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  1. Back to Goal-y stuff, though: current daily routine is like so: - wake up around 4am - get ready for work (shower/brush teeth/fill water jug, etc.) - do some light exercises either before or after shower - morning advil and rub hands with tiger balm so fingers will work - in car by 5am - at work by 6am, sometimes a little earlier - put away lunchbox, add ice to water jug, either drink protein shake or try to eat something - clock in usually around 6:15 - Work starts at 6:30am - go on break between 7:30 and 8:30 depending on how the
  2. - need to clean my room, first and foremost. It's a solid mess in here. - catch up on schoolwork - finish my JobCorps paperwork - catch up laundry - grocery list - finish more crochet ( i have to put some toes and eyes on crochet frog ) yay almost done with Long Weekend Checklist. not going to formally add anything else. the grocery list bit is muddled up- i have plenty of Real Food at home since i haven't been eating it (no perishable stuff, it's like, frozen veg and dried beans and stuff of that sort) so really all i need to get for groceries is like. st
  3. ..........just noticed my hands didn't lock up so terribly as normal. usually they are Worse on the weekends (probably due to not being forced to get over it and get going like when i go to work) but also tho today after doing well all day they're locking up again XD not as much on the left hand but on the right i can't bend my fingers and when i manually bend them they just Lock. they only Look a little bit swollen. i'm curious as to when my body will stop trying to reject this job, though coworker L tells me it doesn't get better for the hands.
  4. *waves pompoms* following! How is the sleep coming, if i may ask?
  5. Heyoo, Dusk! Sorry about your bad sleep hopefully we can both get to sleeping better soon! The job is exhausting, but i do like it a lot even with its assorted challenges i think the fact that we rotate stations every two hours helps- no matter what station i'm on, i only have to survive two hours at it before switching to a different one. Thanks, Sal! Sending hugs in return! ❤️ For sure! I've gotten in my head to be nervous of Team Lead. He's never shouted at me personally but he has had raised-voice arguments with other team members and i am not
  6. - need to clean my room, first and foremost. It's a solid mess in here. - catch up on schoolwork - finish my JobCorps paperwork - catch up laundry - grocery list ( in progress ) - finish more crochet ( i have to put some toes and eyes on crochet frog ) started off today going to be a Nothing Day, just didn't feel like doing anything. finally perked up around noon and knocked out the above to-do list items. ran slap out of energy but. i feel like i can definitely get the rest done tomorrow and then! i have Saturday and Sunday still to recombobulate before w
  7. Heyoo all, will reply properly tomorrow. We've actually been given Thursday and Friday off- so a four-day weekend. Ngl im somewhat sad about what that means for my paycheck- the overtime i worked will basically just make up the difference for the two missing days, but also like. Heck yeah some recovery time. I've been feeling like the weekend isn't long enough to really stabilize and I'm kind of scrambling to keep up every week. Maybe i can actually get some energy back. But also have to make the most of time off so: - need to clean my room, first and foremost. It's a s
  8. You can do it, Sal! Self-hate is a tough beast. I know you can conquer it though! ♥️
  9. Also another thing to work on this challenge- I never sleep through the night anymore and i have terrible anxiety every morning to the point of feeling sick and weepy which is. Not great at work. Idk how to Calm Down but i need to.
  10. Thanks all! Will reply properly later but just a note that i won't be around much this week bc I've got 12hr shifts every day and might have to work Saturday. We get home just in time to go to bed within the 8hrs of sleep range. Just got through Monday and im already 😫😴
  11. i got my food packed for tomorrow and completed a crochet project, as well as made considerable progress on another crochet project. one is a little white pouch requested by coworker D, and the other is a stuffed frog for New York Friend, who loves frogs. i just have to add toes and eyes to the frog and it'll be ready to send. i really need to get back to work on the scarf i've been working on. ngl i'm ridiculously sleepy and will 100% be going to bed entirely too early this evening. if i make it to 8pm it'll be an act of God 🤣
  12. *waves tiny flags* context: i have a fairly low appetite most of the time and am adapting to a Pretty Physical Job (on feet for most of 8 hours, mandatory 12-hour shifts multiple days a week, constant motion and moving heavy stuff) which makes my food disposition Inconvenient. i'm gluten free bc allergies and vegan by choice as well as milk/egg allergies and also just. periodically hate eating. goals: eat the food - current plan is to have a jacked-up protein smoothie for breakfast. i've got the stuff to make a smoothie with like 57 protein in it. then do my usu
  13. okay so i think for breakfasts i'm going to make smoothies at home with some of the higher-protein vegan protein powder, plant milk, and nut butter. still do mostly snack stuff at work- carrots + hummus, some nuts, applesauce + granola, maybe still do a protein shake. quick stuff. i'm thinking of packing food for After Work though. something greens + grain + bean based. then have a dinner when i get home. stuff like sweet potato + greens, red beans and rice, or veggie burgers. i have an ungodly amount of corn in my freezer too though so i might do a corn chowder at some point. i th
  14. Next challenge will focus on foodstuffs. It's almost 7pm on Saturday and I've had some chips and salsa, some gluten free/vegan crackers, and waffles. Not good. Haven't gotten much done either apart from laundry and filling out JobCorps paperwork. Napped twice, v tired. Working on meal plan/grocery list now. Tomorrow we have church- I'm running cameras at both services - and a bit of grocery shopping/meal prep. Hopefully get an exam done.
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