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  1. sending well-wishes for your back, Tank ❤️ love your approach with Little Bit, it's so wholesome to read about positive parenting strategies. And it's great that the in-laws are on board!
  2. this man treats everything he touches as an exceptional circumstance 🤣
  3. That's what i tell her, but he gets away with it because mom's technically on Salary rather than Hourly pay. That salary works out to something like 17 an hour for a normal 9-5 workweek, but more often than not, when she had her own car anyway, he'd make her stay at the office until after 8pm some nights, and that's with her living an hour away from the office. No extra pay for that. He also has weird rules about holiday pay and sick leave, usually making people use their vacation days to cover holidays. but that's been every job mom's ever had, so it's really only the overtime thing that's n
  4. are we going to get in telepathic fistfights with the ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Yet To Come? Is that what we're doing?
  5. So, right now it looks like the plan is i'm supposed to accompany momsauce to her work tomorrow (with her employer's permission) just to Observe and then Yay or Nay based on whether it looks like it'd be horrible to work there. momsauce has already told grandad about it, and i really wish she would have waited because now he's in the "it's a great opportunity" and it'll be awkward if i don't take the job. pros and cons? cons: working with phones the employer is Not A Nice Man, in a variety of ways. no specified end-date. i think he wants at least a y
  6. gut reaction is nausea 🤣 a full toss-up between all the reasons to say yes and all the reasons to say no. it's a full-time job, yes. i struggle as it is with keeping up with school, but there's also the possibility that limited free time will force me to focus with whatever free time is left. i know other people manage school + work and some of them even school + work + parenting, somehow. so it can be done...i just don't know if it can be done by me. you're right, of course. ❤️
  7. oof, Latest Event: my mother's employer wants me to come work for him. i honestly don't feel good about it, but it is a good opportunity and could be helpful given the circumstances. i'd at least not feel like a burden on momsauce anymore, being that i could pay for the rest of my school and probably buy my own groceries. it would also come with health insurance, which could be good. of course, i'd have very little free time but. i think it'd be wrong to refuse. edit: if this does wind up happening i'm fully going to have to switch to an Amelie theme because i can alrea
  8. chillies! yes, that's the one! love those little green fellows. i had some left over after adding it to the sauce, and so i mixed the extra with some mashed avocado to make a guacamole, which was also Good
  9. beautiful pictures as always! wow, your bath looks so nice i love the plant! how we doing today, mon amie? ❤️
  10. Same ❤️ grandad seems to be reacting better than expected, so that's something. i'll be able to order new lyrestrings soon enough, too :3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TODAY: has been something of a Nothing Day so far, and it's 5:30pm. if i hurry, i can get some more tier 1 tasks done, though. so far i've just done the first level of exercise and made some foods. i went ahead and blended up my cashews yesterday after thoroughly rinsi
  11. update: it is now Being Disproportionately Grieved Over Breaking Another Lyre String hours 😭
  12. Today: had my last Absolutely Nothing day before December. This was partly due to continual sneezing/sniffles, and partly because i just didn't want to do anything. So today has mostly been spent playing Link's Awakening (switch version), which is adorable and i love it. Today's foods have been some chips + salsa and a few pieces of allergen-friendly chocolate. not great. currently disgusted at the thought of eating any real food, but we'll see if i manage something later on. i've been okay for most of the day, but getting increasingly nervy. momsauce finally had to tell grandad ab
  13. Hi heyoo hello i'm Maggie, 24, any pronouns idc, this challenge is going to be about recombobulating for the new year. Goals tba but we're gonna do a tier system with a bare minimum each day. complete all tasks from one tier to move up to another. points per tier and such. points dictate how nice of a 2021 planner i can get as a 'reward' among other things. can't thing rn as there's a film on in the background and it's jangling brainwaves so, Placeholder basically. will do proper post tomorrow :3 edit: right! okay, goal stuff. Tier 1: 30 Squats +
  14. I have attempted to sign up, but idk if it went through, wifi's buggy right now. Here for it, though! Sounds fun
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