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  1. Yeah, we over think things and gather underpants instead of just doing. Thanks for the moral boost!
  2. 8/23/16 Breakfast: Bacon and Egg on an English Muffin Lunch: Monster Afternoon Snack: Half a slice of Keylime Pie Dinner: Nothing Soda: 2 bottles Water: Nothing Goal Accomplishments: Wheeled out a full garbage bin when I got home! Notes: Believe it or not, this is much better than my usual intake of nonsense. That goal accomplishment might not seem like a big deal, but I'm coming out of a dark place where apathy and simply accepting the landfill my apt has become had set in. I started goal setting yesterday for my Quests. As I acknowledged just how much I have become a waste of space and squandered potential... I actually felt a slow tingle of excitement as I organized all the things that I need to do to be become the basic human being that my dog believes I can be. By the time I was done, I felt a sense of peace from since a time unknown. Last night, when I was wheeling back that trash bin, I took my dog out and let him play in the lawn in front of my apartment for a good hour. True, it wasn't a 30 min walk, but we had a blast and he's such a goofy boy. Took a shower and woke up... with a smile on my face. Another thing that hasn't happened for a very long time. But I did curl around that happiness and didn't get up as early as I normally do. However, this is a great foundation to build on! Also, as I was reading the site and filling everything out, my day flew! I glanced at the time and was all omg, it's 5 till 6pm, wth?! My days at work have become drawn and soul sucking. Thank you Nerd Fitness for giving me something that makes the life of a Wage Slave a little more bearable! +++++ 8/24/16 Breakfast: Slim Jim and Livewire Mt. Dew (BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!) Lunch: 2 strip bacon and egg white sandwich with spinach and the subway vinaigrette on white flat bread. Soda: 2 bottles
  3. 6 Con, rolled a 1 on my d3... Can I even start with a -1HP? Nope, min 1hp good good... -trips and falls on own dagger- -unconscious and bleeding- -fails con checks to stabilize for the remaining rounds- DAMNIT! Yep, that would So happen to me at my current level of Fragile. Let's see if I can do anything about that. Rather than state my goals here and what I Want to achieve... I think I'm going to simply state what I achieved the day before. See ya tomorrow!
  4. So, I joined a long time ago with an enthusiasm I haven't felt in a very long time. But then my default settings kicked in, mainly the "I will still be alone even if I am healthier, stronger, and change my life. I'll just be waiting to die again like I am now. The only difference is that I'll leave a prettier corpse." Morbid, right? I knew then that I have to remove my extremely high and extremely low levels of enthusiasm from the equation in order to start. Success and meeting goals and doing a fucking pull up should trigger the initial enthusiasm I had felt... not for its sake alone. So now, I'm in a very neutral mental state and think I'm where I need to be for a solid start and to maintain a slow burn to continue. Good Luck Nerds. If you've been waiting to die, why not live in the meantime?
  5. I have no excuse, but I'm here now. This second attempt to level my life feels significantly different. It's much calmer and emotionally detached.

  6. If a change in diet is one of many changes, which adds to the accumulated stress both mental and physical (which has a direct effect on ones immune system), then yes, a change of diet can indeed allow my immune system to be temporarily wonky and open me up to the current living hell I'm in. In addition, toxic food is toxic, but when your body has adjusted to it, like any addict, the lack of the substance my body has come to accept as the norm does have a mental and physical effect, similar to someone unable to get their fix. It's not a leap of logic. I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced withdrawal symptoms when you've changed your diet for the better and how long it's lasted. If you're someone who has never experienced these symptoms, either in fitness or any other aspect of your life, consider yourself fortunate, but please leave the dismissing attitude at the door. Thanks~
  7. Well, if nothing else, if I survive this level of "Why God Why?!!! T.T" personal Hell, it might raise my endurance and stamina over all for strength training!
  8. hmm, any kind of sharp inhale makes sinuses, throat and lungs feel like liquid nitrogen is being poured down em... note to self, stop breathing.... x.x
  9. Currently weaker than a kitten and joints ache, but no death rattle on the exhale and fever seems to have finally broken.
  10. Hey gang, So... I've been making changes in what I thought was a slow and steady pace, but over this weekend, I got hit with this crazy fever/cough/cold combination that left my whole body pounding and as sensitive as a migraine. The congestion was so bad that I literally felt like I was going to drown in my own lungs and that mortifying loud death rattle sound on every exhale really scared me! ... am I ... going though "stuff face with bad stuff" withdrawals? I took a bunch of cough and cold meds and slept on my tummy with a towel under my cheek so I wouldn't drown in my own ick... and after 2 days of straight sleep, was able to take a shower, get on the bus and get to work... but I was seriously scared. If it's not withdrawals, is it because I'm causing too many changes to quickly and the stress is affecting my immune system? Thoughts?
  11. Warrior needs Food, BADLY! or cough and cold and fatigue meds x.x

