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    Challenge two

    Challenge number two! I may have ot come back to extrapolate a little, but here it is for now. Goal 1: Get strong - as per the last challenge I will strength train 3x a week following the Stronglifts 5x5 program. I imagine this will be the case until I start stalling on all lifts/change the direciton of my fitness journey. Goal 2: Get mobile - perform the "couch stretch" and folded half pigeon for 5 minutes a day on each leg. Goal 3: Get energised - take a 20 minute nap each day (more if possible) Life sidequest: Read out loud for 10 minutes a day - Cold-reading is a vital skill for stage actors and my articulation has become rubbish over the past couple of years. I have a pleasant enough voice now, but I used to have one of those voices that got "You should work on radio" a few times a day. Time to get back in shape! I'll read from my books on acting and theatre as well as read Shakespeare each day. I have been taking these actions since Feb 1st minus the stretching Go hard, rebels
  2. Kaizen

    First rebel yell

    Man alive! Life has been crazy manic busy over the couple of weeks - hence the lack of updates. I'm going to give myself the following grades.... Goal One: Get Strong - A+ I stuck to my program religiously. The only lift I feel even close to stalling on is the Over Head Press. Bench press is an absolute joke and I think I have another 12 or so weeks in my before I stall. Goal Two: Get Mobile - A- I did my 20 minutes a day of mobility work but to my shame I backed off my most obvious weak spots which are my hip flexors, glutes and general shoulder mobility. My wrists took a beating over the last month and working on them daily has increased my comfort in the gym remarkably. Goal Three: Get clean - B+ I allowed myself one "cheat day" at an after party for a Musical Theatre Intensive. I ate sooooo much salmon, but found it very easy to turn down the nastier food. I had some deep fried chips on one occasion which I don't feel so awful about because I would have been ina severe caloric defecit if I had not eaten them (it was a particularly wild day) the take-away from this is that I need to get more serious about meal prep. Life Side Quest - Eliminate the potty mouth - A+ from about 20 expletives during a day at the office down to 0-3 per day over the last week. Amazing! Parting thoughts: Meal prep is vital. Farmers walks are the business. I'm not looking much stronger but I am FEELING more powerful and not just physically!
  3. Kaizen

    First rebel yell

    Hey team! The first week has been great apart from realizing how much of a potty mouth I am at the office I am LOVING SL 5x5 - none of the main lifts are feeling like anything yet... but I've been a bit naughty and have added assitance exercises early - I hate chinups because they make me feel weak (stuck at 21 reps in three sets with 5 minutes between!), but I love dips because they just make me feel like a beast and I am sure if I keep them up it will be a LONG time before I stall on my bench press I'm thinking about adding farmers walks at the end of my workouts just to burn what is left in the tank and develop my grip strength which is absolutely useless. Hanging leg raises have shown me just how weak my abs are so there should be some sweet development there. Mobility.... I've kept true to my goal and had underestimated how tight my hips and hamstrings are. I'm doing lots of wrist mobility as the mini-session from NF Yoga absolutely destroys me and that's no good at all! I've loved increasing my time commitment to fitness... I'm having some severe doubts about what I am wanting to achieve in my life and as someone who is wired to be high energy and passionate this is a VERY scary feeling. It is almost as if I can't get myself excited about the dreams I do know I have. At least when I go to the gym and exercise restraint with food and drink I know that I am developing personal power Some friends I'd not seen in about a month noticed a bit of a change in my physique. I am endeavouring to care less what others think of me but it was a big encouragement nonetheless! Keep it up, team! If anyone has some wisdom or stories to share re loaded carries I'd love to hear from you
  4. Conditioning... I don't want to ruin my recovery but I want to be really FIT as well as strong... hmmm.

    1. Machete


      Low intensity cardio is where it's at.

  5. Kaizen

    First rebel yell

    New rebel signing in Here goes! Main quest: Be stronger and more supple whilst having greater daytime energy. sGoal One: Get strong I will accomplish this by adhering to the StrongLifts 5x5 programme every week for this four week challenge and will be working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday outside of illness and injury - should this occur I will increase mobility work whilst doing what I can from the bodyweight routines in the Nerd Fitness Academy. I will use the StrongLifts App to measure and document my progress. Goal Two: Get mobile - I will accomplish this by spending at least 20 minutes every single day doing myofascial release and/or stretching. This is easily measured by checking it off on a calendar and is absolutely attainable. Whilst it is somewhat general at present I am comfortable with the idea of developing specificity as I learn more about my body and where my "tricky spots" are. Goal Three: Get clean I will accomplish this by eliminating alcohol, sweet treats and deep fried food from my diet. This will be measured my my keeping a food log. It is tough, but specific, measurable and attainable. It lends itself well to my other goals and will keep my energy levels higher so I can really smash it at the gym and keep my head clear for general busyness. Life Side Quest: Eliminate the potty mouth For the next four weeks I keep a tally at work of every time I swear (outside of when quoting others)which will give me a better perspective of where I am at. The prize for adherence to these goals will be rewarding myself with some killer dress shoes! My motivation: Being in an ideal physical condition galvanises me with the energy levels, mental focus and clarity required to be a present, considerate and focused friend that can offer enormous value to my loved ones. The journey of getting into optimum physical shape will allow me to share a personal story and help equip my loved ones with methods by which they can develop their own resilience and personal power to apply to their lost lofty ambitions. I have made many failures in my life and recognise the constant struggle to break new ground and push the limits in the gym to be reflective of the necessity to be deliberate and diligent in the quest of personal evolution. Facing the challenges presented in my quest for peak fitness will lead to holistic self-development meaning that I will be more prepared to take on challenges in every area of life. I want to develop the identity of somebody that overcomes obstacles rather than being defeated by failures and failing to follow through on their plans. I want to lead by example and develop a character that has a positive influence on people that I cross paths with, whether actively or passively, by default. My primary life goal is summarised as a burning desire to leave this world, in some way or another, a better place than when I entered it. Professionally I aspire to be an actor. Having a powerful body and a healthy mind will lend me greater reserves with which to invest in my craft and to apply to the development of my skill-set as a performer. Let's go!
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