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  1. Miaulin

    Miaulin Snufs it Up

    Heyooooo! same same, it's easier said than done but worth the try anyway. !!!!! i only just discovered it because my lazytown friends were posting about it, and now i'm practically buried in it do you know about the 2019 reboot? I'm on the last episode now and they're all charming and quite funny. and thank you for the follow, it's always good to have you around --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day One: Family stuff's got me sad. Nothing serious. I'm also remembering some things lately that i'd rather not be. Still have a cold/seasonal allergies going on so that's probably contributing to make me weepier over everything than is strictly necessary : P so starting small for today, my jobs are launder my bedding do my lessons on khan/duolingo/memrise do my exercise and maybe finish a drawing.
  2. Miaulin

    Miaulin Snufs it Up

    ...and continues looking for space. i've recently stumbled into a little series called Moomin, which manages to be both really peaceful (similar vibe to games like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon) and this little dude is the current inspiration. He's called 'Snufkin' and he's a positively feral little creature who wanders the earth, never staying in one place for very long. He's largely unattached, except regarding his closest friends, whom he leaves each winter but returns to in the spring. (his friends hibernate during the winter like sensible individuals) his only possessions are his clothes, some camping gear, a fishing pole, and his harmonica. He's also all about nature and despite being a chill little man will straight up destroy people to defend it. but it's just the 'really chill' part i'm borrowing for this challenge. in line with Snufkin's free-range attitude, this will be more of a battle-log than a challenge, though i do have some things i need to get done. which jobs include the usual, housekeeping, drinking enough water, curating my own positivity because that's an active choice and i can't just wait for a positive attitude to manifest itself in me, and putting in work on Khan Academy, Duolingo, and Memrise every day since i can't start my actual school program until September. And exercising, of course. The main 'goal' though is to keep up with other people's threads and actually cheer and encourage instead of just lurking. For an extra dash of Snufkin, i'm also to try to spice things up with a little 'adventure' or fun to keep things interesting. Right now i think that looks like trying a new type of tea every now and then because i'm in a very tea-drinking mood right now but we'll see what comes up :3
  3. Miaulin

    Lightbearer: Present

    *hugs* here to follow along Sky! Lovely writing as always <3
  4. Miaulin

    shadri >>> some kind of something

    i missed some bits and started to quote the Spider-Verse "Leap of Faith" thing at you but then i saw S A M E DX ewwww i appreciate the Aesthetics of Spring and Summer with everything all pretty and green and sunny but boy golly do i wish we could just have autumn temperatures year-round any little thing to get a foothold and keep from slipping is good to have in the toolbelt i hope you find some things that work for you mon amie! yassssssss !
  5. Miaulin

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    Oh wow a vacation to a Bob Ross painting even! Eeeee how exciting! I hope you have a great time, with Snowdonia ad the festival, camper or no camper you have so many things going on right now! The dogwalking sounds like a wonderful idea, too. Spending time with puppers, getting some exercise, and knowing you're helping somebody out. Sounds like something fun to try out. *sends hugs and pompom wavin's* best wishes to you Sal and i hope you get in some nice self-care :3
  6. Miaulin

    shadri >>> some kind of something

    bahaha that's my mom's favorite moment in the entire trilogy she always refers to it as "Aragorn comin' thru them doors"...she googled it in similar terms once and actually found the gif!
  7. Miaulin

    The Dude(ette) abides.....Rinna does things.

    here for you ms rinna! :3
  8. Miaulin

    shadri >>> some kind of something

    sending hugs and love Shadri!