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  1. On 3/21/2016 at 5:41 AM, Heidi said:

    Planted potatoes (a nod to the Irish holiday) and played cards yesterday afternoon before dinner.


    Lots going on today with mundane this and that.

    I've been thinking about growing potatoes. I'd only done it once before by accident in my compost heap.

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  2. Long time!


    In a calorie deficit, I'd expect any strength gains to start to slow down, if not stop. No big deal. Just try to maintain until you're ready to throw some more calories at the sitch. And definitely hold back from going to failure. The squats don't sound to worrisome since your dominant side (I guess) took over for the last rep. Maybe take some thigh measurements to see if there is a size difference.


    Although, lunges are pretty great. Work the grip. Always worked the heck out of my glutes. And you can work different planes by lunging diagonally or laterally.

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  3. Ha! I think the longest I let my registration go was 13 months! But I was also working night shift, so getting to the DMV just wasn't in the cards.


    Sounds like your workout recovery must be in tip-top shape with that good resting heart rate!

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  4. Good job :)

    And cuuuuuuuuuute puppy!  :glee:

    Thanks! Sooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!


    Your puppy is so adorable :). Especially how it hops up stairs :).

    He's adorable, but feisty! Bit up my hands yesterday!


    Wow....that's a pretty solid puppy video duet right there.  The sneeze was good, but the double-stair bounce was so freaking adorable.  Awesome puppy, but I really like puppies, so it's easy to convince me of how great they are. 

    Haha! Yeah. The way he hops is so adorable! I've been meaning to get a vid of him playing with my brother's dog...so adorable. How could anyone not like puppies?

  5. Things have been going so well. Not just with the challenge...just like everything.


    Got a Magic Bullet blender for my birthday...I'm loving it. It works so well and helps me hit my calorie needs more easily especially when I don't feel like eating.


    Weight dropped a little bit...probably from all the running. So I'm being more careful with calorie replacement. It's looking like 15 min of running has been about 200 cal. Last week had some beautiful weather and temperatures, so I couldn't resist getting at for an extra run on the C&O Canal Towpath. Started off this week with 5 miles but it was a little chilly with some overcast and started raining the last 1/2 mi of the run.


    Got a phone armband for running to help facilitate my new love of "Zombies, Run!". Also, got new sport earbuds to replace the ones my dog chewed up last year. And speaking of dogs...

    Got a puppy!

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  6. I am off leave and back to work today. Workout plan for after school :)

    Glad to be back?


    Worked out and I think I am starting to see the effects of the workouts :)

    I kinda looked good at the gym

    I just need to keep going...



    I am eating better and my skin is healing. :)

    Haha! Just go ahead and say you looked good at the gym ;) So glad it's getting better!

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  7. As for my work environment (which I return to tomorrow), I need to do some serious reflection. I know this is a stressful time of year, but I wonder if I want to make my long-term plan to stay in a system that promotes this kind of behavior and environment for people who are here to help kids. I've been half-joking about international school counseling with my partner, and apparently he's open to the idea. So that might be a thing I begin researching over the summer. Truth is it's a little late for me to begin a job search for the next school year, and transferring schools won't necessary change this. I work for a good administrator and have an awesome team. I know other schools in the county aren't as lucky as we are, but transferring to another district? I may have missed my initial window for early job openings.

    My brother is in a similar situation with his school. He likes teaching in Loudoun and the commute to the school isn't bad...but he just doesn't like the school. So he's been thinking about a move. Now my mom...she is recently retired, but taught at several schools. From her, "A change in schools can make a world of difference. The administration, who you teach with, the parents, the kids...it's about finding a good fit."


    And subbed, ofc ;)

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you!


    Now that's a way to spend a birthday. Happy belated, dude!

    Thanks, Jess! Missed flagellation class though  :hororr:


    I give you permission to have a birthday week, so you can schedule in all the birthday joy into your busy life!


    YES!!!  :excitement:  :excitement:

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  9. The blooming of one flower does not ever detract from the beauty of another, but rather adds to the overall wonder of the field.  Jealousy, envy, feeling unworthy, and greed are simply constructs that we have created to place obstacles in the way of our own spiritual growth.


    Today, let's tend our garden of the heart, and keep it in the forefront of our mind how useless it is to yell at flowers for not blooming.

    Nice one.

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  10. Both great classes, but bards give you some wonderful role play opportunities that I have found hard to beat. 




    What's weird is, I don't like either of those classes on their own. But multiclass and it's...magic. I'd definitely give bard a go if I had anyone to play with anymore.

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