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  1. I had a mostly off day on Monday. I did have to go in for a little due to a delay in the delivery of our used grease disposal tank and an emergency delivery truck of groceries as we had underestimated just how much food we would go through in the first week. I could have taken all of Monday off, but then I would have had to try to clean all three fryers and put away all of the delivery first things Tuesday morning before I got too busy to do it. Going in for a few hours on Monday just made Tuesday morning quite a bit easier as we were closed Monday so I was able to complete all of my projec
  2. Thank you, I take it you enjoy a good steak then? LOL Thank you. The first week (zero week) was insane. I will do my best to explain how busy. First, I must say that although we usually cut our own steaks, the boss ordered a substantial number of already cut steaks as he knew he would not have the time to cut enough to keep up. He was right. We have sold in 8 days, by my best estimates anyway: 300+ 8 oz Ribeye (we ran out today and he had to cut a case and we sold some of those also) 180 10 oz NY Strip 180 8 oz Sirloin 70
  3. No, but not too far away. My little corner is called Pinckneyville and is about halfway between Metropolis (about 75 miles southeast of me) and Saint Louis (about the same distance northwest from me).
  4. Thanks for the well wishes. Glad we are back open, but the initial rush has been crazy LOL.
  5. Hello all, finally finding the time and focus to get a challenge written and posted. I suppose a short introduction is in order for those who don't know me. I am a single guy in my late 40s and live in southern Illinois in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I am the head grill cook at my local steakhouse. I have been on the forums for about 4 years now, since December 2015. I was pretty consistent for quite a while, but then my routine got majorly disrupted and I have been more hit and miss for the last couple of years. On December 23, 2017, the restaurant burne
  6. Found you Sal. Following along to watch you be awesome.
  7. This is very likely the contributing factor. Based on my reading knowledge from several sources, macros digest as follows. Carbs digest the fastest (hence the idea of rice/carb-heavy Chinese food leaving you hungry again a few hours later). Protein digests next, and fat digests slowest, leading to higher protein and higher fat meal making you feel full longer.
  8. B'ker slips outside and peers over Sky's shoulder before yelling back through the open door, "Barkeep, better make some room in the cold storage, looks like a lot of dinosaur steaks on the move out here."
  9. Week 3 Day 7 - Sunday Sleep was 7:24 Sunday was a pretty good day. I took care of the dog, then did some domestic rangering, put laundry away, did up dishes, and did some meal prep (chicken alfredo, roasted broccoli, roasted potatoes). Walking was 4.50 miles Calories were a little on the high side due to a low calorie expenditure from low mileage day. 3179 cal 2645 cal 534 cal Second day of pushups accomplished.
  10. Week 3, Day 6 - Saturday Sleep was 7:47 I went out and took care of the dog, came home and had breakfast. Then I went to the restaurant and worked with another group of the new people and one of the few returning employees on more cleaning (construction has created what appears to be an endless supply of dust everywhere). We worked there until early afternoon, then came home and had lunch. During lunch, one of my gaming group texted to see if we were on for that evening. I agreed as scheduling has been hit and miss lately. I straightened up the living room and made
  11. Today was a pretty good day. Sleep last night was 7:35. After I took care of the boss's dog (one of my temporary responsibilities), we loaded a few things from his house to take to the restaurant. Then I went and unloaded the stuff at the restaurant, then several of the new hires showed up to work on cleaning up some of the construction mess. After some cleaning, we finished putting the rest of the tables together and then began arranging them and the chairs. After lunch (meatloaf made with one of Tank's recipes), I went back to the restaurant and was just hanging ou
  12. Congrats on getting the place you wanted Sal.
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