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  1. *edit* nevermind all of that
  2. today: ngl we're not doing fabulously. i haven't been able to collect my thoughts very well for any of the cleaning i wanted to do, couldn't pinpoint a starting point. and have had persistent headaches over the last several days. nothing horrific, but bad enough to disrupt focus and make me just want to sleep. The headaches have mostly gone away at this point, but i have been desperately sad and overwhelmed with world events. i also have reason to believe cat Samuel was killed, don't know what by. I haven't seen him today but i did see the lifeless body of a cat that looks like him. haven't straight-up lost it or burst into tears or anything yet, but i have that not-so-good feeling as if i might crumble. not saying any of this to be negative. i am feeling really negative lately, but tomorrow will be a sort of 'outing' with the fam, just to go pick up our grocery order and let momsauce attempt to donate blood (she keeps getting denied due to low iron, but she's been taking a supplement for several weeks now) and just be out of the house for a bit. then on Sunday momsauce is to help me do some cleaning. we've been talking lately about redoing our bedroom (to some extent) and working toward letting cats Norrell and Chellers be free in our room at night instead of in their kennel.
  3. sending you all my love as always, Sal ❤️ you got a lot done. I hope you get lots of good rest and are given some causes to smile ❤️
  4. TODAY: I've done a workout, and have spent most of the day so far attempting to further organize the craftroom. we've reached the "holy lord this was a mistake and i'll never be done" stage. My method of organizing tends to be "take literally everything out of the cabinet/drawer/whatever, sort all of it, and put it bacck in an orderly fashion. It usually works really well, except i did not adequately plan for the fact that Grandma's collection contains something like fifty years' worth of odds and ends that i have zero idea as to the name, purpose, or point of, which makes sorting a complicated affair. due to the shuffling about of various bins and such, moving some stuff into the kitchen just to get it temporarily out of the way and whatnot, i've successfully made it appear as though we're in the middle of a move. As usual, the cats are loving it. edit: we have crashed for the time being. started to feel Not Good and had a lie-down. Cat Norrell decided to nap with me. That was nice, but i had a dream in which late Grandma was yelling at me, and have felt peculiar ever since. ( note that i don't actually think she's angry with me from beyond the grave or anything, it just didn't play well with some other unpleasant feels i'm having today, on top of reactions to the dust and whatnot from cleaning )
  5. a) i would love that, and b), most of them are pretty shy of meeting people, and we've not really had company to see how long their warming-up period is, but i'm sure they would quickly come around and be charmed to meet you! Of course, Eggroll adores everyone and would love you instantly ngl i hate the bolded part so much i almost always wind up asking my brother to do it, and then i just give it a once-over after he's done the preliminary de-nastying 🤣 ---------------------------------------- TODAY: i have had...baked beans, french fries, two mugs of tea, and some water. <.< Eat Real Foods is back on for tomorrow, along with my usual water goals and exercising. School will be theoretically on pause because i want to focus on fully deep-cleaning the house in order to have a solid base for just doing maintenance chores in June. That doesn't mean that i absolutely won't do any school, though. It just won't be a massive priority for a few days ( which is alright, because i'm enough ahead of my deadlines that i could turn in zero assignments until July 10th and would still be on track to graduate on time )
  6. cheering for you today, Sal, you can do it! ❤️ i hope you do make your pizza, or if not that whatever you do have is extra tasty ❤️
  7. OKAY SO last night i didn't clean the whole kitchen, but i did clean the drainboard (which was...atrocious tbh) and the whole area around the sink, which is always the part i wind up not doing because i always mean to do it last but then by the time everything else is done, am like "i'll come back to that" (said the absolute liar) and so today i just have to do a quicker sort of tidying up before lunch. i've been shuffling around the craftroom today, looking through late grandma's unfinished projects and moving them to the same general area so they won't be mixed in with everything else. more importantly though i visited with cat Gray Major and gave him So Many Pettings and Scritches and made sure to impress on him very thoroughly what a good boy he is. He was being difficult about photographs, but i got him! and his younger brother/good buddy Culper! (gratuitous cat pics below...and a bonus Norrell ) i was going to do my pre-June write-up now but powers of articulation and maintaining trains of thought have fled so, just cat pics for now.
