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  1. Miaulin

    Miau's gonna have to take a little time

    *slinks back in* so i've pretty much missed the challenge <.< and pretty much haven't been doing, ah, anything since then. been a little 'spacey' as my brother helpfully commented. not been sleeping super well either (jolt awake twice each night with hammering heart) but anyway, happening: hand's all healed up. there's a scar but that'll eventually fade back into a blood pressure alarm like it used to be. momsauce and i visited the only church that didn't leave me on Read and it seems like a good place, very focused on community service. we saw a rainbow in the sky afterward so that was nice :3 ive kinda been neglecting real food in favor of Bread Products despite being Allergic To Wheat and while it hasn't Killed Me Dead Yet i do need to munch some Real Food. finally got brave enough to actually try making cauliflower rice stir-fry the other day tho and found that I Like It tres bien might be able to borrow my grandad's bike soon (yay) after so very enjoying braiding my hair having learned how at long last...i'm now ready to just. cut it alllll cut it alllllll don't want it long anymoooooore, cut it aaaaa i got possessed by frozen for a second, sorry <.< i think my quarter-life crisis hit here recently tbh i was straight-up even thinking about a real-life name change and everything. (i think a name about halfway stuck, too) tomorrow's only official 'job' is to do my workout but i should probably also do some cleaning and. eat food and stuff. i bought lettuce today. *deploys glitter pompoms* and yeah! sorry for being Dramatic again, but thanks for the encouraging/supportive comments, they were much appreciated <3 i've still been lurking on various threads and keeping you all in prayers and thinks and long-distance cheering for everyone <3
  2. Miaulin

    Integration: The Protector Rises

    Heyoo um Sky? you're kind of amazing and i hope you know that. Check you out, NASA'ing like a NASA boss. I'm glad you made it through the nastyhot temperatures okay! Not tracking during All Of That sounds like a great call <3
  3. Miaulin

    Salinger's twenty third challenge!

    heyoo, Sal, been lurking, now sending you lots of hugs. London sounds brilliant, i'm glad that was good for you! <3 about the relationship, whatever happens and wherever it does or doesn't go, please just remember you're already a whole person, and a good one at that being yourself and being honest about what you want, and pursuing what you want, is good and important <3 cheering for you always mon ami
  4. ( having a rough patch that will necessitate some recovery. feeling generally spooked. still trying to Do The Things, but will be scarce for the time being. u_u )