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  1. When Friday retired briefly from courier duty and became the person feeding the elephants child aka following any rabbit trail she wanted to when asked questions. I love that part and yes, very google like.
  2. Evicious has it down, Situational Awareness will be key to survival. in addition to NRA stuff if possible look into IDPA, IPSC or any other shooting sport that focuses on self defense scenarios. Even if you never plan to carry a weapon, it would behoove you to practice so when the SHTF you can acquire and use whatever weapons present themselves to you by way of your enemies. Practice with tactical rifles, shotguns shooting slugs and 00 Buck and as may types of handguns as you can. Personally I think I'd do some research on what are the popular weapons among the folks killing and attacking peop
  3. Go take a look at this chart: http://www.virtualweberbullet.com/meatcharts_photos/BeefMadeEasyCutChart2009.pdf Has all the major cuts and what comes from where. What you are getting is called a split half. This has the typical amounts of retail meat in each of the major primal cuts. http://beefresearch.org/CMDocs/BeefResearch/Beef%20Cutout%20Calculator.pdf Hope that helps.
  4. Just had yearly checkup. Doctor is prescribing a fish oil and CoQ10 supplement and red rice yeast supplement for me. She's also pushing me to go far more primal than I am currently (still drink beer and eat some bread). I'm wondering if anyone is taking these and why? Doctor's reason is to reduce my triglycerides and LDL numbers while keeping my HDL high like it is now.
  5. I'd love some khaki or tan or brown options in colors of t-shirts etc. I look worse than death warmed over in black and it's awfully hot to be working outside in black. SO I'd love a few options.
  6. Yeah I think it is a woot. Combining farming with programming and hobby electronics. Now if I can just get the GitHub weirdness worked out so I can push my latest code easily... ;-)
  7. For the last 6 months or so we've been working hard on a sheep EID tag reader and database and user program for our sheep flock. We presented our demo SW and HW last week at our state woolgrowers convention. The entire system is Open Source and I am a novice Android/SqLite programmer so it's been really slow going. However, we made the local news this am! http://kvnf.org/post/local-sheep-farmers-unveil-open-source-diy-tracking-system
  8. Well having grown up with the Doctor, in all incarnations, I personally want an older amalgam of Tennant and Davidson. But I have no clue who could do that.
  9. My mind got blown after seeing him in Kinky Boots, the juxtaposition of Lola vs the Operative was just too much! I don't think I could take him as the Doctor!
  10. We were still lambing in May so a light reading month: Beginning Database Design Clare Churcher Tales from the White Hart Arthur C. Clarke Android Developers Cookbook James Steele & Nelson To
  11. So who would you like to see as the 12th Doctor? And do you think they'll change the 12 reincarnations limit?
  12. Yes, tried reddit, Android Developers tutorials, StackOverflow etc. Lots of various threads but again no complete examples that actually run in the latest Android development environment.
  13. Oogiem

    Paleo Meat

    Try localharvest.org for a source of local grass finished meats direct from the farmer. And become one with your freezer :-) We just did something we said we would never do... We bought 2 steers to raise up for beef. When we got rid of our cows we swore we'd never get any again but we need something to eat the less than wonderful hay that got wet this year so need some cattle. Our plan is to sell one and keep one for ourselves.
  14. I've basically been MIA here since March. We started lambing the first week of April and I've been going flat out since then. But we have 86 lovely lambs for my troubles. Down to the last 5 ewes to lamb should start this week. In other news, diet is getting better and better all the time and with spring farm work Iv'e gotten in better shape and have lost about 2 inches on my waist and another 2 or so on my hips. We also now have a gym in town, almost no aerobic equipment at all (1 small elliptical and 1 stationary bike and 1 treadmill) but lots of weights, free weights, dumbbells, squat rack b
  15. OK I HATE that NONE of the example code on the Android developers site actually works. So... Can someone who really understands Android Service/binding/messaging help an ancient programmer out whose last real programming job was in Fortran with some Pascal who is trying to get a Java Android system up and running in time for a demo by the first of July? I have 2 working programs, an EID reader that uses bluetooth to read an electronic ear tag on a sheep. And a LambTracker program that queries a SQLite database using an ear tag number and pulls up lambing data and health records. I need t
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