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  1. Recap for March 23 Walk: Not today. Track: Done. No Fast Food: A bit of hiccup here, my wife had a doctors appointment and by the time it was done we were both really hungry and stopped and got something. Still, I stayed under my limit.
  2. Recap for March 22 Talk about a stressful day. During my 6th period class (btw I teach 7th grade math), 2 boys from another grade decided it would be fun/cute to light toilet paper on fire in the restroom. Obviously, it got out of control and the school was evacuated. We walked the couple blocks to the nearby high school and by the time we got there we were told to turn back around. When we got back to school parts were still too smoky for students, so we had to keep the entire student body in the gym for about 2.5 hours. Imagine keeping 800, 11-14 year-olds in a gym with nothing to do for that long and you understand my pain. Walk: I got in double walking with my fire walk at school and my workout in the evening. Track: This was done, at one point I was about to say "screw this", but I stayed with it. No Fast Food: Again this was done, but it was a close thing.
  3. Hi, This is CJ the (soon-to-be) Mighty and I am kinda scared right now. This past Friday I took part in my work's annual wellness screening for the first time and far too long and I just read my results. Glucose - a little high, cholesterol - high, and blood pressure - very high. In addition to these alarming results, my first child is due in about 12 weeks and I am concerned that I won't be able to be there for her and my wife. I need to make some real changes right now and I am rededicating myself to my fitness starting with this challenge. Goal: Lose 13 lbs by the end of this challenge. Quests Walk - My previous fitness interests have focused primarily on lifting, but until I get my blood pressure under control I will be working on some safer activities. To that end,I will be following this walking plan 4 days a week over the course of the challenge. Chart Calories - I will be using the Lose It app to chart my calories daily - primarily staying at around 2000 calories per day. No Fast Food - It's expensive, it's gross, it's unhealthy, and I can't seem to give it up. There will be no eating from the drive through for the next month for me. Doctor - Besides spraining my ankle about 5 years ago, I haven't seen a doctor in a very, very long time. I need to find a doctor, make an appointment, and discuss my weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and all of my other issues with them and work on a plan to take care of them. Today, I looked up some local doctors who are under my insurance plan and I have a list of names to call during my lunch tomorrow. This will quest may evolve as I make an appointment and (hopefully) meet with a doctor before the end of this challenge.