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    Rinna talks about shtuff......

    So I’m not doing a big thing this time. Just here to document/update things. First: finally went to Dr. about my foot, which has been in varying stages of pain discomfort for a year. Thank goodness no surgery needed. And its not plantar fasciitis. Just an uber aggravated nerve due to tight bones and over pronation. Steroid shot took care of pain, inserts will stop/limit the pronation. Yay. Second: Got another steroid shot in my knee. Also some supplement suggestions and physical therapy options to add in to help stabilization of the patella. Third: I started the Atkin 20 program Saturday. Want to jumpstart weight loss along with training myself to not eat like an ass. So far, so good. Down 2.5 lbs. I work 2 more days, and then I’m done with subbing in food service. It’s too hard on my feet/hips/knees these days. And I just don’t want to do that anymore. Only reason I’m even doing it now, is because my friend/manager lost her whole crew and needed help training. Today and tomorrow and no more. I say good day! Later, gaters
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    Salinger's twenty-forth challenge!

    First: Are you taking your meds? If not, take them! Second: WHAT @TGP said. Baby steps, babycakes. Nothing worse than pushing too hard and being sidelined by injury. Which WILL screw up your progress. Talk to your trainer, it’s what he does and he can reassure you. Third: you are doing a lot of weight training. Muscle has weight. You may be losing fat while gain muscle. Don't only judge by your scale. It’s only an indicator. Take measurements. You *might* cringe (I know I did) but they don’t lie. Use that + scale + how your clothes fit + how you feel. And last: thin does not mean fit. You want to be fit. If you can do the things you want to do, without feeling like something the cat crapped on, WHO GIVE A FUCK WHAT THE SCALE SAYS. There is such a thing as skinny-fat. And the other day I saw a vid of a big dude (giant muscle-y dude, like huge. But weight is weight. This dude was jacked & heavy) Doing fricking backflips and ninja level stuff. It was boggling how such a big guy could do it. So there.
  3. I’m mildly out of commission. Had a steroid shot in my knee before wore today, and boy does it hurt now! I’m aiming for yoga later this week.
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    Salinger's twenty-forth challenge!

    Excellent choice. One of my fondest memories is of my Nani (grandma) and her brother playing/singing this song at a nursing home. The would go periodically and play for the old folks. Just for fun & joy.
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    Morag summons her better self

    We lived in Olzheim (near Prüm) for 2 years. Things I missed most? A freezer and a bathtub. We rented the top half of a house (it was split into 2 flats) and my wonderful downstairs neighbor would let me soak in her tub when they were away. And keep my “American” ice cream in her freezer........if I bought an extra for her. We were lucky that she chose to learn English at school (her dad said she’d never use it!). We loved it there, the people were great. It was a farm town, lots of cows & country roads, perfect for biking or hiking. Out landlord was a rich window manufacturer who loved Americans. He was pretty cool. The only thing I didn’t care for was when the time came for the honey wagons to spray the fields. Super stinky. The old man next door was convinced hubby was a spy, because “everyone” knew Prüm air station was closed. (In reality it had a crew of maybe 20 people). Fun times. Oh, and I got to go to a renaissance festival at a real castle! A small castle, but a real one. Neighbor had to translate the trash talk banter of the knights.......
  6. Help the villagers! I helped a friend with a broken pelvis navigate down some steps in the dark..........
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    » [shaar] has joined your party!

    Not to mention, the older I get, the less fun being even mildly hungover is...... Next time, go a little early. Browse the frame selection beforehand. I even take pictures (cause I can’t see shit, and want to know what they look like). Being a fair skinned ginger, my eyes stay dilated for almost twice as long as other people. Makes me look like a demon or something......I dilate at the end of the day, less time with the shiney-ness of daylight.
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    Salinger's twenty-forth challenge!

    My brand new lovely non rubbish bed is a platform with slats. And they are screwed down. Why a bed would not have a means to attach the slats baffles me. I mean, I flop like a fish all night, so I’d lose slats left and right. So, not your fault.
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    Nesting: Tanktimus and Sra. Tanque prepare for Baby Tank

    My daughter called it Farmer John cheese........when she was 3. How else will random strangers know it’s a girl? (They will still ask, boy or girl. Even with hair bows and pink everything)