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  1. I don't hate doing things. I just hate exercise as a routine. It takes away from all the other fun things I do. I always hated sports as a kid. I liked to read. Hated anything that involved a ball. Especially a ball thrown by the kind of neanderthals who were often most likely present on the ball court. I realized after a while that I mostly hated team sports and tried gymnastics and swimming but I kind of sucked at both of them. You can't read under water or when you are flipping upside-down. So I have to work hard to motivate myself to do anything remotely athletic. Today I had
  2. Okay, I thought I posted this and didn't see it, so if you see it twice, that's because I am a newbie. I am choosing to: 1) Swap out one cup of black coffee for two pints of water each day. I drink about 5-6 cups of black coffee a day and not enough water. 2) Walk five minutes a day. (More if possible because I joined the Hogwarts Running Club!) 3) Try to do some activity with my son, who is only 14 and joining me in the challenges. Good luck everyone! I am cheering for you!
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