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  1. Very thank! ------------------------- TODAY: is off to a slow start. I am Once Again excessively tired. I won't be focusing on my Challenge Goals much for the remainder of the day, as i need to do a bit of deep cleaning. A (baby) snake got into the house last night. It was adorable, buuuut....not really a great thing to have snakes getting in. It was resolved without issue (except for the poor little noodle, which grandad executed) and i am very glad cats Norrell and Chelly didn't get bitten despite how very interested they were and for how long they were investigating it before we humans figured out there even was a snake. But yeah, i've got to get some places super clean for better visibility of Where Could It Have Come In From. There are several possibilities as the house is fairly rickety. Anyway. got most of my tasks done yesterday. enough to earn some stars :3 I did an exam, but will be retaking it as i'm not happy with having missed three questions. I have until September to do that, though. I now have something like....two or three essays i'll have to write in order to finish the Practical English course, and then will get to move on to Consumer Maths. It's Earth Science after that. i got my brother to watch The Grinning Man with me last night! I was nervous to watch it with him (the inherent mortification of enjoying something while in the presence of another living soul) but we actually had a great time. idk that he wants to read my pages and pages of analysis about it but, but he seemed to have fun Today's Main Jobs: Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning! Drink water Put together a mealplan for the next two weeks, and sort out the grocery order for tomorrow. Exercise
  2. The thing about worrying, is that all it has the power to do is make you feel worse.That saying about suffering twice and all. It can't change any outcome. It's hard to control it and it's not so simple as just deciding not to, but if it's not out of line to suggest, i'd recommend trying not to let it consume you. If distraction is what's going to help with that, by all means distract yourself. But even if you don't go for distraction, and instead just living your life as best you can, that's also good. Whatever feels right and natural and is a way of taking care of yourself. There really aren't any wrong answers. Also, don't know if this is something you might need to hear, but choosing not to focus on the worry wouldn't mean you love your dad any less, or that you're a bad person. I'm sorry you're going through this. It's a hard, hard thing. Sending you all the hugs, friend. ❤️
  3. Thank you! I feel like my writing kind of peaked sometime in the 2012-2013 era and has been steadily slipping from my grasp ever since. I straight-up nearly cried when i realized i wasn't struggling to find the words last night, and that i actually could finish the chapter. i will absolutely join you for NaNoWriMo! I can't believe it's already almost time, just a few months away!
  4. Go you! As others have said, i hope the keto flu eases up soon! Also, so glad your doggo is okay! ❤️
  5. Saturday: i did almost everything on my list, but ran out of time to do everything, despite staying up until about 1am. I have been staying up quite late these days, after months of struggling to want to even stay up until 9pm. lately, it's as if my day doesn't actually start until evening even if i'm awake all day. Sunday: i didn't do much on my list except the water drinking, because i got caught up in writing! all day, i was working on (totally unnecessary, not school-related, just for fun) essays...the first time i was even aware of the time was 9am, then it was 3pm, and next thing i knew it was 2:30 am and i'd just written, start to finish, a complete first chapter for a story. it's not very long despite how long it took me to write it, and it's not great, either, but it's the most i've written for a work of fiction in at least five years or so. i tried to be embarrassed about it, because i usually would, but i can't. even if i look at it again and rewrite everything about it, it's still a starting point after years of feeling like i'll never really write again. so i'm a bit ecstatic tbh. Today: i really don't want to do anything but write some more but, i do have to get into my school work before i'm not ahead of my deadlines anymore, and do my exercise and other tasks. nerves are absolutely buzzing so i just need to calm down and do one thing at a time.
  6. AUGUST Onest! i did not properly account for this Challenge starting on a Saturday, but gonna make it work. Today's Jobs: Catch up on Cleaning tasks. I didn't wind up doing laundry yesterday, so that's on. Bible/Reading Do Khan Academy/Duolingo/Memrise lesson if the internet will let me Exercise Drink lots of water ( 2l minimum ) Eat some real food, because i haven't been eating well lately and have been a wee bit ghostly bc of it. Might fool around and do some Kalimba/Lyre/Writing today as well also adding some squats/calf raises to my normal workout routine, both because I Ought To, and, my guy here spends most of his entire stage time in the show like this. proper squat form? nah. but he do have the toe/ankle/calf strength 😌👊 the image refuses to embed so it's just a link now. ahsjfshajfa anyway, mental faculties still on the fritz and my nerves (in the mrs. bennet sense) are Hurting Me, but am gonna give it what i got and see what i can make of August.
  7. *poofs in with pompoms waving* heyooo, thought i'd already followed but apparently not! Here now to cheer you on ❤️ ❤️
  8. Proud of you, Sal! As you said, you showed yourself that you can do it! That's wonderful ❤️ I'm glad you had a good time ❤️ Sending you best wishes for a good August!
  9. heyoo, all, and thank! nice to see you i'm not actually starting my Challenge until August 1. Taking a bit of recalibration time as i feel like i've done some time as a dementor's jolly rancher, just all scraped out and heavy-hollow aching. i'm thinking that a laundry/bubblebath day on Friday will be a good start. i've also been doing some writing. bit of fiction, mostly analysis. that musical wound up providing a Lot of material.
  10. Greetenings. I'm Maggie and for this Challenge I will be doing things like Exercising, avoiding sugar, and drinking water, but my main goals are to Do My Schoolwork and Manage Household Tasks. Same as Usual, really. Previously, i was having a tough time with allergy meds and recurring Very Special Headaches. Allergies have mostly calmed down, so i haven't needed to take the knock-out pills in some time. Headaches, too, have subsided from their all-day persistence and are usually relegated to just briefly coming at me like voldemort doing a quick kizomba in ye olde skull and then it's pretty much done. biggest issue right now is, to put it as lightly as possible, not helpful to get into specifics, but suffice to say it's making everything a bit more difficult, but especially my schoolwork. however, i'm not especially upset about it so much as just, acknowledging that it's a thing. it's how things are right now and there isn't a lot to be done about it so, i just have to figure out how to work with it for the time being. So, yeah, i have a list of things that i want to get done every day, and one of things i want to do during August. Not sure how many will actually wind up getting done, but i'll be using my sticker system ( do task = get sticker, get lot stickers = happy feelings ) Very Loose theme will be The Grinning Man, because that's my current hyperfixation and the story is resonating hard. it's managed to wake up my writing inclinations, and i'm trying to lean into that. Anyway, Goals: Some Physical: Exercise/Stretch every day Drink at least two bottles of water every day. Avoid sugar. Two exceptions permitted. ( Try to ) Donate Blood Little Bit Musical: Practice the songs i know for my Kalimba and Lyre. Stay on top of household tasks by implementing a 'touch it once' rule and whatever else i have to in order to Get Stuff Done. Finish at least one story. Mostly 'Verbal': Complete the Practical English module in my schooling. Preferably get at least one section of Consumer Math done as well. Practice my ASL Do lessons on Khan Academy 30 minutes of reading, daily Track Things and keep at least a minimal journal to combat the disorienting sensation of missing time. And now for some Drama™️
  11. Sending you all the biggest hugs, Sal ❤️ Great goal(s), and i believe in you! You can do it, one choice at a time ❤️ No matter what you're feeling, it is completely okay to have feelings, and they don't mean anything bad about you, nor are they a failing. It's good to acknowledge them.