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  1. Lita

    Lita's First Challenge

    Week Three Wrap-Up: did yoga 3.5 days this week: Bdrank 60+ oz of water a day, averaging 72.4oz a day: Adid 20 push-ups 7 days this week: Ano classes taken yetYoga was rough for me this week. I haven't been getting enough protein or sleep lately, so it's difficult just to get through 10 minutes of yoga, let alone 20 or more. Also, I think I'm gonna fail the new classes part of my quest. The past few weeks have been really terrible at work (like, work for 7.5 hours and go home with $7 sort of terrible) and I just can't afford to spend money on classes when I'll need that money for the energy bill. But that's okay. It's my birthday this Friday and on Saturday, Erik and I are gonna spend the day together, maybe getting brunch, maybe getting pizza at the place we got dinner on our first date, 100% chance of watching Lazer Team. So excited.
  2. Lita

    Lita's First Challenge

    You guys! I did two real push-ups today! Like, not on my knees! They weren't easy, but I did them!
  3. I haven't had a good night of sleep in a couple nights, and I'm really feeling it. But I dragged Erik to the grocery store, so I actually have yummy food again! I just made a big batch of pinto bean and rice burritos, eating one for dinner and freezing 7 of them for the future. We also got bread so I can keep making Erik sandwiches for lunches, because they're so easy and he'll actually eat them. Saturday I had yet another girl at work tell me that I've lost weight. We haven't worked together for probably two months, and she was blown away. I still don't see it, but that's years of looking at yourself with hatred, I guess. Work's been really good lately, to the point that I have all my bills and rent paid for February already and I still have plenty of cash left over to go get a new pair of shoes for work. (And that's not frivolous, the sole is tearing off of one of my current ones. Ugh.) Also, I've started writing and selling erotica on the Kindle store. I figure I always write anyways, I might as well write something that I can churn out fairly quickly and make some money from. My second story should be going live tonight or tomorrow. Whoo hoo!
  4. Lita

    Lita's First Challenge

    Week Two Wrap-Up: did yoga 4 days this week: Adrank 60+ oz of water a day, averaging 70.4oz a day: Adid 20 push-ups 7 days this week: Ano classes taken yetHad another god week! I've been having a hard time sleeping (and for the first time my usual melatonin gave me a really creepy nightmare) so I didn't do as much yoga, since that requires me to wake up early or to actually have energy after work. Push-ups are getting a little easier; I actually did 12 kneeling push-ups in a single set the other day! Let's go week three!
  5. I am so sore this morning! Yesterday at the club my friend and I were practicing stuff, then I had a really nice girl help teach me a really pretty pole trick. But everything we were practicing were intense upper-body work, and now I'm sore from bicep to bicep, sore all across my back. Can't wait to do some yoga and stretch this out.
  6. Today I made no money (a whopping $25 for an 8-hour shift), cried in the dressing room, teared up on the bus, and sobbed once I got home. I am having a rough few days. But at least I'm on track for my challenge goals once again.
  7. Lita

    Lita's First Challenge

    I've been taking a bit more care with them the past couple days. It's hard for me to place my hands correctly when doing kneeling push-ups because your body moves forward more than the simple down movement in a standard push-up. But today, making sure I set my hands a little closer to me to start, they're easier. Still not easy, but better than they have been.
  8. Yesterday was fun. I needed to pick up bird food for Reginald, and then Erik and I went shopping. We've never really gone shopping together. We went to browse at the board game store (which was playing the first song from Swan Lake while we were there...), then hit up Old Navy for new underwear and socks for him, American Eagle (nothing caught his eye there), and H&M, where we got some more shirts and amazing burger slippers for him. We went into Barnes & Noble, where he got a couple books for school and bought me a baby goat calendar and I got yet another book on FLDS, which I love reading about because I'm a weirdo. My 4-week challenge is going great, and this week at work I get to see one of my friends for the first time in a while because she's on winter break right now. I can't wait! I'm also trying to ignore the fact that David Bowie passed away, because I can't handle that right now.
  9. Lita

    Lita's First Challenge

    Week One Wrap-Up: did yoga 6 days this week, only once being under 20 minutes: Adrank 60+ oz of water a day, averaging 72.7oz a day: Adid 20 push-ups 6 days this week: Bno classes taken yetAll in all, I'm feeling great. I can feel myself getting more flexible, though the push-ups aren't getting any easier, even though I'm doing kneeling push-ups. Every single one I've done this week has been a struggle. On to week two!
  10. Lita

    Lita's First Challenge

    Yesterday was the first day all week that I haven't done yoga. I really just needed the extra sleep. But I'm already noticeably more flexible! I was also way too stressed out from work yesterday to do my push-ups, but I can still shoot for a B on that quest. It was just so crazy yesterday (think screaming on the phone, a panic attack, and some jealous bitching in the dressing room, and gossip and no money out in the club) that I was wading through that all day. By the time I got home, I needed to eat some pizza, cry, and compare cats in Neko Atsume with my boyfriend.
  11. Yesterday was a total shit show. Stripper gods, let today be better. Please, for the sake of my sanity. At least my yoga practice is paying off. My challenge goal was to do it at least 4 days a week, but yesterday was actually the first day all week I didn't do anything. My alarm went off for my morning yoga before work, and I just couldn't bring myself to get up. I had slept poorly, so I needed the extra half hour. But on Thursday, I was able to touch my forehead to my knees on both legs while doing a standing pyramid pose thing. I haven't been able to do that in years!
  12. I adore YogaWithAdriene! My roommate and I were going to do the Yoga Camp this month, but we don't have enough time when we're both home. I am, however, doing yoga 4+ days a week as part of my challenge. What sort of aerial classes do you do? I love aerials!
  13. Lita

    Lita's First Challenge

    I've been lurking in the Assassin threads since I joined! Aerials, body weight workouts, and agility... totally my thing. A few friends of mine did Krav Maga years ago, and I love the combination self-defense/martial arts of it. I have friends that do MMA and stuff like that, but that's a bit too brutal for me. Thanks, but no thanks.
  14. Lita

    Lita's First Challenge

    It's going great! I'm averaging over 8 glasses of water a day, I've done yoga every day this week, and I've completed my push-ups every day. An aerialist friend of mine from the Chicago area is contacting people she knows to try to find classes in my area, otherwise she can suggest good classes in Chicago. And I'm thinking about taking a Krav Maga class as well.
  15. New Year! I'm still sick, but getting better. The first challenge on 2016 started today, and I already have my push-ups done for the day. I'm going to bus up to the mall today and pick up a planner, both to keep track of work and personal obligations, and to organize stuff for my blog. I want to do more monthly themes and events this year, and a planner will really help with that. My roommate and I have pretty much given up on doing yoga every day this month, mainly because the videos we were going to use are 30-50 minutes long, and we don't always have overlap time that long. I'm still doing yoga 4+ days a week for the challenge, so that's okay.
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