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  1. TODAY: nothing on the agenda except kind of chilling since momsauce is home doing a bit of recovering from yesterday and honestly so am i <.< we think she's going back to work tomorrow but i'll nuisance her into taking another day if it seems necessary tomorrow morning. Other than that, i'm changing challenge themes. 👀 this week will be my kind of 'tutorial' to get my setup right and then on March 1st will reset with a 'new' challenge with this theme even though it's technically the middle of an existing challenge XD Goals are pretty much the same as always but like, with a theme,,, That theme is WolfQuest! I don't know if anyone here is familiar with the game, but essentially it's a semi-realistic simulation game where you play as a wolf in Yellowstone National Park. You start out as a 'dispersal wolf', having broken off from your birth pack in order to start one of your own. So you have to hunt for food, find a mate, secure territory, and eventually care for and raise your pups all while defending them (and often, yourself!) from various dangers like coyotes, foxes, bears, and other wolves. Some food, like rabbit, is easy- you just chase and bite and it's done -but different types of prey are much harder to take down and if you're not careful they can actually kill you. (bull elk and moose will take you out if you don't know what you're doing) So you've got some little 'bars' to pay attention to. There's your health bar, which is pretty standard. Then there's stamina, which depletes when you run, i think when you fight/bite, and when you pick up a pup to carry it. It also depletes a little faster when your food meter is full, but will refill when you drink water. You've also got a 'rest' meter - your wolf can get tired! Running around or even just being awake for a while lowers the bar and eventually you have to take a rest to refill it. Later on, starting from when you choose a mate, you get a Pack Affinity meter that you can keep full by interacting with your pack. Lastly, you eventually get a territory meter which constantly depletes over time and you have to refill in order to keep other wolves from intruding in your territory. Keeping the meters filled is an ongoing thing, but there are also some specific 'missions' The game also has a huge map that you can explore for ages and ages and is apparently pretty accurate to the real Yellowstone Park. I used to have this game back in its original edition and loved it, but now that it's grown and gotten so many beautiful upgrades, my laptop would never be able to run it so i'll just steal its format for a Challenge instead. Mission: "Hunt Two Elk" but my 'elk' are going to be any one-off tasks on my to-do list...things leftover from previous challenges and such. And i'm modifying this to be three 'elk' since we're going into the third month of the year. These one-off tasks can be anything and the categories can be mix-and-match. So i could draw two pictures and choreograph one song, or any other mix of tasks. (will compile a list to work from) now, the other meters, Food: We'll go for no sugar, except on blood donation day at the end of March. minimal processed food. Stamina: workout at least three times per week (bonus points for five), walk at least three times per week (bonus points for each additional day) Rest: do my Bible reading! (my sunday school class has started a group for this!), bonus points for any reading in any book. Pack Affinity: Keep up with others' threads! Claim Territory: I don't know how it works in the new game, but in the version i played the meter was about half a 'pie chart'. So for me, cleaning my house will fill the meter- each room cleaned will fill one 'slice' of the chart, and maintaining the cleanliness of those rooms will keep the meter full. Fight Off Predators/Stranger Wolves: by avoiding self-harm and other bad habits. between now and March 1st i'll try to plot an xp plan. In WolfQuest you earn xp for everything, but while you can earn little bonuses like an extra den to choose from when deciding where to have your pups, the ability to name your pups, or have an albino pup, your main reward is just staying alive
  2. She's so sore today but shockingly nothing super serious? Neither of us can figure out how she managed this without breaking any bones or getting more severe damage, which is pretty miraculous imo. as far as the coping... i had the hadestown soundtrack full blast in my ears off and on via portable cd player. almost cried at intervals throughout but then after i asked the doctor if it's safe for momsauce to sleep and she said yes i finally just lost all composure and went to sobbing XD But again nothing too terrible for either of us, so that's pretty great! Heyoo, Sky! ❤️ I kind of knew when we first planned it that it probably wasn't going to actually happen, so that's helped to not be too disappointed over not getting to go. But we're considering it a lesson in preparedness and will be trying to put a little savings by to go next year if the event comes back our way (last year it was actually in the nearest city, but we didn't know until it was too late to go ) or be able to something cool even if it's not that. You're right of course about the volunteering! And, on reflection it is better to volunteer for a thing, show up and not actually be needed, than to not do it and have somebody be shorthanded. Even being there and not being needed technically just meant everything was running really smoothly without assistance, so i should be happy about that Thank you for your kind words and support! ❤️
  3. Not gonna lie Sal to me this looks more like, "I was doing all sorts of other cool things, but STILL found time to do a quick workout. I'd like to find/make time for my exercise even when I'm busy, and this was a solid start on that." you did something, that's wonderful! It would have been so easy to just heck with it and not do anything, but you chose to exercise instead finding a way to balance your work and other tasks would be a great thing, but at least from here it doesn't look like what you did today is bad at all ❤️ Good luck with the weather tomorrow! We don't want you slipping and falling or getting another cold. Good for you if you do go for a walk; it also sounds like a lovely sort of day for extra cat-snuggling
  4. this is so cool Sal! i'm excited to see/hear about how this project progresses, it sounds awesome!
