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  1. Evicious has it down, Situational Awareness will be key to survival. in addition to NRA stuff if possible look into IDPA, IPSC or any other shooting sport that focuses on self defense scenarios. Even if you never plan to carry a weapon, it would behoove you to practice so when the SHTF you can acquire and use whatever weapons present themselves to you by way of your enemies. Practice with tactical rifles, shotguns shooting slugs and 00 Buck and as may types of handguns as you can. Personally I think I'd do some research on what are the popular weapons among the folks killing and attacking people in your job and be sure I knew everything I could about those weapons specifically. But you must have the mindset that you WILL use it if necessary to defend yourself or don't bother. There are numerous places to get basic battlefield triage and first aid training. Create your own BOB and also do some practical surtvival training. Mindset is 85% or more of the battle to see whether you will survive.
  2. Just had yearly checkup. Doctor is prescribing a fish oil and CoQ10 supplement and red rice yeast supplement for me. She's also pushing me to go far more primal than I am currently (still drink beer and eat some bread). I'm wondering if anyone is taking these and why? Doctor's reason is to reduce my triglycerides and LDL numbers while keeping my HDL high like it is now.
  3. I'd love some khaki or tan or brown options in colors of t-shirts etc. I look worse than death warmed over in black and it's awfully hot to be working outside in black. SO I'd love a few options.
  4. Oogiem

    Paleo Meat

    Try localharvest.org for a source of local grass finished meats direct from the farmer. And become one with your freezer :-) We just did something we said we would never do... We bought 2 steers to raise up for beef. When we got rid of our cows we swore we'd never get any again but we need something to eat the less than wonderful hay that got wet this year so need some cattle. Our plan is to sell one and keep one for ourselves.
  5. I'm loving my Carhartt Easy Fit Carpenter's Pants. Fit perfectly except for having to shorten the legs about an inch (I'm short) and durable. Decent front and back pockets. For other's I've been buying Travelsmith pants. Or BDU's if I can find them
  6. posted update in thread over on main board, aspirin is only things stopping pain right now. Can't get out to drug store to pick up anything else, no aleve in house nor any tylenol. Just trying to keep us and sheepies and dogs fed right now.
  7. My hackles raised up at hearing this. I strongly suggest you look into self defense and also take off the headphones and take pictures and start calling the police with every comment. That sort of behavior is what escalates into a really bad situation. Personally I'd also consider having some sort of weapon on me, whatever you are comfortable with and will train with whether it's pepper spray, a baton or bat, a set of metal knuckles, a gun or just your well trained hands and feet and do not neglect to train your brain as well as your weapon but get something to protect yourself and make sure you know how to use it.
  8. OK so I managed to again strain or badly pull several muscles in my back and neck. The same general area that took about 2 months to heal last time and I thought I was better. This time I think I did it with a bit of sheep turning for ultrasounds or perhaps the extra hay lifting I had todo since hubby is so sick he can't even get out of bed right now. Anyway, on to the question, for fairly severe muscle soreness, and shooting pains do you prefer to take aspirin or ibuprofen? Why would you chose one or the other? And lastly should I be using a heating pad or ice on the injured area?
  9. Based on the comments here I think I'll give the whole article a pass. I don't need the angst dealing with that sh*t today. Out of sorts with a very very sick hubby and doing all the farm work by myself which takes me more than twice as long. And on top of that I re-injured my back and am very sore and having problems lifting hay bales so feeding the sheep takes even longer.
  10. We go in to town and buy a beef steak. Lamb (or actually our sheep mutton) is what we eat most of the time and I do occasionally get tired of sheep. Hubby won't eat any fish so that's not an option. We also have pork, deer and chicken in our freezer. I use the venison as a nice change up for us from our lamb/mutton.
  11. Beavan's Family Butchers is a great one in Abergavenny Wales. Much of their meat comes from their farms. http://www.beavanfamilybutchers.co.uk/ Much of the meat is raised here: http://www.katescountryschool.co.uk/ Wonderful folks and wonderful meat.
  12. Try the Clinique deoderant for men. No fragrance and works great on sensitive skin
  13. Yes there are, Which is why grass finished is such a big deal over here. Even lambs are put in feedlots and fed lots of grain most of the time.
  14. Well they performed as expected for normal use by normal folks. I just don't think they really were ever meant to handle rams. I'm keeping them and wearing them as my go to town dress up jeans (we live in an informal town, Paonia Formal wear means no sh*t on the boots and everything clean ;-) )
  15. Update: LL Bean jeans are not exactly suitable for heavy duty farm work. Carhartt FTW I just forked over another $50+ t buy a second pair so I can actually wash them once in a while ;-)
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