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  1. Managed to do all my exersice in the last week. The calories calculator says I ate too rich over the last week thoug. It's still within an acceptable range, but I can do better. Today I noticed 2 large dimples in my bellyfat... I am melting!! Help help...
  2. I have hopes.The weight loss might be an advantage...
  3. 10km of biking at 25 km/h those Bromptons are FAST scoobies beginner workout with an addition of 3x8reps sitting dumbbell flies and dumbbell pullovers
  4. Groin injury: muscle fissure. 8 weeks out. I will do cardio on the bike instead. So... Rode brommy today. 12.7 km in 32 min Strength training tomorrow...
  5. Sono today... fissure of the muscle... six to eight weeks out... All my progress down the drain... this sucks... But... Did Dr Gordon Freeman gave up when his HEV suit said "Minor lassurations detected" NO I TELL YOU... he pushed some extra rounds into his .357 mag grabbed his crowbar and went to look for the next power up. So... Comming weeks I will ride my Brompton to hell and back...
  6. You made me wiki that :-)Yes that could be possible. I'll have an sono tomorrow.
  7. Workout with my new weights. Fun. Curls and flys with 2×6 kg. Pullup and pushups. Now that doc has told me it's OK to ride the bike, I will do so tomorrow. I now feel safe to squat again too. I combined a nice 20kg dumbbell for that.
  8. Went to the doc. Probably inflammation of... of... Well she said it but I am an engineer, not a doctor... It was some kind of bag around the muscle. It will take time to heal so I lost all my progress... However, I can still do cardio on my bike which I will! Start anew in a month. Let's put that in my planner and go for a ride tomorrow...
  9. Sugar withdrawal symptoms are kicking in. Iritability Mood swings Unable to concentrate I hope it gets better soon Got a deal on 2nd hand dumbells today. Now I can get serious... Tomorrow I will go and see a doctor for my groin. I can't walk anymore without limping...
  10. These sugar withdrawal symptoms are a drag...

  11. Groin injury. Impossible to walk without limping. Going to see a doctor tomorrow. If the online resources are correct, I won't be able to run for the next 4 weeks. This will totally undo all my progress in the endurance department. How on earth am I going to find motivation again. Not to mention motivation to not binge on the upcoming feasts... This sucks!
  12. I've been overweight almost all my life. I was just wondering, if I metabolise all my fat in my body by caloric deficit, am I actually metabolising 40 year old fat? Or does it get reused and replenished?
  13. I'd love to help but I lack the two things you ask for. I am double your age and not a Christian. I just can't accept that not a single person responded in a whole month...
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