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  1. Recap for Feb. 23 Lift: I got it in. Track: Calories tracked. No Pop: I didn't have any. Game On: No time.
  2. They are both similar, in that they are miniature games representing a sport played in a fantasy universe, but there are some serious gameplay differences (note that I have not looked closely on the most recent version of Blood Bowl from late last year) - Blood Bowl is much more high-fantasy (orcs, elves, dwarves, magic, etc.), while Guild Ball is less so (players are humans, magic is subtle, etc.) - Blood Bowl teams are mostly just generic players (passers, catchers, linemen, etc), while each Guild Ball player is a unique model with individual rules - Blood Bowl is played on a board marked out with squares and all movement and measurement is made square-to-square, while Guild Ball is played on an open table and a tape measure or ruler is used measure movement and other things. - In Blood Bowl one player activates there entire team (unless there is some sort of setback) then the other player does their team, in Guild Ball players activate one model then alternate In general, I prefer Guild Ball - it's more of a tactical game, unique players, and I don't feel it can be as luck-tilting as Blood Bowl can sometimes be.
  3. Recap for Feb. 22 After an unsuccessful President's Day Weekend, I got back on track with my challenge Wednesday. Lift: Got it done. Track: Back at it. No Pop: None. Game On: I did not have time for that.
  4. Feb. 22 Bench Press: 125 - 2x5, 1x11 --> 130 Barbell Curl: 65 - 2x10 --> 67.5 Squat: 195 - 2x5, 1x6 --> 200 Thoughts: After dreading the thought of having to deadlift after squats again, I decided to switch up my programming a bit and move to a Greyskull type training with AMRAPs on the final sets and doing squats and deadlifts on seperate days.
  5. For the current challenge I am getting back to the basics and battling one of my oldest enemies. Lift - 3 days per week. Make it a routine - make it important. Track - Record what I eat every day on the LoseIt! app, and stay under my allocated calories for the day. No Pop - This has been super hard for me - I have cut way back on pop over the past couple of years (and lost 60+ lbs to go with it). I don't buy it for my house anymore, but when I go out I have way too much. Over the course of this challenge I will have absolutely no pop. Game On - I have a lot of table top games (seriously, it's a problem) that I play all too infrequently. My goal for this challenge is to play some of my games at least 2 nights per week. I will also try to provide some recommendations as I go through some of my favorites.
  6. Jan. 12 Weight: 327.2 Squats: 155 - 3 x 5 Bench Press: 105 - 3 x 5. 75, 1 x 8 Deadlift: 175 - 1 x 5 Thoughts: After jumping around changing programs every couple weeks I have fully committed myself to running Starting Strength for as long as possible before I can no longer progress day to day. The only alteration to the program that I am making is adding a backoff set of 8 after each days pressing. The first day felt good and I am excited to see how far I can push this.