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  1. Thank you both! I started off doing a bit of yoga, and then tested the ground with a couple of sprints once it no longer hurt upon walking or poking it - and I am glad to say both activities went well! So well in fact, this weekend I got back in my crossfit box and did a couple of workouts, body weight and some deadlifts and squats. Apart from muscle soreness, all is good and I feeling a million times better and more motivated. Once again, thanks for your encouragement!
  2. Hi All, I haven't been very active on the forums lately but, despite this, I have had a few awesome months exercise and nutrition wise. Dropped over a stone whilst being able to lift heavier and run further and faster than I have before. Until 2 weeks ago that is. I somehow managed to sprain one of my little toes - not during exercise, but just stepping funny off a kerb. Reluctantly, I listened to my body and took a week off thinking surely, it is not going to take any longer than that. Well it turns out sprains take a longer time to heal than I thought. 2 weeks on, although I can now walk to my car and around the office and even manage a bit of a stroll my foot still doesn't like shoes very much. The one time I went a bit more mad and was on my feet for too long, I woke up with half my foot turning a deep shade of purple once again, even though it had gone down. Anyway, the whole not being able to do anything has been getting to me mentally and over the past week I have let the nutrition side slip as well and let's just say for the past week I ate and drunk everything I would not normally to pretty gargantuan proportions. It's turned out to be a vicious cycle because I am not sitting here feeling pretty disappointed in myself - not only can I not exercise but I can't even seem to get back to eating normally. Not 100% sure what I am trying to achieve with this post - I guess it's a way of setting an intention. As of today, right this moment, I will go back to eating whole foods to nourish my body and help speed up the healing process. And (this is the first time I have made this a goal!) I will not go back to my exercise routine. Not until I feel I am 100% ok - be it another week, or two or three. Instead I will try to incorporate gentle short walks or yoga, if possible, to make me feel like I am still doing something! Wish me luck
  3. Your challenge looks awesome, I'll be following along if you don't mind Well done so far, sounds like you've had a fantastic start! I have tried steaming kale and wasn't a huge fan of it - it's all soft and weird looking (I probably overcooked it). However, I have recently started having it raw. You just rip the actual leafy bits off the hard stalk (you don't want to eat that bit, it's chewy!) stick it all in a bowl, add a dash of red wine or balsamic vinegar, some olive oil and a drizzle of honey (only like half a teaspoon depending on how big the portion is - or skip the honey if you're 100% sugar free). Give it a good mix and, if you have time, either let it sit for 20-30 minutes (or stick it in the fridge). And voila! Yummy kale
  4. I'll be following along, some very solid goals - & very well done so far!
  5. Quick update - feeling much better and the thought of food is no longer making me heave. So I have finished work and have finally had my first meal of the day - beef & veggie patties, sweet potato hash browns, poached eggs and salad. Now doing some much needed studying!
  6. The NomNom Kalua pig is delicious! I have it in coconut flour wraps with coconut yoghurt and salad. Another favourite are breakfast sausages - I buy mince meat (pork / chicken / turkey - pick your favourite), mix it with some of my favourite spices and some garlic,onions and some grapefruit (or any other citrus) juice. Line a muffin tray with bacon, fill the middle with a golf ball size of meat and stick them all in the oven for about 40 mins at 180 degrees Celsius. Serve with some salad or any of your favourite veg on the side (or even some sweet potato hash browns) and voila! Breakfast
  7. I started using IF regularly about a month ago so I am quite early into the process however I am finding it is working really well for me so far. I generally only practice it on non-training days (so 2 x per week) with the exception of Saturdays where the timing of my workout means I do not have time for breakfast beforehand and by the time I get back and cook something it's lunchtime anyway! When I do it, I generally have a 8 hour eating window (12pm-8pm) so fast for about 16 hours. One of the biggest effects I have noticed is much better appetite control - I don't get hungry in between my other meals or on non-fasting days so am not even remotely tempted to snack - even when my co-workers surround my desk with a myriad of treats I would have never been able to resist in the past! I have also noticed that I am getting much better at knowing when I am full during a meal and stopping rather than eating because it tastes good or it's there. I have also been losing weight steadily at a rate of 0.5kg per week without counting calories however I am not sure if that is due to the IF as I am trying to eat very clean at the moment anyway, with only 3 off-plan meals/drinks per week. Overall I think it is definitely worth experimenting and seeing how your body responds to it. I would recommend perhaps starting with one or two days a week of skipping breakfast for example rather than going full in as it is likely to be less of a shock to the system. It is a very individual thing and I have heard many successful stories but also some for whom it has not worked. It's all about seeing if it works for you
