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  1. latest drama at jobcorps: walked in on a verbal altercation between Classmate C and a group of other students. they'd been trying to have a Religious discussion and C wound up basically having a meltdown, literally stomping her foot and crying and the whole nine yards. Instructors intervened eventually, escorting C away to calm down, and the other students proceeded to mock her once she was gone, doing imitations of her. i quietly asked them not to do that and pointed out that they hadn't exactly made attempts to de-escalate things themselves and that sometimes you really just need to walk away from discussions that aren't productive. I later told C the same thing, that next time she should really just turn around and walk away. the evening portion of the day was going alright, except that there's been an Incident with classmate M (who is C's 'friend'- they're best friends one day and hate each other the next, i've lost count of how many times they've both allegedly ended the friendship only to be right back together the next day) stealing from another, newer classmate. At first i only had a small portion of M's side of the story, and a few snippets overheard from an RA and a Safety Officer. M has a notable attitude problem and can be a bit Much, but she was so distraught when she was sent to her room (she's likely going to be dismissed from the program) that i felt uneasy and, because she pretty much brought me into the situation by talking to me about it on the way to her room, i had told the RA that i know it's not my business but are they going to check camera footage or anything Just To Make Sure, because i was concerned about M. Come to find out that yeah no there's no mistaking what happened and that this is actually like the third incident. It also turns out that C was peripherally involved, but flatout lied about it to the Safety Officer only to then be called out on it. I think my perception of her has shifted today and while i still feel that she is most likely mentally ill and she has told me disturbing things about her past, i'm also wary that she might be deliberately manipulative at times. And then when it came time to decorate the Quad for Christmas, apparently K and her GF had a little fight earlier today and so K decided to give her GF the silent treatment. I was not aware of this until we were in the middle of working on something and the GF approached, all cheerful, to talk to both of us and K kept making a point of ignoring her and talking to me. I finally just told her i was very uncomfortable and went to my room. felt like i was in fifth grade homeschool group again. actually somewhat offended that K would do that to me and involve me that way. I'm on friendly terms with both of them and don't appreciate being put in that position. but yeah. i think ducking out and heading to my room was the right call on that one. Probably oughtn't to have gotten involved with the M situation, but i just know M is doing very well in her trade despite her attitude problems and of course am pretty weak when it comes to people who are Upset. As far as C is concerned i won't directly interject anymore but will recommend to the counselors that we might do a few focus group sessions on conflict resolution and like. de-escalation and stuff. i've had a pretty good week overall, actually, talking to people more and generally not feeling too down. i just still need to find the right balance between being out and comfortably social, and being able to do what i need to do and get out of here without McLosing My Mind along the way.
  2. wound up having to go get x-rays, though won't get the results until monday or tuesday. arm is swollen and hurts pretty bad, finally starting to really irritate me. i got some tylenol from the RA, though have been advised to ask to call the on-call nurse for something stronger if it gets particularly bothersome. i'm annoyed over not being able to work in the carpentry shop, but Mr D updated the E-TAR (completion checklist thingy) today and y'all. i'm over 46%! There should be plenty of bookwork for me to do what with the two secondary credentials coming up, plus Google Classroom assignments, then i'll just have to finish these solo projects and i'll be, as classmate K elegantly put it, "the hell up outta here" if the arm isn't already better by the end of this coming week, then Christmas Break at least should get me straight and i'll be ready to blaze it from January through March >:D
  3. You are beautiful as always! Lovely face, warm eyes, and wonderful smile Your haircut is great!
  4. maaaaaan we had the first off-center activity yesterday. technically it was only for students who participated in a bingo night a while back, but since i was the one who helped get it approved, they had me go too and um. i have sustained an Injury. i thought it would be fine but this morning i can hardly make a fist and can't fully straighten my arm so. that interferes with carpentry u-u i have to go to wellness when they're open. ngl i'm super embarrassed about it.
