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  1. Nobody yet? Really?? Well, I'll start us off... I admit that I've actually only played a handful of Tomb Raider games, but I still have to pick Lara Croft as my biggest inspiration. She's a survivor. She's versatile, adaptable, and she can count on her own musculature to shimmy, roll, jump, flip and climb through any situation. It's the kind of strength I truly want. It was hard to choose just one, though. I have a LOT of runner-ups!
  2. I know how you feel -- one soda after a week or two without and all of a sudden I'm thinking about more all the time! I used to drink one with dinner every night and sometimes I still miss having one with certain foods, like burgers. I think we're on the same page here! I may never bring myself to do real rock-climbing (heights are a big no-no for me), but I've always wanted to try rock-climbing-walls and I have always loved climbing stuff. It's just getting back down that's the hard part for me -- kinda like the cat that gets stuck in a tree, haha. Those small steps on your diet may not s
  3. I am in LOVE with the shapeshifter excerpt you wrote! Makes me miss writing. I've already got my eggs in a lot of different baskets, so I haven't done it lately. Do you write often? Or read much? I am definitely going to be stalking your challenge. Good luck! :)
  4. Congrats on your lunch break workout!! Man, those small victories are so much fun, aren't they? I had a similar win yesterday. I ate junk food for lunch and thought for sure that I was too tired to cook dinner that night, I already ate poorly, may as well just go grab something from a drive-thru for dinner, right? But for whatever reason, once I got home from work, even though I was DEAD tired I still whipped out the cutting board and conjured up an awesome homemade dinner. It was awesome! I almost went with the strong lifts program too! I spotted strong curves shortly after and admitted to
  5. Stargate! Aaaaa! I rarely find anyone else who likes it. Just the movie, or SG-1 and Atlantis too? SG-1 captivated me, but Atlantis put up a crazy fight to be my favorite. Also, it looks like we're on the same sleep schedule, haha. I know how hard it can be to get up by 10. Right now I'm actually shooting for 9:30. I realize it's a silly thing to relate about but I haven't seen a lot of us around! I'm jealous that you have access to an aerial silks class! If I had one near me, I would definitely think about probably maybe one day sometime going to a lesson after walking past it several hun
  6. Ugh, I can't tell you how long I lurked before I finally started posting. Way, way too long. I often will join forums and quickly shy away again after less than ten posts, making excuses about how they won't like me, I'm not interesting enough or can't bring anything new to the table, or I'm tricking people into thinking I'm worth being friends with when I'm not, I can do it on my own, etc. on and on into eternity. Congratulations on making that first step. The first step in anything truly is the hardest. Then, the first step of the day is what's hardest -- but once you're in it, you're okay.
  7. Zho

    kodi's first challenge

    No refined sugar -- I wish you luck! That's a tough one. I love sugar in my coffee and it's EVERYWHERE in packaged foods. Are you using any kind of replacements, like honey or artificial sweeteners? Also, kudos on the piano practice. I played piano as a kid and I miss it a lot lately. It sounds like you've just pushed past the hardest part... You know, that initial hump where you start your practice again and you get frustrated because you know you can do better than your hands are allowing? I'm going through it right now with drawing. I can't wait until it's fun again! So how are you learni
  8. I love your goals. The water one is so hard for me. I either drink way too much water in a day or not nearly enough! I get frustrated by all the pee breaks too. Ooooh, belly dancing! I've always wanted to give it a shot, but I can't tell if I'm doing it right since I have a little more belly than most belly-dancers I've seen, haha. Have you practiced before this challenge, or are you just starting out this year?
  9. Zho

    Zho Tests Her Courage

    Wow, thank you guys for the warm welcome! I wasn't expecting any kind of replies, haha. I'll be doing my best. Let's begin! 1/4 The first day of the challenge was incredibly stressful. I had a rough day at work that was not made any easier by my lack of sleep in the two nights previous. Boyfriend brought me junk food for lunch. I ate it. Afterwards, I thought I was just going to throw my first day under the bridge and call it a loss; we'd just eat junk food for dinner and it'd be one mark against me on day one. Somehow, though, I pulled through -- I remembered that I could make a pretty
  10. My first challenge thread is up! Here it is. Things will be quiet here for now -- or forever? I'm not sure how much I'll be updating here since challenges are very close together. Maybe I'll leave summaries here so I have a place to quickly look at how I've been progressing. Some things I would want to look at each time: - Stats. Weight, measurements, photos, etc. Did I notice any changes, like new belt loop, baggy clothes, etc? - How the challenge went. What worked, what didn't? Why, why not? - What was difficult? What was easy? Why? - Did I make any other (positive or negative) changes t
  11. Zho

    Zho Tests Her Courage

    One reserved post for weekly roundups, if I'm not too lazy to do them. ;)
  12. GREETINGS, FELLOW REBELS. Is everyone else as excited to get this challenge going as I am?! LET'S PAR-TAAAY. Background I'm Zho. 26, female, 4'11", 136 pounds as of this morning -- my lowest weight in 10+ years. Torn between classes -- perhaps assassin, or ranger? My fitness goals can be summed up as something between "functional strength and movement for everyday life or emergencies" and "do cool stuff." (Oh, I forgot "look freakin' amazing." That's in there too.) I want to be able to lift heavy things for my day job, flee from an attacker if I have to, do a pull-up, hold handstands, etc.
  13. 1/1 Happy new year! Today's weigh-in: 136.6!! *tosses confetti* This is my newest low-weight (not counting my early teens). I am so excited!! I told myself I'd buy a skirt as my reward at 130 but I'm starting to feel nervous about that, haha. It felt like a far-off goal before! I haven't worn a skirt in at least ten years. Anyway, I'm going to take a shot at my goals for the next challenge. I've already been thinking about them this whole time. ;) 1. Continue Strong Curves. I have a hard time admitting to using this program because the cover makes me cringe, haha. There's a lot of ladi
  14. Thank you!! And man, I am having the same problem... though, lately it's because I'm poking around the NF forums ;) It might be easier for me to make a computer-free morning routine once all the excitement dies down. It sounds like they don't have the recruits anymore! I'm not sure, though. We might get lumped in with the Rebels, whether they like it or not, hehe. Or maybe we're allowed to skip the recruit phase and hop right into the classes? Maybe we'll see when the forums go live today.
  15. 12/31 Today I weighed in at 138! Woo. I'm ending the year under 140, which was my goal for this month. It could have been lower, but I'm not really upset about having a new plateau that's 5 pounds lighter than my old one. ;) If I make progress in small spurts like this, then so be it! I woke up today with incredibly sore arms, but still managed to do my workout today. In fact, I did it about 45 minute earlier in the day than usual. I'm hoping I can slowly make it part of my morning routine. I'm hoping I can slowly make a morning routine. Y'know, one that's better than drinking coffee and s
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