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  1. We are assassins now! Don't forget to change your icon!
  2. ALRIGHTY! I made it! I get to be an Assassin this time around! For Great Justice! Now, I haven't figured out how to do all that fancy-shmancy themed gif insertations and colory doodads y'all long time members do, but I DO know how to kick some goals in the teeth. Below are said goals which will be teethkicked. 1. No sugary bits! 0%0% This basically means that I'm cutting out some of the high-sugar things I usually eat/drink, such as honey, coffee creamer, and perhaps an apple here and there. I eat plenty of carbs with all the veggies I've gotten used to eating; I'm just trying
  3. RAWR. RAWWWWR. BBWW number EIGHTEEN and the FINAL WORKOUT for this challenge! COMPLETE! And just for the hell of it? I DID FOUR CIRCUITS! Yeah, I just FELT LIKE IT. Also, everything else is on point for being an AWESOME FINISH to the first challenge!
  4. I'm currently having an existential crisis. I accidentally forgot to measure my coffee creamer, and probably put a good three tablespoons in there, instead of the requisite two. I do not want to waste the coffee, but I also do not want to fail in my challenge! My thought process is as follows: in order to maintain an "A" rating (defined as greater-than-or-equal-to 90%) in that particular category, I must miss no more than two days. I have already lost one, and this would be the final miss before dropping to a "B" rating. However, given our relative proximity to the completion of the challenge,
  5. OK SO YEAH! Long time no post. Except it's been, what, a week? Yeah ok a week. Today's workout was just fine! I definitely did all of my exercises over the little vacation I took. I didn't eat well; in fact I ate like crap. But I got my veggies in where I could, and my in-laws bought some apples for me, so I was able to hit that challenge every day except Sunday. Same with the coffee. Sunday was the day we flew back, and there was just too much airport time for me not to have a coffee, and apples/veggies weren't exactly everywhere. I probably could have been a little better that day, though
  6. BBWW number 14 TEETHKICKED WHABAM! Actually it was mediocre as far as difficulty was concerned. Still working on push-ups and lunges; everything else seems to be coming along. Still proud of my 30 second planks. I'm leaving Michigan partly against my will tomorrow. My wife has an awards banquet to attend for her company on Friday night, and I am invited. I am a dutiful husband and will be attending with her. Naturally our kids come too, and the company is paying for their tickets as well, so it's easy to go. I just hate airport security T_T I'm always afraid they're going to find something I
  7. Everyone is doing all the things, yes? We must to the things! The things which we must do! Must level up and be ASSASSINS!
  8. Just finished BBWW number 13. I dare say it was... easy? I still have a difficult time on the very last one, really just fighting to get myself back up. But I do it, and I feel exactly which muscles are going to be strengthened, and that's cool. Other than that, this time the lunges didn't just drain me, which is a hefty change. So back when, I signed up to get the initial blast of introductory emails from Nerd Fitness. Eventually around came the email encouraging me to take that embarrassing "before" picture that I really didn't want to take. But I said "Wife... take my picture." And she w
  9. GO GO GO! Sodas = teh suck. Dang. But you've got the perfect attitude: "OH WELL!" GO BE AWESOMER TODAY THAN YOU WERE YESTERDAY!
  10. Ok so this isn't a direct challenge update, but I had to share: I have lost enough fat to be able to fit into my original wedding ring. We never had it resized because it has a specific border, and a "comfort fit" which costs extra to fill in and whatnot. So we eventually just got a very plain gold band for me to wear. But as I type this I am wearing my REAL wedding ring, and it feels awesome. It's still just a little tight, but it slides on and off without having to "work it on" so to speak. WIN! It's these little accomplishments, things I didn't intentionally set out to do, that help make
  11. FIFTY PERCENT COMPLETE Y'ALL. Boo yah. Halfway done with the challenge. I'm sitting here today like, "OK! Didn't work out yesterday. Work out today, right? NO?! WHAT DO I DO DURING THE LITTLE ONE'S NAP TIME! Oh read, cuz you haven't done that yet." Idk I just really feel like I need to work out on Sundays, but I don't, and it's weird to feel that way.
  12. BBWW #12 Complete! Success! It wasn't NEARLY as hard as Wednesday's workout. I must be getting over whatever it was, or my body has adapted to the new difficulty, or both. But I couldn't help it: I know I said I was going to chill at the current difficulty and get comfortable with it... but when the first plank came around and 25 seconds was up I was like "meh, what's another 5 seconds?" So I did 30 seconds on all of them. By the time I was finishing my third I was like "Ok 25 seconds please?" then I was like "NO! 30 SECONDS YOU PANSY!" So that happened. Otherwise the rest of my goals are roc
  13. When I started out it felt like they didn't last very long. Right now, no, I don't really find them boring, because I'm constantly trying to do them longer/better. Right now I'm focusing on my ability to breathe deeply while holding one, which I've found to be a fun challenge. Keeping my focus on steady breathing makes the 25 seconds feel like nothing. Ok that's not entirely true, but it makes it seem faster than 25 seconds for sure. Maybe when I get up to like, a minute or so, then I'll let you know if they're boring
  14. Oh man. Yes. It feels great about 20 minutes after I'm done, when all my muscles have been stretched back out. But doing it is killer sometimes. Other times it's not too bad. But yeah. Good on ya for chasing that little girl around!
  15. Holy cow. Just finished my 11th BBWW ever. So I noticed that I felt like I was getting a sinus infection (relatively common for me) yesterday, but I seemed to have fought it off. Woke up with similar but milder symptoms today, and again felt fine by lunch time. But ZOH MY GOODNESS I have to be fighting something off because the workout today roflstomped me. I finished it, but baaaaaaarely. Wow. Even the running I do to warm up was killing me. It doesn't help that today I had decided to ramp up on my exercises. Squats are lower than they used to be. For the push-ups I kept my hands where I ha
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