  8. Days 1-3 Update: The first couple of days have gone well, I went to my boxing class on Monday evening and spontaneously started working on my push ups last night. My strategy was to have to do 7 push ups whenever I needed to go upstairs - and it worked. I did 3 sets and although it was painful, it left me feeling pretty damn awesome that I have gone from not even being able to do them properly on my knees to now doing 7 on my toes - and I think I might actually enjoy them too Diet has been good, treated myself to a thin slice of homemade paleo banana bread last night but otherwise stayed on track. Not sure how today is going to go as I started feeling very nauseous in the middle of the night and am currently at work trying to not be sick. I can't eat proper food although I am able to stomach herbal tea so might just have to do a spontaneous fast until I feel ready to eat again. There are a lot of tummy bugs flying around so I have the awful feeling I may have caught one - if I have, let's just hope all this healthy eating means I am now that little bit stronger and I fight it off before it gets any worse! No yoga or studying has been done yet however, provided I don't feel too rough, I will get a bit of reading done on my lunch break and tonight. Yoga may have to wait until I stop feeling queasy
  9. Hi All, I did my first challenge with the Rebels and am looking to do my next with you Rangers if you'll have me Why am I here I hear you ask? Well, my main goal is to become the strongest, fastest, healthiest, nicest and all around most fantastic goddamn version of myself I can be. I want to lift heavy, run far and fast, conquer mountains and gnarly downhills on my mountain bike, scale obstacles without a sweat and fold myself into a pretzel if the situation ever requires it - all while being a cool as a cucumber domestic goddess. Should be easy, right? Stats:· Weight: 57.5 kg / 128 lb (down 2.5 kg from the beginning of the first challenge last month!)· Height: 160 cm / 5'3"· Activities: Mountain Biking, Running, Circuits, Boxing, Yoga, Hiking My goals are pretty similar to last time, but I will be building upon them to make sure I have learnt from the lessons of the past month. Goal 1: A question of hydration “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.â€I will continue to practice the good eating habits developed in my first challenge, but take it up a notch by focusing on hydration: Follow the NF Level 7 nutrition plan1 full day or 3 off-plan meals are allowed each week Additionally: Drink at least 2 L of water every day Progress: Week 1: /7 Week 2: /7 Week 3: /7 Week 4: /7 XP Allocation: 0 complete = 0 XP 1-3 complete = 2 XP 4-6 complete = 4 XP 7 complete = 5 XP Goal 2: A feat of strength “In the depth of winter, I finally learnt that within me there lay an invincible summer†Last challenge went really well, I managed to stick to my exercise timetable and really enjoyed it + didn't feel overtired at any point. So this time around I will continue to follow the same exercise sessions but I will scale it down to 4 x set session + 1 x fun session a week to allow time for some of my other goals. My level up focus will be push ups. I have never been able to do them as I have 0 upper body strength. But in the past month I have gone from being able to do zilch to doing 6 good push ups on my toes. So: I will add 1 extra push up per set each week - starting with 7 in week 1To prove I have mastered it, I will have to show I can complete this at least three times during the respective weekBy the end of this challenge, I should be able to do 10 consecutive push ups on my toes with no break in between repsProgress: Week 1 - 7 Push Ups - sets completed: Week 2 - 8 Push Ups - sets completed: Week 3 - 9 Push Ups- sets completed: Week 4 - 10 Push Ups - sets completed: XP Allocation: No additional push ups added = 0 XP 1 set complete = 1 XP 2 sets complete = 3 XP 3 sets complete = 5 XP 3+ sets complete = a big pat on the back for being awesome and a glowing sense of achievement Goal 3: A journey less ordinary"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul" I place a lot of focus on building strength and endurance - so much so that I may have neglected the often overlooked but no less important issue of physical mobility and stillness of mind. The focus of this part of the challenge will be to try to build stretching and meditation into my daily routine I will complete 3 x 40 minute sessions of yin yoga per weekThis should consist of ~30 minutes stretching and ~10 minutes meditation per session Progress: Week 1: /3 Week 2: /3 Week 3: /3 Week 4: /3 XP Allocation: 0 sessions = 0 XP 1 session = 2 XP 2 sessions = 4 XP 3 sessions = 5 XP Goal 4: A matter of wisdom"No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance" In keeping with my previous challenge, I will continue to work on my commitment to my studies. I have a uni philosophy exam in May that I am determined to conquer (I study via distance learning alongside work). Complete 4 hours of philosophy study per weekNo set days this time - just get 4 hours done, whenever is most suitable - no excuses!Choose either a time or place where there are no distractions to maximise efficiency Progress: Week 1: /4 Week 2: /4 Week 3: /4 Week 4: /4 XP Allocation: 0 sessions = 0 XP 1 hour = 2 XP 2 hour = 3 XP 3 hour = 4 XP 4 hour = 5 XP So that's the second challenge all planned out! Good luck this month everyone, I know you've all got this! One final word - I was a bit rubbish at checking in and making regular updates last time around, so I will be aiming to log on at least 3 times per week this time around - feel free to shout at me if I don't!
