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  1. Sorry on the squats Knees do not like them
  2. Had a tough week did not do the things I wanted to do.. But got rid of half my stress. I got a new job, 2x the money better company to work for, respects the employees. Still in a state of shock that I actually got it.
  3. I need this challenge! I am the pudgy, slow kid in the back of the gym class. I hate exercising, it reminds me of those times. Besides what is a burpee, plank, ect (I do know I looked them up). I just hate that that no one seems to think that there pudgy slow adults. In NF Academy the suggested body weight routines the warm ups and cool downs are for everyone and the beginner center is okay. Boobs, bounce, sport bras are torture to get out of, exercise makes me tired not any good or happy feelings. Waaahh, Waaahhh, YES I WANT CHEESE WITH THIS WINE. Okay now you know how I really feel but I hate being called Garbage Gut even more (my dad's nick name for me or GG) well not any more as an adult, buuuuut and mine is rather big. Yeah no real self love here. What I am going to do Joined a Monday yoga class goal go to every class, and throw in a belly dance type stretching tape on a different day Walk to Mordor or at least Tempe Yarn and Fiber, a side challenge with my mom 60 miles Track my meals, diet goes better with tracking Life Goal: do homework for online course in a timely manner, Okay I am behind, everything is due at end of term. Diet Goal: Paleo diet, no bread, soda and cut down on sugar in all forms Ultimate goal: self worth and self love Adeveturer str:3, dex:5, sta:2, con:2, wis:3, cha,5 Dragon/human who is chaos
  4. This sounds like a possibility for me also. I will look up Doodlies and see if I can find that challenge that you are talking about.
  5. I just wanted to respawn and came back to the forums. And i realized that the next challenge is starting this week. Okay talk about signs for a good respawn, Also a few days ago One of the ladies, Katherine on Facebook Woman's rebellion posted a challenge form that is so cool https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C4Vy837aHZVbkdciY265xVAFE25xm_i6Ke4dpvjfKTo/edit?usp=sharing If you copy it you can fill it out and it will work.
  6. this week 83,135 so that is an average of 11,876 a day. I have been stressed this week and trying very hard to stay away from the sugar.
  7. Crystalfire


    Hi, I am a little late to the thread. Just joined in time for challenge. I like the adventurers and decided to join you. I am still trying to find my way through the whole character and class thing. It really is not easy for someone who is not familiar with the whole message board thing. Okay I am computer non-user confused person. But I am learning.
  8. This week i am 88.764 steps for the week. that is an average of 12681 per day. I am finding that it is not taking a lot of effort to get 10,000 per day, except Sunday which is my relax and recover day. Starting to add more fruit to my diet. I received some oranges from a neighbor's tree, so much better that store bought. I really miss farmer markets here in AZ.
  9. Okay as promised here is the stats for walking. 9,719 steps average. There is no data for Sunday. I did not want to do anything and did not put my fitbit on my PJs. So I lost any steps for that day. But not bad for the week. Veggies were easy to do I just have to remember that I like them same with fruit. Midwest meat and potatoes mentality here. Was doing okay with the money until I had an issue and broke into my piggy bank. I vow to replace all the money by the end of the month. Homework, I got a little overwhelmed with everything got only half of it done. All due at end of quarter not at end of section (week) so I can catch up this week.
  10. I have a Belly Dancing tape that has an excellent stretching section that I did use. Work makes me tighten my back and shoulder and they become painful if not worked out at least once a week. I need to be more. Also the bread challenge is not happening. I was doing really great avoiding bread before the challenge and when I declared that is one of my goals there is sandwiches and homemade bread every other meal. I do not get to cook all my meals.
  11. Hi, Just starting. So here it goes. 1. Diet challenge 1. Eat Two Veggies a day (I usually eat at least one with dinner) 2. Eat bread only 3 of seven days ( toast for breakfast always) 2. Fitness Challenge 1. Walk at least 10,000 steps or more per day (I average 7890 a day) 2. Work out, any workout once a week 3. Level Up My Life 1. Save $1 a day and not spend until Jan 1, 2017 2. Do homework for WWA by Sunday of each week and not weight until turn in date at end of term. Okay these are hard but doable. Just getting into the idea of really going for each and everyone of these statements will be a challenge. I will post my workout on the day I do it and I will paste my Fitbit progress report each Monday to show my steps.
  12. There is no real clear instructions on how I can be a guild member or anything about creating one. Is that what you are trying to post and not getting the server to cooperate? I tend to get Lost in Forums, spaced out I have no idea where I am or was feeling looking at all this. I am heading for the Rebel forum for this challenge this time I can figure this for the next challenge.
  13. Okay I am a newbie to the message boards so How Do You Create a Thread?
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