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  1. You'll get back to it. Just like me. I took a little break on my diet as I needed to evaluate things.
  2. What? No.. you're always welcome to give input on what I eat! You're a smart girl.. you just make the same mistakes as me It's easier for us give advice then it is to take it sometimes haha. Just look some of the best coaches.. why aren't they in optimal shape? I was teasing you a bit, but I asked about your weightloss that wasn't teasing though. That was just an anecdotal assessment to give me reassurance that I'm not the only one making the mistake and it not working so in my reassessment I'm more apt to go higher on the cals. I think you're doing great. I'm glad you're back! And I have times where drinking isn't exactly the best routine, but it happens. You'll know when it becomes a problem lol
  3. I agree with Waldo.. my dietary guideline has been to eat low carb, but I've been low calories too. And in my recent literature reading this is a huge problem! Resulted in no change whatsoever. So getting to the correct method with the least amount of error as a goal is excellent because in my case I know that I wasn't eating enough.
  4. Wow your form was pretty good! I think it's obvious the weight is too light for you haha. Real form oddities will come out as you get heavier! Congrats. Glad you got Chad going to the gym with you.. it'll make it more fun! You know your starvation diet just further proves that I should eat more. I suspected your answer to be this. I've upped my calories by about 3-400 so far. Going to slowly increase and measure weekly. I'm jealous of your rock climbing area in your gym! That's intense!!
  5. From my understanding the sugar blockers are actually supposed to help you block ingesting them. It's supposed to help lower the cravings for sugar helping you avoid your desire to eat them. I'm not familiar with them beyond that. If that's the reason you wanted to use them and with further research you can't find negative effects to your body.. I don't see a complete problem with them. I think the end goal should always be to eat healthy, but sometimes we need an extra push. I do not think they will actually prevent you from gaining weight from eating sugar.. if that's what you're thinking?
  6. Excellent points Rob. Soon enough Johnathan may convert to the mwod dark side. The main reason he hasn't is planning the attack. 15 minutes really seems doable. Thanks for the post on alcohol. Now to figure out how to make this work with CN.. I don't eat carbs until nearer to dinner time, but this is saying to limit my carb and fat intake. Hmmm.. I like his points and get it, but how to do. I miss LG lol. If I can't get this CN figured out I'm goin back! I've certainly found some of the poses to be extremely hard with muscles.. though I believe it to be I just need to stretch more, the instructor said I had a biceps problem.
  7. Nutrition Pork Shoulder BBQ w/ broccoliHot Sausage Links w/ broccoli and cauliflowerCasein for extra protein (should've doubled up!)Macros - 2540 cals | 170 P | 190 F | 20 C Workout Barbell Bench Press: 120 lb x 12 reps (+72 pts)120 lb x 12 reps (+72 pts)175 lb x 5 reps (+86 pts)210 lb x 3 reps (+87 pts)235 lb x 5 reps (+129 pts)125 lb x 5 reps (+61 pts)125 lb x 5 reps (+61 pts)125 lb x 5 reps (+61 pts)125 lb x 5 reps (+61 pts)125 lb x 5 reps (+61 pts)Set @ 235 was a real grinder. Probably because my buddy was participating with me and he likes to do BB sets of 12-20 reps so I did 12 for fun @ 120. That makes sense.. I had protein too, but not near as much as the carbs. This week my carb feed will happen on a Friday which means I have to prepare for it at work. I'm debating on if I will drink or not. It's my roommate's 21st and it could be fun, but the value of drinking has weakened to my values of reaching goals. I'm working on it.. Everyone has told me to increase it, but I somehow still held onto the notion of calories in/out. You're just as guilty Ms. BCAAs! I've never done line dancing.. I'm certain I'd be just as terrible lol. Regarding stretching.. Rob has been hitting those areas pretty heavily and I'm giving it a consideration. Though the depth that Rob goes is awesome.. not sure if I could do that.
  8. I actually believe IF changed me to drinking more water as I should have been anyways! When I staved off eating till 1ish, I attempted drinking water more and found to cure my early hunger pain. Now I drink 3x the water. All because IF taught me something about hunger and myself. For the first time in my entire life.. I don't have to wear chap stick. I love snacky/deserve-this hunger. It's true the less you give into them the less they come up. It's pretty amazing. I honestly think that's the advantage to the 30 day challenges. Some people are always complaining about this as being too strict for beginners, but I think it teaches us about ourselves.
  9. How did I miss Gogol Bordello! Nice choice in music sir.. now it's stuck in my head as always!!
  10. I don't think the diets a failure. I think that each and everything we do is a lesson and you're learning your limitations. If I had tried this diet last year at this time I would've failed. I had about a month of progress on a diet before it was throwing in the towel for me. I'm making it much farther now and still having trouble with the diet. Since you are having trouble.. do you measure? If you're thinking you have a long way to go and you're actually losing then those cheats aren't killing you. Yes, you should try not to eat them. But the success is always in the progress. Patience is something that I have little of, but I'm working on holding it together myself.
  11. One thing to remember is to not look at as failure, but as a lesson. We get good at everything in life through practice and learning. Evaluation is where this really should take hold. Why do you consider it a fail? You may not have been participating as much as you would've liked, but it sounds like scuddle did great! Maybe the group was enough for her either way she was successful. Perhaps the group should discuss their successes and failures with the dieting!
  12. Workout Barbell Squat: 120 lb x 5 reps (+59 pts)120 lb x 5 reps (+59 pts)180 lb x 3 reps (+71 pts)280 lb x 5 reps (+175 pts)310 lb x 3 reps (+172 pts)335 lb x 6 reps (+269 pts)190 lb x 10 reps (+112 pts)190 lb x 10 reps (+112 pts)190 lb x 10 reps (+112 pts)190 lb x 10 reps (+112 pts)190 lb x 10 reps (+112 pts)Nutrition Chicken Thighs w/ broccoliGoodwince's CoffeePepperjack sticksLowcarb bbq sauce on pulled pork Macros - 2400 cals | 180 P | 175 F | 10 carbs Increasing my calories is going to take some paying attention as I'm pretty good at hitting 2000, but I'm aiming for 2500 right now. I need to also do measurements.
  13. You're doing great Kels. I know you are! The process is really hard. Laini.. how'd your weight do when you weren't eating? Did you actually lose any? That sounds like a severe caloric deficit lol.
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