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  1. @Rurik Harrgath or @Tanktimus the Encourager The buttons keep putting me in the wrong places! Please rescue my thread!
  2. @Rurik Harrgath or @Tanktimus the Encourager could y’all move me to the proper challenge? Pretty please?
  3. Well then. Maybe it wasn’t my fault. Hopefully someone can move it for me……
  4. Can someone please tell my why I don’t see my thread in The rangers? It’s all different now, and I don’t know what I’m doing.
  5. I have had that problem with my knitting bag + purse. Apparently I pack enough crap to equal a smaller hoo-mahn. If you give it time, and sit very still, they will come. It took a month or so, but before we moved the chickadees would eat from our hand. And peck the crap out of us if the seeds were unworthy. My honey could call in the wild turkeys. And deer would stare in our window a la children of the corn. We did NOT feed the deer, but they sure loved the black oil sunflower seeds we put out for the birds. And the birds “planted” (a.k.a. hid) enough that we had a nice crop of sunflowers the next year.
  6. K.I.S.S. Goals Keep walking. Keep on O.M.A.D. Stop with the evening snacking. This is the hard one for me. I’ve lost 19 lbs since January 24th. I’ve stalled somewhat due to above mentioned snacking. It’s hard not to. Part of it is boredom, part is justifying my snack because my honey snacks, part of it is But I’m not, really. I’m getting plenty of calories. Hormonally speaking, I do feel hungry…..a lot. But it’s my stupid brain. So I say to you, brain: Postings will be sparse. Vacation is a thing that’s happening next week. I’ll do what I can do. Bye, y’all
  7. Shift work is hard, more so I think with a little. I’ve lived through that with both of my not-so-littles. Keeping them quiet so my spouse could sleep was a challenge. Good luck!
  8. Still here. Chugging along. Weight as of April 20: 158.9. 4.6 lbs down from the start of the challenge. 16.6 lbs down since Jan 24. Still doing O.M.A.D, but need to clamp down on snacking. I’m staying close to or under 1490 calories (my recommended caloric deficit), with most days averaging 1300. But I find myself snackish around 8p.m., which is throwing a monkey wrench i to the fasting period. Otherwise things are going swimmingly. 😋 (I honestly think my hunger might be hormonal. Not much to do about that, unfortunately, except resist.)
  9. I live in fear of shingles, I kid you not. I had a whoppin’ horrendous case of chicken pox at 12 (had a rarish reaction) and pray that shingles are not my destiny. Glad you are recovering!
  10. It’s been a good week. Not a whole lot new to report. I’ve had a few days lately where I’ve been super hungar. This has resulted in my eating too much. Or at least more than I desire to be eating. Haven’t weighed because of this. Worried about gaining back. Reality is that I’ve probably stalled a bit. Last weigh in was 161.4. 13.5 pounds in 2 months is nothing to sneeze at. I constantly have to remember that this is a new lifestyle, not a diet per se, and there will be days where I don’t eat within the desired range and that’s okay. The impatient part of me wants to just wake up skinny. April Fools’s day marked my 34th anniversary. We had a good day, having lunch at a local roadhouse restaurant. Hopefully we’ll see 34 more. 💖 That’s it for now. Later Gater.
  11. The weird thing is that I can feel the shift in my brain. I know I’m being unreasonable and strange, but can’t do a damned thing to stop it. I wind up pacing, and hoping I don’t get too snappish, or burst into tears. Or both. It’s a giant pain. Right! It just. Won’t. Die. Isn’t 42 years of this garbage enough?
  12. It’s going okay. Had a few random weird brain hiccups this week. Random minor panic attack the other day, and over all brain weirdness today. Irrational thought processes. Pretty sure it’s hormone related, as I’m of an age where things are stopping. Not soon enough for me tho. Last night was fun. Emergency alert went off at 1 a.m. So we all woke up and watched the weather report until the tornado warning passed. Fun times. But we had no damage from the wind, no loss of power or anything. I’ll take the loss of sleep over the alternative any day. Guess we traded blizzards for tornadoes. I’m happy with that trade. How are you doing?
  13. Have you looked into Hemp bedding for chickens? I’ve heard it’s super absorbent, minimal dust, etc. And lasts a long time.
  14. Amen. Shaar, could it be the time change? It always takes me a couple weeks to truly adjust.
  15. Hi! I’m so over snow. It got to where I’d have an anxiety attack when it started snowing. Cause I knew I’d have to drive in it. (Had a couple of bad experiences picking up the boy-o from school or work. Did a number on my psyche.) Thanks! I really love OMAD, there aren’t really any restrictions. And while I’m not eating many of the things I used to (looking at you, soda and lemonheads) It’s nice knowing I can if I want to, occasionally.
  16. Just you wait. Music will get louder, clothes will get weirder, and everyone will look so. damned. young. And Tumeric is the Bomb! I take it for joint pain. It really seems to help.
  17. at my age (52) it’s not more wise or less stupid so much as “how long will it take to recover from this nonsense” The answer is way too long.
  18. You and me both. I absolutely adore the weather here! Winter was so……..not winter like at all! I see all your snow and feel your pain…….when I see all the snow that “the place formerly known as home” has been getting, I am so happy and at peace with our decision. 😌 p.s. I’m just getting too old for that shit!
  19. So. I’ve been gone quite a while. Things got hard during the pandemic, attitudes here were…….different. At least it felt that way to me at the time. And being here wasn’t good for me. Had issues at home that were pretty rough. But today is a new day. I’ll give it one more shot. Life is much better these days. My youngest kiddo graduated high school last year, praise God. It took kicking and screaming, threats and bribes, but he did it. We sold our house in SoCo, ditched 90% of our belongings, and headed southeast. It was an adventure traveling with 2 cars, 3 humans, 2 dogs and a cat. We have now settled in warmer, Southern climes. This is the first winter I didn’t have to shovel or drive in snow in 24 years. We've settled in a wonderful little community. It’s peaceful and beautiful here. And green! During this past year, between rehabbing the old house (shoulder is so jacked even still from painting every. damned. thing) , comfort eating and eating out, we discovered we had gained more weight than we realized. We decided to try the OMAD diet together. So we are fasting, albeit dirty fasting since we have coffee with creamer in the a.m. We eat one meal a day, mine aiming for under 1500 calories. We “cheat” occasionally, but have drastically cut junk and sweets from our lives. So far, since January 24, I’ve lost 12 pounds! I have a ways to go, seeing as I clocked in at 175. I was not happy that day. But today’s weigh in can in at 163.5. We also walk most days, barring rain or cold, 2.75 miles. My goals: continue with OMAD walk whenever possible be kind to myself Ciao, bella
  20. This is why I fell off, also. The vibe changed. It feels less welcoming, almost…….hostile. I’m debating trying the next challenge cause I miss everyone.
  21. We are thinking of moving to Kentucky.
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