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  1. Here for bench gainzzzz
  2. Squat, bench, and deadlift?
  3. I think it comes from people trying to apply logic to something that they have no experience in. Always dangerous. Looking at an extreme arch (or even not so extreme) yeah it doesn't look safe. But actually doing an arch you feel solid as fuck.
  4. *gets the salsa ingredients ready "Oh PREPper" *puts salsa ingredients away
  5. You seem to be in almost the exact same place as @starpuck. We're working on her metabolism. Unfortunately conventional wisdom doesn't do jack for long term success. Sure if you just cut your calories a bunch you lose weight but if you do it too hard or too long (twss) then it can cause problems.
  6. I really love the calorie goals. Keeping that metabolism nice and stable while you lose weight. Excellent.
  7. Is the warning to prepare myself for the hotness?
  8. Time for gains! (I'm guessing based on your size and calorie amount)
  9. Supposedly you should wear sunscreen all of the time. Not sure how necessary that is but hey it's a thought. Good luck broseiden!
  10. So the challenge is over I guess? Who knew. Overall successful. I actually managed to put back about 5lbs of bulk this challenge and my bench is just about back. Epic things to come next challenge. Hoping to slingshot 3 plates. Peace out nerds
  11. We're back baby! Chest and back happened Monday. Worked up to 250 for 5 with the slingshot! Yay real weight. Yesterday was not so good. But also good at the same time. Started legs with 3x20@145 on squats. And that's pretty much where my workout ended. I had planned to do legs and arms but I was so trashed from squats I could barely function. It took about 20 minutes to do 6 sets of biceps and then I fell asleep on the mats doing abs. Yikes. Cardio is in desperate need. And before I get a raptron death face I did finish abs
  12. Weekend! Gymming happened! I did stuff and things. And core! Notable event was hitting 175 for 25 on bench. Otherwise business as usual. Happy Monday nerds!
  13. That's the secret to success. Years of not know what the fuck you're doing.
  14. The most common recommendation I hear is based on LBM not total weight. Logically speaking this would line up with what you said. Brovatar I don't have much to add to the rest of what you're doing so
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