  5. Yesterday: woke up with the Don't Wannas but went ahead and did some exercise and got going. Abruptly got the sads during the morning class time, but felt better once i started working. I finished my solo project! But. Didn't line up the parts correctly and only realized as much after i had nailed it together. Mr D said it's still good enough for a passing grade and that i could move on to the next project, but i asked him if i could redo it and he said yes. I told him i want to do the project correctly and make sure i'm actually mostly competent on this first project before moving on to anything more complex. Today, oh my stars i had weird dreams last night. First off had a dream that it was just another day at JobCorps but that i went through my morning routine and left the dorm only to discover it was like 8:30am (meaning i would be late for class) and nobody seemed especially upset about that but i was like "but i woke up to my alarm going off. my alarm goes off at 5:30. How is it 8:30?" i was so confused because normally RA's are in and out of the rooms in the mornings so there's no way i could actually make it to 8:30 without someone saying something. Then people were telling me it was like. November 28th and i was like "But it's December????" and they insisted so i was trying to figure out how Thanksgiving was three days ago when that should mean i'd still be at home on break. Then i had a dream about something to do with a pair of lions, one of which was named Elote (CORN???) they were both injured and being pursued by some villains, and one was trying to catch some birds to give the other. Also dreamed that i checked voicemail on my phone and one of them was from Senadhi and his businessman but it was some kind of automated thing where you had to put in a code to actually listen to the message, and something about they had found one of my old old old old OLD old old internet profiles (we're talking, like Webkinz or Neopets or something) and had messaged me there since i have him blocked on email and he doesn't have my phone number (so....how had they left me a voicemail....) So i had gone to the website and was trying to remember my login info so i could just delete the whole thing. M omsauce walks in and i hurry up and minimize the tabs because i don't want to tell her anything Senadhi-related until find out what's actually going on, but she starts going off about me not wanting her to see my computer screen (irl she tends to get a bit offended about that kind of thing) and i was trying to explain that in this case i have a better reason than my usual "I just don't like people looking at my stuff" but it turned into a whole Thing on top of me panicking over what on earth that man could possibly still want with me. When i actually woke up i was still Very Tired so the morning was a bit of a slog, lurching hither and thence trying to shower and dress and remember to change the trashbag and not forget my student ID badge and actually go get my meds. Very discombobulated, left my jacket in the RA office and had to go back for it. It felt like the latest i've ever left out of the dorms XD they had some tater tots in the caf for me, so i had those and an orange juice OH also yesterday, i had got back to the dorms after class and K's GF decided to vent to me about a whole bunch of things, and then classmates M and K also joined in voicing some disdain and not wanting to be here, the usual things. I had been in a good mood after class but was immediately brought down pretty hard. So i told them i was going to talk to the Center Director and try to sort out some of the stuff people are so upset about. We've been talking about seeing Center Director for weeks but none of us have actually gone to him. So i left right then and went to his office and we had such a long conversation i wound up being late for dinner (though i did get to have dinner- a veggie burger patty, green beans, and tater tots) but anyways i was able to get a few things cleared up for the other students. Also got to virtually meet some of the new students. They'll both be on Quad 1 once they get out of quarantine, as they both have high school diplomas. They seem lovely just from the brief interaction we had. But back to today hm yes Mr D is not here today so i'm in the MAA classroom. I have a few assignments to work on, not likely enough to fill the entire day, but i can fill the rest of the time with driver's ed stuff.
  6. ngl i have the spine and joints of like. a 97-year-old. you know it's a mess when you move and your knees sound like when Pippin knocked the skull down the well.
  7. today: got good sleep last night but am still tired before 9am. Had a protein shake this morning and also had some tater tots from the caf. Been drinking plenty of water. I was feeling really good, wide awake at 5:30, but just started to droop as the early morning went on. I've been given a new project to work on as the Electrical Instructor needs some items cut out with the Jigsaw and Mr D thinks i'll be able to do that pretty well. We had a fire drill and much to my dismay we were informed that we'll be having them in the dorms once a month starting tonight- basically blaring alarms between midnight and one AM and then we all have to go stand outside til the alarms stop. Not looking forward to that but at least it'll only be once a month. I got my goals sorted out. Aside from things i Literally Have To Do, i just have different categories of thing and for every three things i do each day, i get a proverbial ornament.
  8. hECK no i should do Collecting Baubles all December where different categories of task earn different ornaments!
  9. Tired. Sleepy. The nurse gave me a Benadryl and some ointments and the benadryl has been trying to knock me out. I socialized for a good long while with K and her GF, though there were no witnesses. i'mma do an Advent Calendar sort of theme. open a door every day in December, so to speak. Will think more about it tomorrow. I caught up most of my Carpentry assignments, still have two more, but Mr D won't mind. One is Long and requires more braincells than i'm currently operating with. I'm waiting for time to do my detail and will be zooming to bed asap.
  10. Heyoo, sending hugs ❤️ I forgot to talk about it with Dr. W, but still had a good appointment with him :3
  11. Kay so around January apparently they're going to start the paperwork for Work Based Learning, which will be me working a full shift at either Lear or Hyundai and ngl i'm Nervous about that. I don't know yet if it's mandatory, i don't Think it is but. On the one hand i'm like Yes Sign Me Up That's One Way To Avoid Chaos On Campus plus build up some savings for when i leave this place but. On the other hand i'm like Hmmmmmm am i going to be able to Handle having an actual Job on top of being here. i'll have to talk to Dr W about it and also the other counselors.
