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  1. Today I learned an important thing:

    Walking for reals is in no way the same as walking/jogging on an elliptical.  Real walking uses waaaay more muscle groups. And I feels them, I tell ya.

  2. More like whats on my hips.....

  3. Come out come out wherever you are....

  4. Hey there.  Looks like we both fell off the map at roughly the same time.  Howz it going?

  5. Hey!  Where ya been?

  6. Hi!  Where ya been?

    1. Artemis Fernweh

      Artemis Fernweh

      Hey, I've been around, just watching though. My school has been taking most of my time.

  7. I feel like a noodle....not sure I'll be able to move tomorrow. :adoration:

  8. O.M.G.  I hurt so bad. Please make it stop. 

    1. TMedina


      Uh oh, what's up?  Do you need to talk?  Discovering the wonderful world of DOMS?

    2. Rinna


      Oh yeah.. It's my own fault. I let myself get lazy and fat. 

  9. Oh my. Someone beat me with a stick. Repeatedly. Oh wait, that was me.....

  10. OMG, I have legs......which are now cursing my name. 

  11. Take that, Tyrath!  ( flips all the birds in all the land )

    1. Rinna


      ( bird flipping is mental only  :adoration:

  12. Week one.....slaughtered that puppy!  Onward to week two!!!

  13. Why can't I just wake up skinny?  

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