  5. @Salinger and @Tanktimus the Encourager heyoo ily and thank you both for always being so supportive and giving great advice, so sorry for any misunderstandings but you're both lovely! ❤️ i'll do proper replies to everyone later after a recharging session because today? has been? a DAY. Short version momsauce had a fall in the church parking lot and somehow banged her head on the concrete, got a 'goose egg' as they say right around the eyebrow, didn't let anybody tell me until i came to find her after Sunday School 😱 so then at the general consensus of Literally Everyone we went to the ER to get her checked out. And she's actually weirdly fine for having such a nasty headbonk! No concussions or fractures or anything apart from being really sore and like, bruising almost a black eye. But between her being hurt and me being metaphorically allergic to hospitals (several miniature attacks were had) we're both utterly out of go for the day. But i'm so relieved she's not hurt any worse!
  6. Aye, i'm not going to diagnose myself or anything, the description just sounds pretty accurate and further looking-into might let me steal some strategies for dealing with my own episodes, whatever they might actually be.
  7. Ahaha, bath fizzies/salts/anything really are the best! ❤️ I think there was an incident several challenges back where someone said something i'd described sounded like a dissociative episode, but reading through your link, and then doing some extra googling, oof some of those things do resonate, especially in one of the articles where it mentions feeling 'disconnected'. Yikes. Something to look into for sure, thank you for the link! And thank you for your support! You're a great friend! ❤️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nothing really happening Today, we had the day at church and ohhhh my goodness it turned out there really wasn't any work for us to do, so i did have a bit of a wallow of feeling useless and foolish...which tends to happen every time i volunteer to help because it seems like the little jobs i take never wind up actually doing anything (genuinely, manning the popcorn machine at the fall festival...and maybe helping the guy put together the stuff for his class...have been the only volunteer things where i actually felt like i did anything...and still managed to feel like a bad person after them so it's most certainly just something personal to work out XD) my low mood has persisted...yesterday wasn't even certain if i'd have the mental/emotional capacity to go to the church today but felt better enough to go for it. mood's been dipping off and on all day, though, getting into spells of feeling so powerless and discouraged. But did tell momsauce about some of the weird feelings, and mention that i've considered/might further consider at least calling up the counseling center associated with my church...they offer very, very low prices and while they're not medical or anything they're at least affordable and an option. Previous attempt to investigate that option didn't go so well (i contacted the wrong person by mistake and she assisted in me making myself feel stupid) but...maybe maybe maybe. Um, sort of contributing to sadness right now but not really in a big big way is i'm pretty certain we won't actually get to make the trip to go see the dinosaur exhibits just because i've looked at the funds and they're just not there, not responsibly anyway. And there's also a bit of uncertainty over whether i'll actually be able to send in my camp application, been some confusion there, but there's still a decent chance on that one. Missing the dinos is no fun but it's fine, still got my egg fizzies to use and things aren't so bad really. So tomorrow's another All Day at Church day and should be pretty much fine. Not likely to have wi-fi but i'll do some notebooks work and probably go up and down lots of stairs in the way of exercise