  8. Thanks! I often do better when there's something definitive my shorter-term goals are going toward. Up until now i've tried too hard to visualize what that might be, with too many unknowns. So it was nice to figure out how to tailer the exercise to my situation. The kitties did indeed stay put, which is rare for Cat Chellers (the black one), they made for some cute pictures I KNOW RIGHT? i love them so much 😭 --------------------------------------------------------------- TODAY: i am. so smart y'all. i got broski to finish up his grocery list and then i went to the grocery website and went ahead and fought with it to get everything into the cart so now when grocery day actually gets here? all we have to do is place the order. no fighting with the internet connection to put things in the cart and wind up rage quitting out of frustration and having to go in the store. of course, by Wednesday some things might be out of stock and there might be some edits needed but overall? yeehaw maybe things will go more smoothly this week ALSO something cool happened! I've been watching some quilting videos on youtube, which makes youtube suggest more quilting videos and similar things. In Late Grandma's stash of sewing stuff, which is now My stash of sewing stuff, there have been these pieces i have no clue what to do with. They're just a really weird shape and i can't even figure out how to ask Google what they're for. Well, today, youtube gave me a suggestion for a video about how to make a particular quilt, and it was! the same! Apparently these pieces are called a Dresden Plate and now i'll be able to finish them and turn them into a quilt! i'm a bit restless ngl, in one of those "DO EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE" moods which leads to Not Doing Anything because all the things are Competing so what i'm going to do now is make a step-by-step list of the things that need doing so i'll actually be able to get started and do the things
  9. Sal! Heyoo friend, i'm doing well. Very glad you're back! ❤️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TODAY: still feeling sickish, but the Headaches have eased off considerably. i'm going to use the last few days of May to deep clean the house in order to make June a little easier to contend with. we've also got a grocery day coming up to plan for. grandad was given, and in turn gave to me, a box of vegetables which included three yellow squash. i've a full container of gluten free breadcrumbs languishing in the back of the cabinet so, squash casserole is in the near future. Last night's dinner was modified vegetable broth and crackers because i didn't want to actually cook 😆 goals adjustment coming soon. i might just clean up the version in my notebook. the cats are sleeping on the fabric shelves right now, looking adorable. i'll try to get their picture if they don't get up as i go to fetch the camera.
  10. I don't know if this will help but, regardless of what society tends to say about this sort of thing, the truth is there's no morality attached to what you do with your body. you don't have to be fit to be a good person, and not being in the best shape doesn't mean you're a bad person. Shame doesn't need a place at your table, so to speak. Would it be more comfortable to tell yourself, until you believe it, that you're working out/making certain food choices/reaching for certain goals because you want to, and you want the benefits of those choices, rather than because of shame or feeling like you have to?
  11. CURRENTLY: so, the Pandemic is still going on, plans for this year have been definitively cancelled through at least July, and we've got this situation going on right now where the kids from three different houses in the neighborhood have formed a little posse to terrorize pretty much everyone in a variety of ways ranging from Being A General Nuisance all the way up to Actual Vandalism. So that's on. mental health also hasn't been super great here lately, and i haven't been eating well as a result. Weirdly i have been doing great on my workouts. This Challenge will mostly be about getting some positive feels going and avoiding going down the slippery slope. One aspect of that will be Actually Tracking Things. All the days have been blurring together lately and i barely know one day from another or what i did besides take vitamins and exercise. To that end, i have some shiny little star stickers in five different colors, and will be 'collecting' them in my Sloth Planner. Checking things off a list is a good way to get some good feels and see what one did during a given day/week. Using star stickers for the checking off is surely even more potent because it's silly and cute and that's how that works. Also, having only five colors means i can only have five assigned tasks, which helps prevent assigning too many tasks and getting sad due to failure to complete all of them. The Goals: RED: the blood of angr- um, i mean Exercise. Doesn't matter precisely what, but will probably be my Usual workout with a side of Stretching. The Get Bendy Challenge is a favorite. BLUE: take my vitamins and drink at least two full things of water (which with the size i use would equal 3 liters) GREEN: eat at least one meal of Real Food each day. Smoothie, granola bars, or sweets (which will be available soon for Momsauce's Birthday) don't count. They aren't strictly Forbidden, but they won't be counted as Real Food. Vegetables count as Real Food. SILVER: Wild Card/Loosely Self-Care task. Things like, cleaning a room or practicing on my Kalimba or having a bath or drawing a picture or doing crochet or anything like that is a Silver Star task. GOLD: do school work! i haven't decided whether to only award stars for completing an exam, or to award a star just for completing an assignment. I want to do three exams during the month of May. We're in the American History section and there's a lot of reading and assignments before each exam. so that's up to five possible stars on any given day, with a five day week. soooo...around 30 stars by the end of this official Challenge, or 20 by the end of May. Let's see if i can make it into that range. don't know that i'll do any sort of 'prize' for the number of stars collected. that'll take some further thought. and with that, time to count some stars