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    B'ker eases back in

    Hello, all my ranger friends. I'm back once again. As I have been absent for a while, I'm going to ease my way back into things with what should be a fairly easy challenge to keep up with. I have had a few significant changes since I have been gone, which I will elaborate on later. I am going to start the Just 6 weeks app again, doing pushups, situps, plank, and squats. I am also going to continue Walking to Mordor (and am currently on pace to make it to Mordor by the end of the year). I am also going to be keeping an eye on the amount of sleep I am getting and my net calories as determined by comparing my MFP intake vs my FitBit calories burned. I am going to be making regular reports here, although anyone interested in more detail can see my spreadsheet and my MFP and FitBit accounts (all linked below). Here is the plan: MWF - Pushups, Situps THF - Plank, Squats Daily - Walking to Mordor, Tracking sleep and net calories