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    essentially, you know, goals Walk/Exercise EVERY day, no matter what. Same thing with vitamins and water-drinking. my multivitamin is the dumb three-a-day kind so we'll go with three full mugs of water too for now. same thing with all that Memrise and whatnot, do it every day No computer after 8PM. Use that extra hour or three to read instead because if i don't start working some reading time back into the day im gonna yell. Make sure dishes are done/sink is empty before bed every night. also stay on top of the laundry (wash/dry/FOLD/PUT AWAY GENIUS) Maintain the budget-sorcery i've been working on. Make list of the books i own and start actually reading them (8PM baby), on completion sort into 'keep' and 'give away' Get at least four drawingartswhatever done for the fair ???????????? if i report failure on any of these, boo me without mercy ^booing footage for reference also happening, getting a haircut. not sure when (because i have to Find It in the Budget) but, getting my ID card updated mostly bc Vanity and i Hate The Old One bc i had the pic taken on a Terrible Day getting a bank account set up, adulting and all that and yeah. ive been in a bit of a hyper-organizational mood lately in between fits of...the opposite...i've got this intensely thorough budget drawn up for the fam, we cleaned The Late Grandma's craftroom (it's not done yet but we sorted the fabric, gave loads away, and are actually making progress) ehhh...got a sudoku book to maybe assist Braining, found all my art supplies to start getting ready for the upcoming fair (you can enter artwork and win a ribbon :3) just. trying to organize a bit and make a clear headspace. got everything on a Chart.