  10. Final Challenge 1 Update - The Conclusion: So 4 weeks are up! Finding it hard to believe but I have enjoyed every minute of my first challenge and raring to go for the next one - so I will keep my update short & sweet Summary: Diet Goal: 20 XP out of 20 Workout Goal: 18 XP out of 20 Walk Goal: 19 XP out of 20 Life Goal: 13 XP out of 20 Overall Grade: B Lessons Learnt: Diet: This was probably my favourite part of the challenge. Following the NF Level 7 plan comes quite naturally and I did not at any point feel like I was restricting myself. I have far more energy than I did when I started this and feel lighter on my feet with no annoying tummy upsets which is always a bonus. I have lost 2.5kg since the beginning of January without having to think much about it! The only thing I kind of missed was cheese in some recipes so I think I will be a little bit more lenient going forward and allow the likes of goat's cheese or parmesan into my cooking if needed a couple of times a week - in moderation of course! Fitness: Exercise: Going in with a plan really does make a difference! Apart from missing one run, I managed to stick to the workout schedule 100% which was a pleasant surprise and awesome achievement. By doing this, I have managed to beat a few personal running records and have even progressed onto doing proper push ups on my toes, a fact which was even noticed by my bootcamp instructor. I will continue with this going forward, with a couple of additions - but more about that in my next challenge which will be posted up later today! Walk: I have slowly learnt to embrace walking - it's as relaxing as meditation and it has really helped me detach from the chaos of work on a daily basis. I have also made it a habit to go for a long walk each weekend with my boyfriend, up the local woods or a bit further afield. Some days it has been a bit harder to stick to as something always comes up at lunch, but overall I have always been happy I had stuck to it and got out - even in gale force winds and hail! Study: I think this has been my hardest goal to achieve, and I slacked a bit. The main issue is that most of my study time falls in the evenings by which point I have tackled the day and feel like I haven't got much energy left to carry on. Which in retrospect is rubbish - I do, but I am a master at procrastination. I think going forward I will scale it down to 4 hours of study per week - but increase the intensity. And rather than setting precise days in advance, I will do it whenever I am feeling at my best - even if I just end up doing one long study session at the weekend. I might also try getting some studying done in the morning to see if it makes a difference to my motivation levels. Conclusion: I really enjoyed my first challenge and although it has only been 4 weeks, I feel like I have come a long way from where I started already. On this note, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU! to everyone who has checked in and supported me along the way - I couldn't have done it without you I will be posting this month's challenge later on today, look forward to see what everyone is up to!
  11. Thanks Rurik, let's hope so! I am running a bit behind schedule so I shall post a quick update on the last week on here then work on writing up this month's challenge, joining the Rangers if you guys will have me Thank you Petefeet! The 4 weeks flew by and I can honestly say this is the first time I have managed to stick to my goals and enjoy the journey too Lol I might have to borrow your idea, I think my colleagues would like it!
  12. Haha honestly don't worry about it!! I got the privilege of reading yoyr updates first well done, sounds like you're staying on track!! And thanks for checking in - exam isn't until May but time has a way of flying by quicker than I'd like it to!Sent from my SM-P600 using Tapatalk
  13. Well done for turning it around, you've done a fantastic job of it!! That's one of the hardest things to do in my opinion so go you You're smashing this challenge!
  14. How is this week going? can you believe the first challenge has almost reached an end?!
  15. DAY 24 UPDATE: Diet: so far so good. 2 x poached eggs with half a leftover baked sweet potato for breakfast and some topside roast beef with broccoli and roasted carrots for lunch. Not sure what's on the menu tonight - my boyfriend is on annual leave this week so I am entrusting him with dinner preps, of which he has done a marvelous job so far! Fitness: Exercise: 34 minute run at lunchtime, managed 5.6km at an average pace of 6:00/km (my fastest yet). Walk: no walk today although I did have to go up and down the building a few times to sort out a work issue so that could kind of count? Study: 1 hour session planned for tonight - will update on how it goes!
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