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  1. Its a week old and 3 hours long, but it is a good listen to while doing mundane things. I am sure most people know this because it has Joe Rogan in it, but it has some NSFW language: http://vimeo.com/46465152
  3. Most girls are big on details, so even very little things done (in a dude's eyes) can be big deals for the girl. Always dress your best. This does not mean that you need to go out and buy new, expensive clothes, but more of do the best you can with who you are and what you have. Keep good eye contact regularly. Always kind of keep it in the back of your head to keep good eye contact with them. Another good (and fun, if you aren't too shy) is to make up a bunch of songs for her and with her. Doesn't matter how cheesy the song is or poor your singing skills are. It keeps the mood positive and fu
  4. In this context, the term "Christian" is used very loosely. Most of the New Testament (i.e: Jesus and Paul's letters) speak often about these topics. These are called "legalism" and "Pharisaic" in New Testament terms. Jesus spoke against Pharisees who do good deeds to look cool and justify themselves (what leadchipmunk was referencing), and Paul spoke against legalism and trying to obey the law for salvation (what you are referencing). So, if a Christian is truly living as the Bible states, then neither of those should be an issue or motivation.
  5. I got into a closed beta event this weekend for an upcoming MMO, so this will consume my weekend for sure.
  6. As one of those "religious" helpers( though I really dislike the term), I have to completely disagree with the motivation of "getting a better seat in heaven." Since I am a sinful human, I have helped others in the past with the promise of gain. It is in my sinful nature to try to get the best deal out of everything. We are all inherently selfish, and that is just what our flesh desires is selfishness. I would agree with you on all points... but only if Christ was never real and never payed for our sins. However, I do not believe that to be the case. Christ is a game-changer. When you accep
  7. The Temple actually runs more like a church than it does like a donation center. Though it has both, they focus more on going out into the urban and community ministry than having them come to them. I personally am going to help with the youth program, and the head there was interested in having me help counsel impoverished families get Diplomas/GEDs/Jobs/etc. Its like being a financial and spiritual adviser at the same time, I believe.
  8. I just got a job working with the Salvation Army. Its a paid one year internship to work at a Salvation Army Temple in St. Louis. We could talk about altruism or ethics or something like that. I think those are manly.
  9. Statistically speaking, one-fifth of the entire world is Chinese. That means that one in five people are Chinese. There are five people in my household... that means one of them is Chinese. It could either be me, my dad Jeff, my mom Susan, my older brother Steve, or my little brother Ho-Chan Cho.... ...... I am pretty sure it is Steve.....
  10. There is a reason there is no hit TV show called "Groomzillas"...
  11. Here is Robb Wolf's article on his blog regarding Paleo on a budget: http://robbwolf.com/2011/09/21/paleo-is-expensive/
  12. MDA's Weekend Link article mentioned this and it looks pretty legit. Able James, the "Fat Burning Man," just relaesed his new Paleo e-book PDF as well as an intro video to the "Paleo Lifestyle." All you gotta do is sign up for his email newsletter, and you get both. I just did, and it is great if someone wants some basic Paleo information for free. http://www.fatburningman.com/free-giveaway-introduction-to-the-paleo-diet-ebook-and-video-download-now/
  13. I think you are severely over thinking this. I am a pro at over-thinking relationships; practically a MD in "Over Thinking Chicks". As a doctor, I recommend just being yourself all the time, forever. The whole "I need to play it cool" angle never really gets anyone anywhere in the long run. When you are interested in a lady friend, just straight up be yourself. If you talk often, then talk often. If the girl is likes that in dudes: bonus points. If she doesn't like that in dudes: then the temporary "play it cool" fake will be found out pretty fast if the relationship goes farther, annoying h
  14. I usually put ketchup on the eggs after they cook. I don't know how it would turn out if in the mix while baking.
  15. I've been on the Primal bandwagon ever since I saw the movie Fat Head about four months ago. I have dabbled with it back and forth, reading the Paleo/Primal blogs and collecting as much underpants as I can. I have had a few trial runs with Primal, and though I do feel better when I eat it, I always give in to the call of grains about 6-7 days into it. I decided to buy "Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolf, hoping the book will give me even more motivation to attack this head on. However, I am now doubting my decision to put my money down on this book, because I am sure all of the info in the book is p
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