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  1. Well I found my 1 rep max - 160 lbs... geez

    1. Flex Luthor

      Flex Luthor

      Higher than mine when I started. By about 100lbs :)

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  2. Someday's I really just need a comfort hug. Demons are whispering and body hurts (and its not from the exercise). Bah.

  3. Broke the PR on squats I set for myself in my early 20s! Ok, I weigh 80lbs more than I did back then...but...darnit I still broke my own record! :P

    1. Flex Luthor

      Flex Luthor

      Hey if all 80 of those pounds were fat you wouldn't have been able to pr. High five!

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  4. I have just registered myself for my first race with actual human begin (zombies doesn't count). I will do a 15k march 8 :)

    1. Flex Luthor

      Flex Luthor

      Nice dude 15k is no joke. Almost 10 miles. I look forward to congratulating you on your accomplishment.

  5. The only support I get is from my ex, sigh. Guess it's time to support myself.

  6. Rethinking myself as an assassin...

  7. I may not be an Olympian, but I got 19 points on Flappy Bird. It's the same thing, right?

  8. Just discovered I'm 28 years old. I've been telling people I'm 27. Oops...

  9. Literally shaking after today's workout!

    1. Flex Luthor

      Flex Luthor

      Well assuming there's no nerve damage I'm going with good :)

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  10. I feel like half the people in the chat think I'm the other Simon lol

  11. Push Up PvP: 110 knee push ups in 15 min (over a 2 hour period)!!!! O.o

  12. There's a big football game on today, eh? Maybe that means the gym will be empty and I won't have to wait for the squat rack...

  13. Thinking it's time to up my game. Higher weight, fewer reps, perhaps?

  14. Did my first "real" workout today, did the Beginner's Bodyweight circuit. Man, I'm out of shape.

  15. Yesterday I walked faster for my "a mile a day" and today I feel sore: that's bad shape :(

    1. Flex Luthor

      Flex Luthor

      Are you kidding? That's fantastic! You're still young enough to do something about it :P

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