  8. Thanks, you two ❤️ i am feeling better now than yesterday. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today: Not much done yet. It feels like the whole day's gone by but it's actually just past 9AM 😮 i've been up since 4:30 just kind of scrambling a bit trying to sort through thoughts. And vacuum the boys' cat tree (which Norrell was personally offended by) something's still Off in a way i can't quite accurately articulate just yet...nothing's really Changed and there's nothing big going on but it feels like i'm caught at some kind of crossroads...with an additional serving of weird feelings. Wednesday night in particular it kept coming up, "I'm not a real person" and feeling like when talking to people in person, it's not real and it's just kind of choosing dialogue options, not just me but everyone else too. And that everything is just going through motions and following a script. Which...even if that's the case, i should still be doing my best to do good things with it so, really it doesn't even matter. But i've been dizzy and confused over it all, feels like i've just been yanked off my feet and i can't entirely place why. Anyway, due to that and also generally not feeling well (maybe being a bit sickish is affecting my mind gremlins) i did call time on the no sugar thing and send momsauce some coin to pick up tea stuff today. we've had storms and so the plumbing's all janky at the moment or else i'd be in the bath with my dino fizzers soooo not sure what today's agenda is but will get a workout in and then maybe try to work on my songs or do some cleaning or something.
  9. omg i love the skeleton with the mop XD what a cutie! your hair really does look fantastic, Sal! How lovely for the cashier to comment, too congratulations on the assessment, by the way, i know that's been a huge source of stress and do wish it didn't have to be, but so glad that's not hanging over you anymore! and further congratulations on your interaction with the Arts Council and the Director, that's truly amazing. Best curator in 12 years, ahhhhh i'm so proud for you! Hey, even though you didnt get a full minute plank the other day, i can't help noticing that the time has gone up from that first plank you did, maybe last challenge or so? you have built up strength and stamina and you are making great progress! Good luck with your cleaning today! ❤️
  10. so i don't know if it's yesterday's overdose of social interaction plus the high energy of the event but starting last night and continuing today we're having a bit of a mental health turn, things not feeling real? which doesn't fully sum up the feeling but is the best description i've got. very off-kilter right now. i'm waiting for it to ease off and not really panicking about it but, there's a bit of distress at work 😅
  11. *hugs* it's always great to have you around! ❤️ the day actually did get a lot better! i wound up getting a word search book and completed something like five and a half puzzles, and then for the last hour and a half or so i was able to use momsauce's phone to watch wolfquest videos on youtube, because i recently found out there's a wolfquest 3 now and it's awesome and teen!me would've been ecstatic. then the actual church event wound up being excellent! did some ushering (basically just handing out bulletins) and walking all over up and down stairs looking for people to Assist, and then sat with my Sunday School class to cheer the missionaries. I didn't actually cheer because raising my voice just isn't something i do but i was given a clicky flashlight thing and an ACTUAL POMPOM so during the cheering bits i shook that pompom so vigorously my arms will probably look like they belong to thor tomorrow early on there was an odd, uncomfortable, surreal sort of incident that's given me some things to think about but overall it was a great time!
  12. Sending you love Sal! ❤️ ❤️
  13. Bahahaha so, today i'm at the hospital all day until 3pm when momsauce and i leave to go to the Global Missions Celebration at church. I orchestrated this like a fine symphony, prepping lunch last night to bring with today, packing my vitamins, my headphones, a lap blanket, my laptop, making sure to bring a bottle of water........then got all the way here and realized i left my charger at home. XD and also forgot to bring the book i specifically wanted to bring so, that's awkward. and and and i'm supposed to be on no sugar right now but have wound up having a breakfast of chocolate almond milk and half a nature valley granola bar
  14. that's such a relief to hear! i got my last two exams for the month done! 🥳
  15. Aye, mostly! Just can't seem to shake this cold that keeps flaring this rate i'll have to make some soup :P --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YESTERDAY (monday) i did a full workout. all three sets. took breaks between the sets but not between the reps of the different exercises, first time i've been able to do that. Also did one English I exam (got a 95%) so now i'm down to one English exam and one Civics exam and i'll have completed my school goal for this month!