  12. Mornin Ms. Jalisac! Believe you me, I completely understand where you're coming from. The sense of anger, desperation and drive. That need for results and feeling that extreme measures need to be made to balance out being morbidly obese. And how sometimes, all we need is the support that the decision to act on all the underpants we've collected is a good one. I FULLY support your commitment and drive! However, in the unlikely event you get discouraged because the results aren't fast enough or LIFE rears its ugly head and sets you back on your goals and desires... try again in the way that was suggested by all these ppl who care for you. That's all Good Luck and I'm Very Proud of you for understanding yourself enough to know how to work within your means! p.s.: Once you do get down to where you're happy and healthy, all the previous suggestions would be amazing simple to help Maintain a positive health <3
  13. I remember helping my mom rub in muscle and ligament creams/oils when my dad used to go to the gym religiously. Massages may also help!
  14. It's been a Very Long Time since I've been this sick... x.x body aches and constant coughing... fever that seems like it peaks and breaks only to do it again.. x.x

  15. Thanks for the heads up
  16. -sigh- I don't think I'm nerdy enough to navigate the forums...
  17. Noo cool stuffz guildies?
  18. Noo cool stuffz guildies?
  19. !!!POST YOUR GIFT IDEAS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR ADVENTURES THAT MUCH MORE EPIC!!! World Scratch Map: https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/1dea-me86ed8621-e380-48f8-b91c-006e73ea580b/world-scratch-map-blue-silver *booo, u have to scroll down a little; BUT IT'S STILL COOL! Cut Maps: https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/cut-maps-55973fec-689c-4def-9e4b-5a301d228c12 TL Art: https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/tl-art *has nothing to do with travel per se (unless you include mindscapes) but coolness factor dictates it be shared! SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax... BWAHAHAHA: https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/survco-2b57b0a3-5ee2-41a4-a402-7c33332e35ba/survco-tactical-credit-card-ax *too kewl fer wurds! I wonder if it could get through airport security... either way, goin in mah wallet!
  20. Hihi! Kinda in a dilemma... So, one of the main things I'm trying to change is to be more social ~legasp~ I've already tried reaching out on the boards to see if there were any NFers in Columbus OH, but no response. I'm really excited about this change I'm making, but I really want someone to share the journey with... to have average joes get strong enough to go on adventures with me! However... no luck so far. -sad panda- I mainly have male friends of various level of fitness and when I talk to them about this and wanting them to join/go to Camp/save up for an expedition into the unknown... it always comes back to sex. Seriously. /headdesk I'm not A-Sexual but come on! Advice on how to approach friends and actually sit down with something serious and profound without it being reduced to just sex? Please and Thank You! Edit: Is any other female(s) experiencing this as well? If so, how do you deal/change the game?
  21. Hihi Psicodom! As a former "I'm depressed, I'm happy, I'm bored out of mah mind, I'm breathing! LET'S EAT OUT!" addict, I can completely relate. What I did? Became a better cook than what I used to eat out at! With the exception of Popeyes Mild Tenders right out of the vat o' fat, I've easily accomplished this (I'll get the tenders from time to time, but make it a point not to get it when my FEELS are rampant). Another thing, I've found I love flavored water and replace most of my soda with it! I guess my main trick was find a TASTIER healthy alternative to the junk. I'm kinda lazy where cookings concerned, but found I absolutely love the taste of California Honey French Dressing and the crisp crunch of salad with sliced boiled eggs and a mountain of sunflower seeds tossed in (great replacement for crutons)! Yeah sure, dressing has fat in it, but compared to the HUGE AMOUNTS O' FAT I was previously consuming, who the hell cares? o.O Approach it with an open mind. If you approach it as a skeptic, you automatically set yourself up for failure!
  22. I've been having a salad with a palmful of smoked diced turkey and sunflower seeds instead of crutons... Soo Good and Feelin Better Than I Have in Years!

    1. Maggie-Miau


      Sunflower seeds are sooo good.

  23. 2nd question: How do I properly "Quote?" I click the Quote button... write a response in the box, hit Post... No quote, just my response.
  24. So I've been eating and drinking well this past week... but my ankles and wrists feel stiff and my knees started creaking. Haven't done any exercises as of yet but mildly alarmed... I'm thinking that it's just my body detoxing/releasing all the gunk that's been building up over the past decade and a half and I'm flushing out... Has anyone else experienced this?
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