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  1. Right now I am doing 531's Second Set Last Program So I did 140x5, 160x5, 180x5, then back down to 160 for 5x5. The weights weren't that hard, the thing that is holding me back the most on deadlifts is my grip. I followed that up with some face pulls and tricep pushes.
  2. Progress for March 24 Lift: Deadlift day. Eat Right: I stuck to my plan for the day. Stay Sane: After everyone else went to bed, I watched an episode of MST3K (one of my all time favorite shows).
  3. Me too. Plus the D&D game that my group is going to be starting is an "exploring ruins of ancient Egypt and awakening lost horrors" story and I wanted to get in the mood.
  4. Progress for March 23 Lift: It was Overhead Press day. Everything felt good. Eat Right: I stayed within my calorie target for the day and wasn't super tempted to binge on junk. Stay Sane: I made a snowman in the morning with my daughter (it has since melted) and I watched the Mummy (Brendan Fraser not Tom Cruise) with my wife after we put the little one to bed. Successful day 1.
  5. So it's been awhile. I did a few challenges a couple of years ago and then drifted away. Well I am on my second week of working at home and have at least 5 more to go, so I might as well use my time productively. Here are my quests for this period Lift: Thankfully, I have a power rack, bench, and weight set in my basement so I am able to workout while social distancing. I am following a 531 program, which has me lifting 4 days a week. So I will stick to that for the course of the challenge. Eat Right: Being stuck home with tons of free time makes snacking way too easy. Therefore, I am going to be charting calories and attempting to stay in my designated range over the course of this challenge. Stay Sane: This is going to be the real challenge here. Every day I am going to try to do something fun that I need to be thankful for. Examples are: My D&D game on Zoom A board game (either solo or with my wife) Playing outside with my Daughter Making some BBQ I hope everyone has a good challenge and most importantly stays safe.
  6. I signed up for a GoRuck light challenge for next October and I need to get myself into (a lot) better shape for the event. All weight is in lbs. Dec. 2 Overhead Press - 65 x5, x5, x13 --> 70 Barbell Rows - 75 x8, x8 --> 77.5 Squat - 145 x5, x5, x7 --> 150
  7. Thank you. Besides rucking, do you have any other training recommendations to prepare for a Light?
  8. Recap for Monday Sept. 9 Lift: My planned lift days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. So no lifting Monday. Eat Right: I stayed at my calorie goal for the day. No Junk: I didn't stop for fast food either, which made staying on track calorie wise that much easier. I was pleased with my success on day 1. Time to tackle day 2.
  9. Hi, It's been a long time since I have done a challenge and I decided that I needed to come back. Since the start of summer my diet and exercise have been terrible and I needed something to inspire me to get moving. Besides setting up this challenge, I just got done registering for my first ever GoRuck Light event. I have a little over a year to train, and now that I have committed myself - I am excited and nervous. In order to prepare myself here are my goals for this months challenge. Lift - I am going to do a total reset on my Stronglifts program and work on making it a more regular part of my routine. I will lift 3 times per week. Eat Right - I will track my meals and stay within my designated calorie goals. I must do this daily. No Junk - I will not eat any fastfood for the duration of this challenge. Good luck to everyone on their challenges!
  10. February 12 - Recap Lift: I got mostly through my program, but some stomach issues made me call it a little early. I am still going to count it. Monitor: Everything was recorded. Cook: I skipped the fast food. Yes!!! Read: I got a little bit of reading in.
  11. February 12, 2018 Bench Press: 125 x 6, x 6, x 6, x 6 --> 125 Barbell Row: 115 x 6, x 6, x 6, x 7 --> 120 Squat: Do to stomach issues canceled. 195 next time.
  12. Sorry for not checking in. It's been pretty busy lately - blizzards, preparing for my parents to move in with us (for a week or 2 while they are remodeling their house), and having a toddler. I haven't done much challenge wise - but got back to it today.
  13. Recap for Feb 7, 2018 Lift: No lifting, it was a rest day. My forearms are killing me from deadlifts. Monitor: Everything recorded in the system and another day of sensible eating. Cook: No fast food for me. Read: I think I read about a page and a half (the baby didn't sleep much the night before, which means I didn't sleep much), but I still got it in.
  14. Recap for February 6, 2018 Lift: I got my lifting in today with overhead presses, deadlifts, and lat pulldowns. It felt good to get back to lifting and everything felt good, except my grip on deadlifts felt weak and I had to go to a switch grip for my last couple of attempts. Monitor: I recorded everything and stayed well under my calorie limit for the day. It's amazing how easy that is without any junk food. Cook: No fast food today. There was a little bit of temptation, but I reminded myself of my commitment and skipped it. I think I am going to slightly alter my commute tomorrow, which will mean that I only will drive past one fast food place, so hopefully out of sight-out of mind. Read: I'm about to pick up where I left off in the Fifth Season and hopefully get a couple of pages in before sleep catches up with me.
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