instead. I figure that if I'm paying for a gym membership, failing to go would be a literal waste of money. With bodyweight exercises in my room, I don't actually lose anything when I end up playing Skyrim for five hours straight. I do have a quick gym related question; I hate cardio with a passion and I was largely intending to alternate gym and swimming each day with a break on sunda
  13. I've signed up for an MMA class as part of my whole 'improve everything' plan. The only issue is that I suffer from an almost paralyzing lack of self confidence. Giving talks in front of classes has reduced me to a quivering wreck in the past and all my past experiences with martial arts have been tainted by it. I just feel awkward, clumsy and have a palpable pain in my stomach from the nerves. I've improved my self confidence in this past year by changing my appearance and I've managed to moderate my speaking to the point that I can actually be understood, as opposed to burbling constantly
  14. Should I do this every day, or day on/day off?
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