  12. Sending you hugs, Sal ❤️ Remember you are loved and the depression and dark thoughts aren't who you are. I'm glad you're communicating with Roxy about how you're feeling. Like others have said, she chose you ❤️ Remember she's continued to choose you for months now. You're both good people. Good luck on the application and yay for tea! Snuggle the kitties for me!
  13. Challenge Update: I know the thing says Three Week Challenge but i'm just going to make this my December Challenge. I will be on campus at JobCorps for the first sixteen days of December, then will be at home until January 4th, after which time momsauce will finally have a vehicle so. Hopefully if they open up Weekend Passes again soon i'll be somewhat less trapped and stir crazy. Stuff to work on: Exercise/stretching daily. I'm old, Gandalf. Or at least my joints think i am. I need to limber up. I'll start with some basic squats and stretches because i get the arm stuff during Carpentry, though when i go home i'll do a dumbell routine so i can still lift the hammer by the time i get back. Learn 3 Festive Songs on my Kalimba and/or Lyre so i can play them for the fam when i go back so they'll be like Wow You Actually Play Instruments Instead of Just Collecting Them WOw Heck Study for Driver's Ed, do practice tests and stuff. Use the IXL Website Idk Khan Academy, Memrise, Duolingo, whatever Puzzle Books. My braincells need jangled. I got some Sudoku and Wordsearches from home.
  14. Update: Whole Foods Order eventually arrived. I got so many phonecalls from the driver that, about the time i found out he'd been going to entirely the wrong address, i actually asked him to please just keep the order because by then i was too wound up to want to deal with it any more. About the time i went to hide in a hot shower with lavender-scented soap for consolation, i get another phonecall of a very subdued driver (he had previously been using a tone that led me to think he might have been On Something) saying he'd reached the correct address this time. This was after about three hours or so of frustration. So i finally got to go collect my stuff and make a cup of tea. Got summoned by head RA and it turns out that Mrs H (the problematic RA's buddy) had tattled on me for seeming upset and out of sorts or whatever, so had to explain to Head RA that the whole, JobCorps Management forgetting about sending transportation and then having me arrive late/not get any dinner ( i don't actually mind missing meals, but it's the feeling forgotten about that bothers me and my nerves are about eight times dumber when i'm hungry ) and then the kerfuffle with the delivery AND seeing Problematic RA And having the entire female dorm population coming at me at once for socialization With loud music playing had all been a bit Much and that, yeah, i need a bit of settling time before being good to interact with people. But anyway they did put Two almond milks in my snack box last night, one of which was chocolate and one of which was vanilla. I used the vanilla one this morning to make a protein shake before leaving the dorm. Good call because *twirls* nothing in the caf for me for breakfast this morning *backflip* we are Back to business as usual. i have Carpentry Assignments to catch up because my school laptop couldn't access the internet while i was at home 😱 but it's only like five things and they don't take long to do. i still need to find out if i still have my Dr W appointment today and, if so, what time. They seem to enjoy switching it up without telling me. But i need to see if they'll let me see a nurse while there because, i don't know if it's stress or Winter or an allergic reaction or a combination of the three, but uhhhhhh my face and hands are both trying to disintegrate. I've been practically bathing in CeraVe for almost a week now and it seems to be helping somewhat, but being spattered with raw patches is not only Not A Good Look, but also Does Not Feel Good. There's on on my right palm and one on the left index that are both a bit inhibitous to normal function and i would like for that to not be a thing.
  15. edit: lord jesus i'm already wanting to go back home. So: Back before i left for holiday break, i was told So And So would be picking me up at thus and such time to bring me back. Today the time arrives and nobody's here so i call, turns out they straight up forgot about me. So that meant when they finally sent someone, that person was late, which caused me to miss dinner. Driver didn't feel like that warranted stopping to get anything and apparently JobCorps didn't think that students who are picked up too early to have already had something but too late to get something when they get here should be given anything. Whatever. Then i see Problematic RA sitting in this Quad. Then the stuff that i ordered from Whole Foods, which was going to be dinner since i didn't get to have anything else, can't be delivered because i got the one driver who can't seem to communicate and doesn't understand how to deliver to JobCorps even though all previous orders have gone fine. Come back to dorm after waiting for an hour for stuff that isn't coming, and it's Loud and Obnoxious music and getting ambushed by RA's and Classmates. I'm a very positive person 🙃
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