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  1. Well, I'm back. Keep having major binges. Gonna weigh myself tomorrow and try again. Goal is to post everyday and brush my teeth by 8pm to help stop binge eating.
  2. I can't stop binge eating. Man... I did ride my bike 90 minutes M-F though. And worked out on Thursday. I just finished a binge tonight. I still have until Jan 1 to show some progress.
  3. My other battle log had a date in the title so I thought maybe I should make a new one. I took a photo this morning and plan to take another one January 1, 2020. Here is my plan: M-F 90 minutes of bike riding Sunday & Thursday (pushups, pullups, curls, tricep extensions) No binge eating Simple I think. Starting photo: 169 lbs 5'9.5"
  4. 166.6 lbs today. No binge. Back still kinda hurts, but slept in my bed for the 3rd night in a row instead of my couch.
  5. 160.8 lbs today....but major binge. Stew, apple, cereal, pancakes, chips and peanut butter, shredded wheat dipped in peanut butter, and 4 slices of bread with sugar and cinnamon. Going to be super heavy tomorrow. lol Back hurt a bit on my bed and a little bit through out the day. Gonna try to not binge tomorrow.
  6. Today I weighed in at 160.8 lbs. No binge yet. I slept in my bed last night and it was better than it was previously. Still hurts a bit when I try to sleep on my side, but on my back its fine. Maybe when I changed the box spring frame thing that helped. Anyway, I did end up ordering a 3 inch memory foam topper so hopefully that helps. Here's to hoping I can fend of binge eating for the rest of today
  7. Today i weighed in at 163.2 lbs. I feel super bloated, but feeling optimistic that posting everyday will help me. I've also been having trouble sleeping. The couch I've been sleeping on for the last 7 years is starting to cause me some pain. Tried my old bed, but it hurts my back. I read somewhere that it takes 4 weeks to get used to a new sleeping surface so I'm going to sleep on the mattress until December 14 to see if it feels comfortable by then. I did order a 3 inch foam mattress topper, but the reviews scared me off. If my bed doesn't feel comfortable by Dec 14 I may try that again. Hopefully no binge today
  8. Massive binge tonight. I was doing well about a month ago before my birthday....but everyday I tell myself this is the last binge and I'll start fresh tomorrow...but I can't stop
  9. 169.2 lbs today. Slight overeating....need to get back on track.
  10. Massive binge I probably weigh more than when I started Oh well
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