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  1. The ranger panties seduce all to the warrior side. This thread is nuts. It was freaking awesome to meet you dude. Glad to have you throwing some heavy shit around in here.
  2. I also remember Steve saying it was just for fun.....
  3. #redband will be a global thing soon enough. There are too many introverts out there for it not to be.
  4. Total was 1160 weighing in at 187 for about 340 in wilks iirc. I had to rock Goku and go super sayian for costume night. No need to hide your jealousy with gifs.
  5. I am blown away again and again by the support of this community. It's unreal. I have challenge goals! All 3 are really scary ones for me! Goal 1: Workout at Jakked. I have never really felt like a "real" lifter if that makes any sense at all. It related more to my self image than my actual numbers but I'm going to work like crazy to change that. Jakked is a gym that's about 30-40 minutes from me and it is a legit badass powerlifting gym. My only measure of success in this goal is just to do the thing and not retreat back to the safety of LA Fitness. Goal 2: Follow a real powerlifting program. I've gone back and forth about this MANY times over the last few years and part of the reason I never have was definitely that I had aesthetic goals to match my strength goals so it wasn't right for me at the time. The larger part, though, if I'm being truly honest with myself was that I was scared. And it was way more comfortable to not really push myself all that hard in the strength realm. That's over as of this training block. Same as above. Do. Not. Retreat to safety. Goal 3: Remember where I came from. Camp did an amazing job of reinvigorating my deep love for this community and this in my promise not to forget again. I'm someone who's very good at retreating when life gets hard. Work stress, life stress, whatever, and it's the exact opposite of what I should be doing. Expect to see me around here as much as I have been in the past and should have always been. Goal 4: 5 minutes of meditation every day. The absolutely wonderful Amy Clover showed me the importance of meditation (especially for those of us with neurotic tendencies) and I definitely need more of that in my life. Pretty self explanatory on this one. Keep kicking all of the ass-nerds. I have quite a few challenges to keep track of now
  6. There's been quite a bit of crying done in the last day or so.
  7. I'm learning that. But it wasn't just for me. It was every single person there and it was fucking incredible.
  8. Near indescribable but I'll try. More support, love, and courage than I thought was possible for 4 days.
  9. I can't even describe how much I've missed all of you and didn't know it. There are no excuses for my absence but let's just say I let life get in the way. Camp (rather forcefully) allowed me to see the error of my ways. I'll post again later with goals and such but I had to get this out now. I love you all and like you just the way you are.
  10. I still exist. Many work stress. Much hiding. I will post a thorough update tomorrow.
  11. As every challenge should be. Keep it simple stupid.
  12. Aaaaand that's a wrap on Day 4. @Rob__ you're on deck. Everything went well on my goals yesterday. 4000 calories. Workout crushed (Including a 20lb pr on rack pulls for 515 total). 6 hours of sleep. Catch you guys on the flip side.
  13. New warrior? Welcome to hell.
  14. Ugh, I have been procrastinating getting lifting shoes for so long. Now might be the time.
  15. Day 3 of 22pushups for 22kill in the books! Next up is................... @raptron! Hit 3500 cals and 7 hours of sleep so a great rest day as well. Happy almost Friday you beautiful nerds.
  16. Power and hypertrophy adaptive training. Mix of low rep strength training and high volume stuff.
  17. Day 2 in the books! Next I challenge @~RedStone~ Let's see whatchu got. Post the above in your thread and get 'em done. Lifting went well last night. Link for those interested to what I'm doing in detail. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f33ejc6Wj78tktoP6z1UP4bdX_DlDfLthuYqY0woISo/edit?usp=sharing Knee is still iffy but working on bringing it back with ice and floss. Food was ok. I've been pretty high in calories consistently for a while (Actually hit an all time high in weight on Monday on this new scale. 188.2) so I took a slight break yesterday with 2500. Stomach is ready to get back in action already. I hit my minimum sleep but need more.
  18. One additional note. I will accept any challenge thrown at me and add those push-ups onto the 22 per day I'm already doing. ex 4 challenges = 88 push ups
  19. I do have one specific challenge this go round. @miss_marissa challenged me to do 22 push-ups for 22 days to raise awareness for the 22 U.S. Soldiers that, on average, commit suicide each day. While donating money is not part of the challenge, checkout these charities if you feel inclined to further support our veterans: 22kill.com,stop22.org,qwerty battledawgs.org Day 1 I challenge @Br0din ‪#‎22pushups‬ for ‪#‎22kill‬ push up challenge to raise awareness for the 22 U.S. soldiers that, on average, commit suicide each day. Here's how it works. Complete 22 push ups each day for 22 days and post your progress. Form doesn't matter. Time doesn't matter. Let's spread awareness to put an end to this tragedy. 1 is too many. I don't support many causes but veterans are definitely one that is close to me. Challenge a new person to do this every day you do it. I want the whole forum filled with people doing push ups.
  20. That means 3 plates on bench right?
  21. Here to remind you how fucking awesome I look so get your shit together.
  22. And on that sad comment I will close my challenge. I had a lot of fun at my conventions. Did not get much done gym wise. I'll take the trade off.
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